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Terpenes and vape tanks

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by tiffa, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. tiffa

    tiffa New Member

    I am new to trying terpenes with my cbd isolate. My cbd oil (pg/vg) works great in my Baby Beast, no problems. I purchased harlequin from Terpene Botanicals and about a week later, my rubbers have expanded and the tank is leaking. Someone else in a group I’m on also had the same problem but with True Terpenes.

    I’m assume I need a different tank that can handle terpenes. I am currently using a VooPoo Drag for my ejuice and a IStick pico mod for the Baby Beast. I prefer to use either or for the cbd and terpene usage.

    Although the VooPoo Drag has tempature capabilities, the program is through windows. I have a Mac, so I cannot do it. I can only control watts, like any other set up. Speaking of, I’m currently using the Crown III for my ejuice.

    I recently purchased my own PG and VG so that I can make my own CBD vape. I bought powder isolate from Lazarus Naturals. I hope it’s as good as the current vape isolate I’m using (from Bluebird Botanicals). I assume the PG could also break down Terpsolate (if I wanted to purchase from CBDistillery at some point).

    Soooooo... suggestions?
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