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Stove-top decarb and tinctures

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Dwc780, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Dwc780

    Dwc780 Member

    I am looking to take a basic butane shatter, decarb it, and turn it into a sublingual/oral tincture with ethanol and/or mct oil.

    The main problem I am running into is that I do not currently have access to a functioning oven for decarbing. I was considering using a double boiler to hold my mct oil at 212dF, however this limits me to mct based tincture. I would like to produce sublingual tincture as well with ethanol.

    Does any one know of a reliable method for me to decarb hash oil on the stove-top?
  2. maxymods

    maxymods Active Member

    I take a pot and put canola oil in the pot with a glass beaker and heat it up too 260-270F and make sure its steady there, than put the concentrate in the glass and wait for it too stop bubbling. Not sure if its the best method but it works for me. Here's the video where i learned about it:
    Click to play YouTube Video

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