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Steps to Fuck Combustion

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by vorrange, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. thefiddler

    thefiddler Member

    I switched to vaping about 9 months ago, first with a Wispr quickly followed by a Solo. Since getting the Solo I have barely touched the Wispr. About a month or two ago I bought a couple of Planetvape's High Efficiency Solo Stems and would absolutely recommend them to anyone getting a Solo to make the transition from combustion.

    To all the the spliff smokers, unless you really want to get rid of the nicotine, I recommend continuing to use it mixed with herbs in your vaporizer. That way you will still be getting a high that's close to the same as the one you're used too but in a far healthier way. You have to be careful though as vaporizing extracts a lot more nicotine than smoking does so you should use much less. I just do a little pinch in my Solo stem and fill the rest with herbs. You also need to vape it at a lower temperature to avoid combustion, I use the '4' setting on my Solo. Tobacco will definitely taste different when vaped, just like herbs. It tastes more like it smells, kind of sweet but once you adjust it's pretty nice. Another nice thing about having the tobacco in the bowl is that it hits you faster so you get the nicotine rush while you wait for the THC to kick in, similar to how it works when smoking a spliff. With a good setup and the right mix of nice tobacco and herbs giving up combustion was pretty easy for me. It just took a couple weeks to get used to the new method of intake. I tried an E-cig too, but I found I preferred my Solo spliff in the long run and I rarely use the E-cig anymore. Though I mostly went cold-turkey with the transition from combusting, I still occasionally smoke with friends, both spliffs and bongs etc. and I can't really go back. They don't taste like they used too and now when I'm smoking a spliff I just want to put it out and go load a spliff bowl in my Solo because it tastes so much better.
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  2. Tuck Styles

    Tuck Styles Smokin' the competition.

    Everytime I tell myself I'm going to stop combusting, someone passes me a fatty. Never gonna stop me, never gonna stop. lol :rockon:
  3. newVaper420

    newVaper420 Vapor Enthusiast

    I just bring my portables with me, and hit my portable. Generally smokers don't want to vaporize, so a big group usually passes and I can sit with my vape. Some people do enjoy vaping and smoking though. And I pass on the smoke stuff :-)

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