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Sticky Brick Labs Favorite Munchies Contest!

Discussion in 'Past Contests' started by Slow Draw McGraw, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. smokeydabear

    smokeydabear Well-Blown member

    Flammin hot cheetos because I'm like a 12 yr old on the inside. Add a ice cold pepsi to that because I'm actually 32 lol
  2. kaisersosay415

    kaisersosay415 Well-Known Member

    slow roasted spork + tortilla chips + lots of nacho + chopped red onions + sour cream = antidote for munchies

    I had this yesterday
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  3. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    OH GOD NO :puke:
    Sorry nodrog, no offence, it's just that:puke:....I CAN'T STAND :puke: GARLIC (but I love peanut butter).
    I must be uber meek :uhoh:

    I myself usually go for a smoothie made with ....peanut butter (natch) ice cream and some fruit too if I'm in the mood (mandarins, clementines... but anything really), yoghurt (plain greek works best, but again anything will do).

    Basically, nothing in the kitchen is safe when I get the munchies, but if I had to name my single greatest weakness it would be:

    Thank god I'm sober, this thread could kill me under other circumstances :myday::rip:
  4. Melting Pot

    Melting Pot Sick & Twisted

    Got these once as a gift.
    2 Half pound cups yum

    They can't even keep em in stock.lol
  5. radiant34

    radiant34 Well-Known Member

    Kinder bueno hazelnut wafer bars. So gooooood
  6. banana_republic

    banana_republic Well-Known Member

    south of equator
    Its the munchies, I know, but does it need to be not healthy?


    I really love fruits! They are usually fresh and easily available down here. So, why not pick some fresh ones, slice them...


    Mix them altogether, and put some (well, actually LOTS OF) honey and Granola over it....


    And there it is!!! A delicious fruit salad, awesome flavors, some nice and good calories, colorful and healthy.
    My favorite munchies!!!

  7. Kozzmozz

    Kozzmozz Infinite realities, infinite possibilities

    Most of the times I forgot to do my shopping so I end up digging in my 'junk bag', where I pile up any munchy like food.
    Then I end up eating some old nuts, who lost their crunchiness and feel moist, next we have an old waffle (Belgian here), conclusion: kind of dry.
    Next on the agenda of candidates we have expired knock off oreo's. sigh

    End up vaping some more to convince myself to eat the weird and old yogurt in the back of my fridge..
    In the end I open a belgian dark heavy beer, we call it a 'glass sandwich' as it has just as much calories or even more, and that does the trick :lol:

    AAAh university student life, can't complain.
  8. BT Bean

    BT Bean Bredda Gravalicious

    Anything. And everything. Sometimes both.
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  9. nodrog

    nodrog Well-Known Member

    Portland, Oregon
    Home-made extra-garlic hummus on home-made flax seed crackers with home-sprouted mung bean sprouts and a splash of sriracha hot sauce. I love eating well.
  10. Vapor_Eyes

    Vapor_Eyes tripping off the beauty of it all

    On Demand Convection Land
    I was 16. I was discovering the personal freedom my car was providing me, I was exploring cannabis use, and I was becoming very interested in girls.

    There was a girl I went to school with, Ashley, that I had a crush on. She worked at the local bagel shop. I would often go to visit her at work after smoking some herb. My sandwich of choice was a turkey club on a croissant.

    You start with a rich, buttery croissant. One with countless layers of delicate, flaky pastry. Carefully cut that in half to facilitate the sandwich making.

    Next spread a light layer of creamy mayonnaise over the croissant. Top that with a little lettuce, it gives crunch and freshness.

    After the lettuce comes the turkey. High quality turkey is a must here, overly processed turkey will be a poor substitute for the real thing. At a proper deli the turkey will be sliced razor thin. You should be able to read your newspaper through it. The extra surface area of thin slices actually improves the flavor.

    Top that with a few slices of bacon. They must be crispy, and the higher quality the better. The smokiness and saltiness of the bacon is an essential element to this sandwich. It ties the whole room together, so to speak. Pay a little extra for the good stuff.

    It's a simple sandwich, but there is beauty in simplicity. All of the elements work together to create a masterpiece greater than the sum of its parts.

    I never did get very far with Ashley. We were from two different worlds and as much as we liked each other it was never going to work out. I will always remember her, every time I eat this delicious sandwich. She introduced me to lox too but that is a story for another time...

    Last edited: Apr 15, 2017
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  11. MGG

    MGG Well-Known Member


    SSVUN~YAH You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...

    # Town
    I don't know bro, I'd say you skipped the bases and went straight into the dugout. Like hitting a home run in beer league softball. You got your sandwich made w/o all the work! :D
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  13. ichibaneye

    ichibaneye Vapriot, Traveler & Vaporizer/ing lover!

    The Honeycomb Hideout
    NOTE: THIS IS ONLY DONE ON HEAVY SESSIONS/RARELY AKA I'm starving to death and are we all out of f $!king something liquid! <things just got serious>

    For my cotton mouth I crack open an IPA :cheers: something from the West or Pacific northwest. This is sloooowly sipped on. It's got to be almost starting to freeze. This keeps the feeling I'm having about spontaneously combusting down to a minimum after flirting to close with ms. comatose!

    Next I grab a few Swiss dark chocolates and plop a couple in my clean brewskie.. the two pair nicely, you'd be surprised. These are always top shelf chocolates, no cheap eats round here.

    Then I turn my attention to the coffee table where I've got the rest of my arsenal ready and waiting. This is the list, organic beef jerky in the following favors peppered and teriyaki.
    Then there are the always and ever present 2 bottles of Marley Mellow Mood green teas for cotton mouth back - up and further relaxation.
    Now off to sour land we go, I'm all about those sour patch kids, mambas and finally the OLD SCHOOL lic-n-dip the 3 pack of flavors, not a sissy one packer! I consume all 3 until my damn tongue is bleeding. I'm so taken by the spell of the munch now that this does not faze my hunger nor my need to still feed. :freak: Must be uncomfortably full now.

    Now comes my favorite part, I've made tapioca pudding before hand...ahhha the spoils of planning! This is noshed on until I'm falling in and out of a food induced and vape coma. :zzz:

    The next morning; holy shit, a food and trash tornado struck and what's all over my damn shirt!? Now like a sucker punch of surprise, it's off to the toilet and quickly quickly....ieee! :o:rofl:
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  14. Vapor_Eyes

    Vapor_Eyes tripping off the beauty of it all

    On Demand Convection Land
    Yeah man, no regrets at all! She was really cool and a great friend, it's probably best we kept it that way. Ashley had a friend named Sarah, I do have a few regrets about her...
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  15. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Homemade Colorado peach pie with an appetizer before of some Colorado Super Lemon Haze. It only happens once a year.
    These CO peaches are chin-drippin' juicy and sweet as can be. They are so good plain that I almost didn't want to risk making a pie from them, BUT it turned out monumental. I can almost taste it now.......

  16. almost there

    almost there Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, I want to share a favorite low cost meal that has gotten me through some very tough financial times. I was unemployed for a long time and tried to make the most of the money available without compromising nutrition or quality to feed my family. To start off this meal feeds my little family for a good half week and cost under $20. It requires some labor but well worth it. The meat will be soft and juicy while the skin is so crispy.

    This is pork shoulder latin style also known as Pernil, this[​IMG] one I cooked is a little over 9lbs and took about 6.5 hours of oven time. I got the pork for $9.49, all the veggies I diced for homemade salsa was $4 and the yellow rice came out to $5.

    this is how the pork looks after I pulled it apart. You can choose to make tacos or easily make a pressed cuban sandwich by adding ham and swiss cheese

    This was my Easter setup, delicious and cheap so I can save my money to buy more vapes:nod:.

    FYI- the meal doesn't end here, I boil all the shoulder bones and mix it with whatever other bones and seafood shells I've collected over the week from my freezer and make a thick rich broth with it. After 2-3 hours of boiling the broth I skim off the fat and add miso paste, garlic, scallions, ginger. This becomes my stock for my homemade "tonkotsu miso ramen". I would be happy to share this second part of "making the most out of your money meal if anyone is interested".
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  17. Chandler

    Chandler Well-Known Member

    lol. i know i'm not the only one who at first glance thought this actually said "i like to eat papussy' MMMM

    My first thought was like 'yup, me too'! Every mans favourite munchie.
  18. Buildozer

    Buildozer Baked & Fried

    A good Cheese Steak...
    and Gel Tabs :p

  19. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    Are you a Philly boy?...
  20. elastic.plastic

    elastic.plastic Looking for interesting people and vapes

    yeah i'm in with :
  21. Buildozer

    Buildozer Baked & Fried

    Nope, just a stoner w/ serious munchies.. :spliff:
  22. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    YES! Please share the bone broth process, as well.

    You are eating real food! I salute you!! BLESS YOU beyond belief for saving money the RIGHT way!!

    **happy dancing**

    Oh, you should win. My opinion. there ya go.
  23. Techn!d0n

    Techn!d0n Well-Known Member

    Being honest I try to keep it simple. I like popcorn and (m&m) with garlic salt on the top. 2nd choice is candied bacon.... Yeah I said it!
  24. Mister G

    Mister G Deceptively Old Fart

    Title Town
    My favorite sweet is Reese's but really anything with chocolate and peanut butter, but for those special times.....Toasted Honey & Banana Sandwiches :mmmm:


    Thanks for the contest, this place has been dry of them for awhile...
  25. zhoos

    zhoos Well-Known Member

    bacon with cream cheese on a bagel ;-)

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