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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Bravesst, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Bravesst

    Bravesst Full Steam Ahead Manufacturer

    Vapwood USA
    I grew up in Brooklyn NY in the 70's. EVERYBODY smoked pot. I started at 15, and became a daily user almost immediately. That was 40 years ago.

    I had lots of anxiety as a kid, and 8th ave (brooklyn) surely added to it, with drugs, violence, and death quite common, not something a 15 y/o boy should live with, especially an anxious one. But, pot helped a lot, it soothed me without really ever getting me wasted. Panic attacks (they didn't call them that then, as a matter of fact, they thought I was just a "nervous kid").

    In 1982, I was lucky enough to have never been arrested, even after such a violent upbringing, and managed to become a NYC fireman. I was a fit kid, and the test was really hard. Being a member of the bravest completely eliminated all anxiety - until 1999. I got sick and couldn't do the job (I'm better now, 100% physically healthy).

    9-11 fucked me over bad. Not being in the field, and losing hundreds of guys I worked with, including my mentor and cousin, Deputy Chief Charles Kasper, the man who ran the evacuation tower 2, and in the process lost his life that day.

    Anxiety was back, been back. My wife has gotten fed up with my anxiety and PTSD. She gives me a really hard time about vaping - and here's the kicker, now that I'm getting better at vaping, I can dial in results. I'm feeling better, less anti-social, calmer, except for the battle I have over vaping.

    Anyway, I want to thank you all in helping me learn to use cannabis not only recreationally, but as a medication that works better than drinking, SSRI's and benzo's. Now if I can only get some support here, I might actually get out of this mess....

    Thank you for all your help,
  2. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    Good luck brotha! I'm thinking you will do just fine.

    I got my wife involved early with medical marijuana, taking her to meetings with me and so on. Even though she only eats medibles and even then not all the time, at least she understands where I'm at better than if she was opposed.

    Years of programmed thoughts don't change over night. Hopefully your wife will see and appreciate the results.......
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  3. max

    max Out to lunch

    I moved your thread to Success Stories, since that's what it is, whether you feel entirely successful or not. It's clear that Cannabis has helped you, and you seem, despite hard times and setbacks, to have remained in control of it and use it as medicine. If you can get by with vaping a plant instead of being a guinea pig for big pharma, you're way ahead of the game. I've got a relative who's being fed so many drugs for various head problems that she's pretty much non functional. Hopefully you can get through to the wife that your vaping easily comes out on the positive side when the pros and cons are weighed.
  4. killick

    killick But I like it!

    @Bravesst - congrats on finding a way to make things work for you! When I started down this path I talked with the SO and came up with a target. Her's was 'off all meds', and I countered with a 'realistic... lets see... i/2 pain meds?' which worked. She's watched me fight with it, and figure out how it worked, but she's seen it succeed, and is pleased to point out that I'm not the stereotypical stoner kid from high school. I send her articles and info related to other success stories. She has a med/clinical background so anything I can find in med and science journals hits her buttons.

    Still, she hasn't tried it. One day she likely will, but thats really up to her, and if she does I'll be fully supportive and helpful. In the meantime I have a secret wee place on the internet I started for a bunch of vet friends, which bloomed out into a place where we help new guys learn the hows and whats of med MJ in Canada. It's kinda like FC, except I worked with a bunch of the people on there. Never underestimate peer support. There's nothing better than just grabbing a coffee with someone else who is on a similar journey.
  5. Bravesst

    Bravesst Full Steam Ahead Manufacturer

    Vapwood USA
    Funny, my wife has been a occasional smoker all her life. I roll her at doob, and it will last her all week. She 'hates' vaping. Hates the tastes, hates the smell, hates the way the takes up so much room (vs a rolling paper). I'm not a stoner from HS either, I authored a book published by a major publishing house that sold 80 thousand copies. I was a NYC fire captain - never a stoner - smoke to get EVEN (my sig).

    Vaping takes some work, gadgets, tools, part of the process that I love. To her it's mean fiending. I build a cool stand for my AA, I'm "obsessed". I wanna keep my stash at a certain level (not on the verge of runing out) so I'll stay "even", and it's all about cash.

    My wife is influenced by too many others right now, some very manipulative ppl. She has her own issues (like we all do), and she's had a lot to deal with dealing with my PTSD since 911. I want to educate her, but whenever I start to tell her about discovering something new that helps my anxiety, I see the "flip switch" in her brain, and she stops listening, so I stopped telling.

    But, and this is a freakin big but... and I want anyone with PTSD or GAD to hear this. LEARN TO DIAL IN ON YOUR VAPE. It will change your life, stop the palpitations, tight throat, panic attacks, sweats, rapid breathing, and pure BS fear that has no foundation. Cannibis is truly and 'adaptagen', when it comes to mental health (never mind the physical). Even before I fucked combustion, 40 years of mj use has kept me in pretty good health for a 57 y/o retired fireman. Once I get past this anxiety bullshit, I can say, I'm healthy as a horse.

    Thanks for moving this thread, still learning here.
  6. Jokermachine

    Jokermachine Well-Blown Member

    @Bravesst Sorry to hear you had to go through that 911 crap and sorry about your cousin. That sure sucks.
    Anyway, I did something similar by trying to educate my wife about all things cannabis (when neither of us were using). After a few years of this I started using again.(Quit in the 70's) When I came home with a medical card, I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't flip out. She never used, so I didn't know what to expect. I do get comments from her every once in a while, like "don't get addicted" or "Don't get obsessed with it", but she is coming around and I'm at the place where I can vape in the living room now. One thing I decided at the start was to be really loving to her while high and I think this one thing has made all the difference. Best of luck with it.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2015
  7. Bravesst

    Bravesst Full Steam Ahead Manufacturer

    Vapwood USA
    To add to this cannabis story...

    I learned so much here, including Omega Labs for CBD concentrates. It finally arrived. I emailed and asked Chris what was best for PTSD and anxiety. He recommended their CBD concentrate. They also included a flavored CBD oil gift.

    Don't really have a concentrate vape, so I but a real small amt on my Mighty liquid pad, with herb on bottom, hitting it now. Not sure if I use enough, too much, or whatever. I'm five minutes and about five hits in. I'll update you all later on the effect on anxiety. I had some pretty severe anxiety this AM (for no reason of course), and the mailman delivered Omega's package, so timing was good.

    5 minutes passed
    Not super high (had about .1 in the bowl in addition to the concentrate). Feel calm. Heart beat feels smoother, hard to explain. Very pleasant compared to an anxiety sensation, kinda the opposite. So whatever anti-adrenalin shit that needs to happen (cortisol?), is happening. God only knows HOW it works, and I just care it works. Could be placebo, I'm sure that's playing a part, time will tell. Hope the oil "gift" is as good, because there's a full eye dropper bottle full of the stuff vs a literal few dabs of concentrate. I will be ordering more if this continues all weekend.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2015
  8. mark1henry21

    mark1henry21 New Member

    Great going man.. You are surely inspiration for many others..
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