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Terpene beginner

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Jason267, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. SamuraiSam

    SamuraiSam Extraction Technician

    Seattle, WA
    My experience with the Ti / SiC wicked heater in the Alpha Centauri including the EHD heater is that when cold and for that first initial instant of time you press the button and apply heat it's 100% heat from the titanium wire. BUT: as soon as that Ti wire starts heating up, even inside of the first second of heat, it begins transferring more heat into the SiC. So the longer your lung ful lasts, the more pulses of power you apply, more heat is transferred into the SiC and a greater percentage of the conductive heat comes from the SiC itself. I have not used the later sirius/canopus styles, but would imagine with the wire wrapped inside the SiC instead of the outside that the Ti wire would be even more effective at transferring heat into the SiC wick and as they heat, that even more of the heat to the load would come from SiC. I would guess at the Trinity's design to even improve on the heat transfer to SiC wick as it does look like a further evolution of the Canopus style coil if i am correct? Sorry for all the speculation as I'm a few generations behind W9's tech at this point.
  2. Vapology

    Vapology Well-Known Member

    Ok! I got you -- Stay away from vaping non cannabis derived terpens!
    Here in europe we don't have that much options to buy cannabis derived terpens. TrinityTerps, EagleTrees, Gemstone, Cascadia and many others are just selling to the dispenseries in the US. BlueRiver will ship to europe ... but it's just to expansive for a noob 150$ for 0.25/10 drops

    https://clearnation.com is selling 0.5 grams for 50$ how many ml are 0.5 grams?
    They also sell pure CBD oil declaired as vape juice. Could be exciting to start mixing the cbd with the thc oil. I'm very new to all this stuff. I made my first HMK rosin last week and now i'm in love with the idea to liquify my rosin and vape it through a little tc-controlled e cigarette mod with a 2 ml tank. DabToGo
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  3. Vapology

    Vapology Well-Known Member

    Does it make any difference when the non cannabis derived terpenes are extracted (solvent free) from the same company that mixes the 100% natural strain blend terps? So it's not just blending together bulk industrial terps, does it make those terps better vapeable?

    I found some interesting information regarding Cali Terpens from Spain

    "Their source material is all cultivated 100% organically, meaning that flavour and aroma are always of superior quality. The terpenes are extracted by steam distillation, which avoids the use of solvents and the possible contamination of the terpenes by the presence of unwanted toxic substances. After obtaining their 100% natural terpenes, they use one of the most prestigious European laboratories to analyse a sample of the cannabis variety to be replicated, and fine-tune the blend of their profiles to achieve the desired end result."

    "The terpenes used in their formulations are 100% organic and extracted using totally natural and eco-friendly processes, without resorting to the solvents often used in this industry such as butane, hexane, ethanol or CO2. As a result, the products are completely pure and natural formulations, made with 100% terpenes and free of not only chemical solvents and heavy metals, but also cannabinoids and propylene glycol, in addition to having “Food Grade”, “Kosher” and “Halal” certificates and complying with all the requirements of European regulations and the US FDA. Currently, Cali Terpenes is developing strain-specific terpene profiles for other seed banks, and is also creating an impressive range of profiles of both American and European varieties."
  4. phillylive

    phillylive New Member

    How does linalool effect you?
  5. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

  6. mephisto

    mephisto Well-Known Member

    So I had a look through the True Terpenes SDS sheets. While their products are quite affordable, and they have great customer service, the SDS sheets are telling me that I don't want to be exposing my health to these type of terps. I will look to cannabis derived, USA sourced, organic terps. Blue River I have enjoyed in the past. So far they are the only relatively safe/r looking terp providers, at least from my vantage point. The prices are high, I hope this infers a higher attention to safety, etc. I hope to learn more about Blue River and their products.
  7. Accept

    Accept Well-Known Member

    Here, @invertedisdead and @psychonaut mention Trinity Terpenes. Tried, seem fine. Good flavor and effects. Need to measure more carefully next time.
  8. Accept

    Accept Well-Known Member

    As it turns out, just used again. In an excellent NAS report that @herbivore21 references in the "other" forum, read about "dipping". So, added ~5ul to a dab. A little intense, but not bad at all. This is the AC/DC, which sounds like a couch-lock indica.:ko:

    When dabs soak into new inception coils, they produce a "soup" into which any number of things could be stirred before inhaling.:evil:

  9. Vapology

    Vapology Well-Known Member

    Hey folks.

    Now it's been one month since I started to experiment with cannabis infused e-liquids and liquified rosin for tanks and cartridges. I experimented with different rosins pressed from flowers and hash and found out that HolyTerp pure isn't able to liquify my rosin as much as I want it to (1 G/ 0.4ML). And the taste really is soapy and unnatural.
    Since I can not afford to buy cannabis derived terpenes from BlueRiver or so I tried to find some cannabis derived terpenes extracted from industrial hemp.
    Has anybody here experience with this kind of essential oils? Could this maybe be the much cheaper and healthier alternative to liquify your rosin?

  10. mccann51

    mccann51 New Member

    Pacific Rim somewhere
    I just started getting into vaping more recently in an effort to cut down on smoking so much bud - trying to just stick with cbd-only products for a bit. I’m a research biologist and work with terpenes a lot in my work, so trying to learn more about how they fit in with vaping. To add to the discussion, I’ve got a product rec and a question:

    A lot of discussion about where to get terpenes on here, and I will agree with what others have said, prob best to stay away from pure isolated terpenes. Pure terpenes are pretty potent, def will melt plastics, and I don’t see how they wouldn’t be caustic and unpleasant when vaped (unless using very low concentration). For cannabis-derived terpene blends, I feel pretty good recommending CBDistillery’s products. They have a terpene blend, which I have yet to try, but I can highly recommend their “cbd terpsolates” - they’re really phenomenal and delicious! So long as you’re not concerned about cbd blunting your high due to competition with thc at the cannabinoid receptors, these offer a great source of terpenes.

    EDIT: sorry, realized my question was not relevant to the terp discussion, will post as new thread.
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  11. polykoma

    polykoma Member


    So i just came back from the Mary Jane Fair in Berlin

    I bought there

    a site says:
    Plant of Life Terpene
    Die Terpene werden aus den Cannabispflanzen gewonnen und sind zu 100% CBD und THC frei.
    Bei den Terpenen handelt es sich um die reinen Duftstoffe der Cannabispflanze.

    Verfügbar in den Sorten: “Critical Mass”, “Granddaddy Purple”, “Super Silver Haze”, “OG Kush” und “Sour Diesel”
    Inhalt: 1 ml
    -------> they say its extracted out of cannabis

    and a new german seller gave me a free sample of this:


    Safety Sheet

    this seems more like a mix out of terpenes to build up a flavor ? Am I correct?

    I got some shatter and wax here to try. But I need to buy a cartridge.
    I heard Bud V2 cartridges are nice with indirect ceramic heating. Any recommendations here?
  12. Vapology

    Vapology Well-Known Member

    Where could you find that sentence?
    There is now information regarding the extraction method or what so ever ... don‘t use this shit. It’s a rip-off like almost always when it comes to terpene business.
    Terpenes derived from cannabis can not be that cheap, that’s a fact.
    Same with the xtract stuff - it’s poison and not healthy or tasty.
    Industrial bulk terpenes blendet together to fancy strain blends are not for vaping.

    If you want to liquify your concentrates - use only cannabis derived terpenes!
    - Ätherische Öle gewonnen aus Cannabis durch Wasserdampf Destillation -
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  13. polykoma

    polykoma Member

    Hey - thanks for the reply.

    Do you got any examples for cannabis derived terpenes?

    Thanks so much

    True Terpenes offer a lot of stuff. Also non danabis derived.
    They also have many mixing guides to mix co2 distilate or rosin etc with their terpenes to make it ready for vaping. BUT IN SAME GUIDE AT THE END THEY SAY: "*Our products are intended for use in edible and topical applications"

    WTF !?

    So basically they guide you trough something which could damage you?!


    Now im finally worried man !!!
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  14. Vapology

    Vapology Well-Known Member

    Nope. I think the terpene game is just for the legal states.
    Keep you concentrates as pure as possible and vape them in a pen or coil or whatever and skip the terp thing.

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