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Sublimator XLR

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by PlanetVape, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Doktor Dub

    Doktor Dub Well-Known Member

    Now i want a Sublimator in my life... there has to be a point, as much as it gets criticized, no one questions that it hits hard(est)... that would be a good marketing speech for sure :-)

    and also a (digi) TI.... my wallet hates FC :-) - you are good sales persons too...

    ...This! Would love to try this out! Perhaps a narrow(er) Bowl would be enough, still possible to preheat with the FP.
    Vapor Path and Open Airflow vs. restriction is a very interesting point with Vapes in my opinion / experience. I think the often used "as open as possible" paradigm is not the last word on that matter. The FP is already on the right track with the Carb Cap.

    Back to the sub: I really hope it comes back and gets widely available, even if its not for everybody. It marks one extreme of the Vaporizer universe which is reason enough.

    Have a great day! :peace:
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  2. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    @Doktor Dub, if you are interested, I mean to remember VDNM is loaning a Sub for a rental fee (50€ per weekend?) + deposit that gets in the account to the selling price if you buy one. At least they already did so 2y ago and offered that option to me.
    I know for sure they have Subs in stock, at least I saw them last week in their shop.
  3. Elemen0py

    Elemen0py Well-Known Member

    Is that verdampftnochmal.de? I've been checking in on them for a while and it's been saying that they're out of stock or not available. Maybe they're holding their stock for EU sales?
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  4. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    Yep, Verdampftnochmal.de in Berlin. At least they have some Sub setups in their showroom. And most of the parts are separately available. Maybe they can build a whole adapt-a-? kit out of them?
    If you are interested, just ask them for possibilities.Perhaps they sell you one of their exhibits. Ask for it.
    And no, first come first serve. For sure no privileging of German/EU customers.
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  5. justcametomind

    justcametomind IT'S TIME!

    I am VASing about a Sublimator since a while.
    I am already sold about the system and I am debating which options to get.
    I have tried a Sub once at a Cannabis expo. If I got it right after every hit this device piles up some residue that’s basically Cannabis concentrate. Is it true? Is it true for all the models?
    Do you get more residue with a specific heater? I would use such resin in the Sub as I don’t have a proper nail. That would be my only concentrate. Would I better get an Apollo or Dabmaster? I’d say Apollo since what I vape is usually weed and the sublimate would be my only concentrate.
    I'd go with the acrylic tube not to be sorry for breaking glass. Vapecritic says there's a lot of draw resistance, so I'm not sure. Is it true about the draw restriction with the tube/whip kit? I didn't get what sort of connection there is from the base to the top where the glass/acrylic tube is.
    The more I read the thread, the more I think the best route (if ever), is to get an adapt a kit. What I thought to be shatter-like is some hi-cbd that gunks up the base.
    Seems to me that the tube system is not a core part of the Sublimator experience. So I can skip on that part.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
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  6. juxt

    juxt Well-Known Member

    Lesser Florida ?!?
    Let me start by saying I have 2 of these, I can't tell models they are because you have to be a genius or a maniac to be able to tell right now. When the put together a business plan and model and store I'll buy a digital one, but if they do that before I die is the question.

    That being said, any sufficiently powerful heavy hitter, I'll list some please don't flame me, GS (love it), FP (king of some hill), Evo, and even some portables leave an extracted oil that is some percentage of cannabinoids, IMO they seem to be more 'red' and in my book CBN but I haven't tested them. They do knock me out, from any of the vapes I mentioned.
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  7. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    Don't forget the Herborizer Ti!
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  8. Pinehurst

    Pinehurst New Member

    I wouldn't ever concider this based on the video alone. I could make it longer than 20 seconds without being so annoyed at the guy I couldn't watch anymore.
  9. christohari

    christohari Well-Known Member

    I was perusing through this thread after someone revived it and I noticed people were interested in a comparison to the VRod and the Sublimator (I have 2.0). I have some notes that are a little bit hard to hear if you love your water pipe (8-9 headies) as I do. Not all is lost - there is a special Easter egg many people have probably not been using.

    Setup: A) 6-hole perc w/ drop down - normally I use 2-hole but that piece is too small for either of these devices.
    B) 3" Sub apparatus w/ Apollo + nail heaters. With and w/out 45mm perc bubbler
    C) VRod + 3" Sub apparatus
    -carb caps with all
    I used flower & oil separately as well as combos (double deckers?)

    Ok, here is my honest assessment. I love everything about the water pipe; the way it looks, functions, cools vapor. That being said, the Sub apparatus w/out water filtration of any kind seems to be the most potent and overall enjoyable experience. I used far less material and it just seems to go deeper into the lungs. I've often suspected that the molecules become a little bit more compressed once they go through the water and I get a similar experience with water filtration on either device (of course, this is all subjective). The determining factor seems to be finding a way to cool the vapor without water.

    GOOD NEWS: I hate how long the Sub device takes to warm up. So I popped the VRod on my Sub apparatus' and it worked perfectly. I have all the variations that NewVape offers, dish types, a digital heater of course, and best of all I can just keep my fast heating VRod in at all times and just switch in the pipe I would like to use. Now all NewVape has to do is make a sapphire dish and I'll really be rockin'.

    So there it is folks, hopefully, many of you can find the tip useful. Any of you with some Sub apparatus and VRod can chime in as well. Particularly, on the bit about using water filtration; really try to be discerning. Go forth and vape wiser.

    TL:DR - Sublimator apparatus' w/out water filtration seems to work the best especially if you find a way to cool the vapor. However, both heaters seem to be very capable of delivering a similar experince but the VRod is just so much more versatile.
    VRod heater/combo + Sublimator piping + NO water = :tup:
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