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thc liquid for ecigs/tanks

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by phillylive, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. phillylive

    phillylive New Member

    I had a clear liquid. No colour. We mixed it 1ml "thc liquid" to 10ml eliquid. My friend was getting it off a guy and he said it was terpenes. It got me really high and replaced smoking bud for months. So much cheaper and because it had no odour and smelled of whatever ejuice i had i could smoke it anywhere. The guy has gone missing and we cant find any terpenes that woild have the effect we experienced. Super high.

    When the thc liquid was pit into the eliquid it looked like shards of glass before it mixed.

    Anybody know where i can find it or if it is even "thc juice"
  2. Accept

    Accept Well-Known Member

    Welcome to FC! It sounds like your clear liquid was concentrate with added terpenes, right? The concentrate absorbs the terpenes becoming more liquid.

    It's interesting that you could dilute it further in e-liquid. Wondered about this. Was the e-liquid PG, VG or a mix? Also, how thin was your clear liquid to begin with? How did you mix it?

    So, you've been adding terpenes to concentrate but have been unable to duplicate the particular effects you want? You might take a look at this recent thread. Also, this topic has come up many times throughout the forum. A search is likely to be rewarding.

    Very interested in terpenes at the moment. Have some cannabis-derived Trinity terpenes that clearly enhanced the sedative/stoney effects of a familiar concentrate, as expected. Planning new tests. Curious about different terpene profiles. The current thinking appears to favor "entourage effects" of various cannabinoids and terpenes over the traditional sativa/indica dichotomy.
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