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Sublimation Temperatures

Discussion in 'ABV' started by 32paths, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. 32paths

    32paths Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone,

    I was doing some research this morning regarding the ideal temperatures for Vaporization & came across an interesting theory. Essentially we have been referencing the "boiling points" of the different cannabinoids which implies that they are in a liquid state. What we know for a fact is that there is something called sublimation, which involves a compound skipping the liquid stage and going straight from solid to gas. This occurs well before the boiling point with the best example I can give being spring snow. Basically the hot sun hits the snow & before it has a chance to melt, it evaporates. The same thing is happening when we vaporize, we aren't using liquid THC, we are essentially taking it straight from solid to gas.

    It would be great if the FC community could help to research the sublimation temperatures of our favorite cannabinoids. I think this would give us the ideal temperature settings to use on our vaporizers.
  2. DevoTheStrange

    DevoTheStrange Ia! Ia! Vapor Fthagn!

    Somewhere in the mountains.
    This has been discussed in great depth. We are boiling the THC out. The THC is contained within the waxy Trichomes Which melt and turn into liquid when vaporizing. Vaporizers do not provide the proper vehicle with which to sublimate THC. To do so you would need an heavy vacuum, much more than can be provide from human lungs. And the ability for the heat source to instantaneously bombard the herb with heat at a moments notice.
    Although it seems like sublimation is occurring, vaporizers do not provide the proper environment for sublimation to happen. The vapor is boiled out.

    True Sublimation would imply that the herb will off gas heavily while being sublimated without the help of a fan or suction.
    What is happening though is sucking on a vaporizer cause enough pressure decrease to lower the boiling temp to lower, thus starting the vaporizing. With sublimating it will produce vapor without the need of an external force such as a fan or drawing on a whip.
    In theory you can sublimate THC. but you would need a solid form of THC, in plants it is stored in a liquid form. And a proper environment for sublimation to occur, one that has a constant lower pressure than Standard Pressure.

    If one were to obtain a solid chunk of THC. Solid, not liquid. Place it inside a vacuum. Apply the right amount of heat, and you will get sublimation. Vaporization is similar to sublimation, but there are more variable that go into making sublimation happen.

    and as far as water sublimating in the winter, you don't need the sun to sublimate the ice. Freeze Drying is sublimation.
    Sublimation is an Endothermic reaction. When in the right conditions It produces its own heat from chemical reaction as it goes from Solid to Gas. Vaporization is Exothermic, it does not produce its own heat to make vapor.
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  3. Razor

    Razor Well-Known Member

    Blast from the past here, but can since we now have the ''Sublimator'' can anyone tell me what temp it uses?
  4. max

    max Out to lunch

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