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SSV to hookah?

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by ManicMax, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. ManicMax

    ManicMax Member

    Hey FC, I was just wondering if it would be possible for me to connect my SSV to a hookah I was looking at buying. If so, how would I manage to do this? Thanks!

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    Silicone Tubing is a good place to start. That's all I have, but if you read through the SSV thread a lot of people have hooked theirs up to Water tools of different types so you may find answers. Also you may receive a quicker response if you go ahead and ask what people are using in that thread.
    Good luck to ya and enjoy !!
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  3. Dj Bass

    Dj Bass Well-Known Member

    I did this! I loved it at my coop, because I could pass around an unbreakable hose, and everyone still got hella high. I would use fatty bowls back then. I always used the GonG setup at the surfer with the bowl holder on (it fell out and broke on my desk twice, and that was enough for me.) To mate with the top of the hookah I just used a wider peice of tubing that slid over both my SSV tubing (SSV tubing going down into the hookah about an inch), and the bowl intake of the hookah with a nice airtight, jiggleable fit. The taste is affected a lot on the vapor. I have never found a hookah hose that didn't taste like the inside of the shop it came from, or the inside of something worse. Didn't collect much of my goodies tho, as I think most of that gets lost in the silicone tube before it ever hits the water. I liked this setup a lit while playing smash bros, or watching comedies, because you can just grip and sip some vapor whenever the mood strikes you/time is right for the game, and so can anyone else in the circle. The fatty bowl with a lotta buds and a little extract would hit like, 18-25 times, so you could load up, have a stellar session with your friends, and still have a little left to finish up after they take off.
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