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StemPod by MPL

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by supershredderdan, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. withoutbliss

    withoutbliss Accessory Maker

    The SP is certainly a more tinker inclined vape @HughJundys. I dont own the SP yet but it seems like if you stick with stock coils, the most tinkering youll need to do is with the setting of youre mod.
  2. HerbieVonVapster

    HerbieVonVapster Well-Known Member

    I think you be fine out of the box. If anything you may find you need tinker with the mod. With the new coils user change are decreased. Depending on usage should last months or longer. Worse case with a nail clippers to cut excess wire and allen wrench you be back in business.

    If really didn't want mess with changing them. A local vape shop should be able to assist with this for a couple bucks.
  3. duff

    duff Well worn

    I've had about six loads through it now and I am getting great results.

    Stock settings on the wismec ravager 2300 at 35 watts.

    I did end up removing the o-ring all together and typically use a long rbt stem.
  4. HughJundys

    HughJundys Willie B. Hardigan

    Las Vegas
    Got my package today. I didn't know I was getting a really cool case for it too. For what I paid this is far more than I expected. This has to be the biggest bang for the buck item I've bought since joining this wallet draining forum.
  5. supershredderdan

    supershredderdan Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    We made it out of the unreleased section!

    also, we just discovered you can use a mighty dosing capsule with the StemPod by dropping it in and resting it on the bottom screen, then pressing the stock stem on top of it. The O ring will make a seal. If anyone has dosing capsules give this a try and let us know what you think!

    also, here is the current FAQ draft, let me know if I am missing any must-knows

  6. fogbank

    fogbank Well-Known Member

    Tried my new SP yesterday and was immediately both bummed out and intrigued.

    Bummed out because I broke my stem as soon as I took it out of the Stashpod. I set it down on a granite counter top and barely knocked it over. It snapped right where the thin part connects to the "bulb" looking part :(

    But I forged ahead anyway with the broken stem.

    I used my Pico 75W mod in wattage mode, set to 35 watts. I took 4 draws, got small to medium sized clouds. However I can tell that the StemPod has a lot of potential. I'm intrigued to find out what it can do with some tweaking of my settings.

    Can anyone recommend some replacement stems that will fit in the SP using the stock screen baskets?

    I've looked back a few pages but didn't see any suggestions.

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    SSVUN~YAH You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...

    # Town
    Hello SPers! I've been lurking for awhile, though I did get into this last round of shipments. I just got my SP going with the help of Dan and his quick hookup of a spacer for my pico. I'm really impressed so far, like others have reported, by the second bowl I realized this is a keeper! Such great service and a great product. Awesome initial presentation, with the new box. Thanks Dan and MPL!

    Looking forward to tinkering around with the stempod and following all you crazy cool FCers with your awesome ideas. Time to go rip another pod. Yayaa!!!
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  8. withoutbliss

    withoutbliss Accessory Maker

    Hm, if it's a clean break you might be able to use a keck clip you have laying around @fogbank. Or potentially a DIY keck clip out of a paper clip somehow? :hmm:

    As far as a replacement stem, there's not many materials you can "safely" use. Someone did use a titanium nail as a stem for their SP a couple pages back though.
  9. supershredderdan

    supershredderdan Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    Send me your order number in a pm I'll get a stem out to you, in the mean time any tubo or rbt stems should work, or a wpa to j hook or any other glass.
  10. Summer

    Summer Well-Known Member

    Long Island, NY
    I'm in the process of watching it, but @VCBud just did a vid. Begin at 54:00 to see him use the SP for the 1st time. He said in the beginning of the stream that he's gonna show the SP in his livestream tom. but wanted to test it out today to see how it works & be prepared.


    Edited to add: his stream tomorrow, Saturday, will be around 6pm EST.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
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  11. Summer

    Summer Well-Known Member

    Long Island, NY
    There's now a ModPodLabs on reddit that looks like it's in the beginnings of taking off. You may want to keep an on that thread & partake.

  12. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
    Modpod ordered!! :rockon:

    Is there a long wait list for this one?
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  13. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    Very long! The MP isn't available yet.

    Just the StemPod - w/o longer waiting times! ;)
  14. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
    Thats how excited I am! :lol:
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  15. supershredderdan

    supershredderdan Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    We are same/next day shipping now. Thanks!
  16. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
    Amazing! I sent a dm cause I wrote the address wrong, hope you/they can fix it before shipping :doh:

    Edit: any recommendation for a cheap tool set for making could and a good website/YouTube channel/forum recommended? Or maybe reddit? Thx? Gonna Google around on the mean time ...
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  17. duff

    duff Well worn

    Full stem
    No o-ring
    Started at 44.9 watts and then lowered to 40.
    Click to play YouTube Video
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  18. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    I liked you in "Animal House" more than this video.
  19. AJS

    AJS Calm Consistency

    So funny "wow" is basically my go to word for the majority of my StemPod vids

    Good video man!
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  20. TastyTicTac

    TastyTicTac New Member

    Did you find yourself liking that mouthpiece better?
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  21. ray_b

    ray_b Well-Known Member

    I highly recommend the Coil Master Coiling Kit V4, I paid $11 for mine. The kit only includes what's needed for forming the coils, no other tools come with it. I'm also using the following tools:
    • small diagonal cutter
    • flush/side cutter
    • ceramic tweezers
    • chain nose pliers
    Nice video, what box mod are you using?
  22. duff

    duff Well worn

    Thanks @AJS!

    Yes it is my go to stem for most of my convection vapes.

    Wismec Sinuous Ravage 230W
  23. HerbieVonVapster

    HerbieVonVapster Well-Known Member

    Good news for those using the following mods that want cruise control. FJ firmware is good but this allows similar features and supports addition mods.
    • Joyetech
      • eVic VTC Mini
      • eVic VTC Dual
      • eVic VTwo Mini
      • eVic VTwo
      • eVic AIO
      • eVic Basic
      • eGrip II / Light
      • Cuboid
      • Cuboid Mini
      • Cuboid 200
      • Evic Primo v1 / v2
      • Evic Primo mini
      • Evic Primo SE
    • Wismec
      • Presa TC75W
      • Presa TC100W
      • Reuleaux RX75
      • Reuleaux RX200S
      • Reuleaux RX2/3
      • Reuleaux RXmini
      • Reuleaux RX300
      • Sinuous + Predator 228W
      • Reuleaux RX Gen3
      • Reuleaux RX Gen3 Dual
      • RX2 20700
      • Sinuous P80
      • Sinuous FJ200
      • RX2 21700
    • Eleaf
      • Invoke
      • iKuu
      • Vaponaute La Petite Box

    Currently with my wismec sinuous 80 only thing not working right are side led. Nice that they still work and in cruise are extra added safety feature. Sadly now only I can choice one color for lights. Use to change color depending on battery level.

    For $30 bucks I'm really pleased with it's performance with the stempod.
    With the stempod under $100 bucks currently. Just add this mod and have yourself a kickass 130 dollar convection regulated or unregulated user choiceable vaporizer. I think it's worth the cost.

    With this new firmware I highly recommend it with the stempod. Between way it fires using the side panel, size, led lights to remind you if still in cruise.

    Add the highly customizable software you can get great hits. Not DNA quality but not bad at all. All the setting are adjustable on the mod, you really can't go wrong.

    Personally I feel they make a nice look combo together and find it's even pocketable. Took it hiking was perfect could take a hit and slide in front pocket easy when finished or passed other hiker.


    Anyways off to try a new coil from the mad rabbit premade wheel. Liked the staggered coil 0.30 ohms but ready to try something new. Next up is Alien Clapton coil 0.28ohms. So far listed ohms seem right on these with the 2 coils reading half of listed value on mod. This wheel was $16 free shipping on eBay. Use seller so 2-3 days delivery.
    Thought this as a good way to get a feel of styles of different coils without spending a lot.


    Still debating on this coil kit- Thoughts?
  24. withoutbliss

    withoutbliss Accessory Maker


    I say pull the trigger on the kit @HerbieVonVapster. Looks like it has everything you'll need for building your coils plus the dope carrying case :cool:. Miiight be able to find it for a couple bucks cheaper on ebay. Nonetheless you won't regret it at that price.
  25. GTAVaper

    GTAVaper Well-Known Member

    Got my Stempod this past Friday night and paired it with an existing miniInvader mod (waterproof black rubber) and the silicone sleeve of the StemPod looks great along with the rubber of the minInvader.

    But this only has set TC modes without TCR so the temps mean nothing and I have been using it at 50W and 600 degree setting and just using it like a Milaana ....except with a much quicker heat up time.

    I love this thing! Using it this way let me milk my glass very quickly but I had to be careful of charring the center at times if I held the fire button too long and I had one combustion event that kind of sucked but I use a dual water pipe setup with an ashcatcher turbine bubbler and so I was able to catch it while it was in the first chamber before it got whipped over to the pipe with the last 2 vapour chambers .....so just a cleanup rather than inhaling the smoke.

    The vape sits on a shorter squat water chamber on top of a claisen adapter (so that I can just pull the glass stopper of the claisen to clear without lifting the vape) that has a detachable mouthpiece that sits into an 18mm female joint. Instead of the mouthpiece I use 18mm male glass joints on both ends of a silicone whip to bring vapour to the other water pipe that I inhale from which has a turbine ash catcher sitting along side the water pipe from the 18mm intake and on top of the ashcatcher sits another claisen adapter where the whip connects.

    This way I can fill both chambers and just empty the first one and then pass it to someone else and they could empty the second one. Either that or fill both chambers (and ash catcher) and keep going and fill my lungs with a massive vapour hit and still leave two fully milked chambers to pass to someone else or to take a second large triple chamber (including ash catcher chamber) hit without having to fire the vape.

    This vape is a game changer for sure....
    If you're on the fence don't think about it ....get one! It kicks ass!

    I am looking at several mods to pair it with.

    Vapecige Creator DNA 75C (DNA Chip 75W dual 18650)
    Vapresso Polar (Omni 4.0 chip - 220W dual 1850)
    Vapresso Armour Pro (Omni 4.0 chip - 100W single battery 18650, 20700, 21700)
    Voopoo Drag (Gene chip 157 W - dual 18650)

    I am thinking that the DNA will have the best TCR usage but it goes for about $120 CAD if you can find it since it is out of stock most places and then the other alternative for a DNA 75C would be the LostVape Mirage which I think is about $150 CAD.

    I believe the Polar is about $100 CAD and the Armour Pro at $75 and the Voopoo Drag about the same at $75. Of the non-DNA chip mods the Armour looks the nicest and seems like it would have the best in-hand feel and probably the one that I'd be most inclined to get and pair with the larger battery sizes.

    I look forward to trying this in TCR modes when I get a mod that supports it. I guess I'm not that worried about cruise control since I don't mind holding the button down.

    But it already kicks ass the way that I am already using it....just have to watch out for button press duration to minimize charring/combustion.

    I've already broken one o-ring. I was twisting the glass into the StemPod when I found that I could get it deeper this way....but it ends up shredding the o-ring.

    So I tried it on the WPA without the o-ring and like it best that way .....unless I am doing direct draw and then the o-ring is necessary to keep the stem in.

    I've updated my signature to include the StemPod - I believe that the vapour taste will improve with TCR but it already is really impressive....and a lot more portable than my Apollo - which is broken right now (waiting for the Finnish summer holiday to end to contact mfr) so I can't test them head to head. But the StemPod is hands down a lot more convenient in portability and instant on feature which is pretty important for my vaporizing experience

    Has anyone had any experience with the Omni 4.0 chip or the Gene chip?
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018

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