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SOLD! Onyx Pax by Ploom with many extras - original owner

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by TheDudeNextDoor, May 30, 2014.

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  1. TheDudeNextDoor

    TheDudeNextDoor Abiding

    Decided to shake up my vaping lineup, so I am putting on the block my gently used onyx Pax by Ploom. I bought this Pax directly through Ploom in June 2013. I have kept it clean and properly lubricated with propylene glycol, and it remains in very good condition.

    As with any Pax, it is susceptible to sensitivity on the mouthpiece stem and requires minor routine maintenance to keep it functioning at top condition. I developed most of the Vaporpedia page devoted to the Pax, including all the information about how to properly clean and lubricate the mouthpiece stem. You can read about it here. Also included is a TDND-made GonG connector, just like the one on the Vaporpedia page, ready to use with any 18mm glass piece.

    The Pax has some very minor, almost unnoticeable scuffing on the bottom and top edges from general use; otherwise, it looks and functions exactly as it did the day I bought it. The internal battery power has not diminished at all.

    I am selling my full set, everything you need and more, for $150 shipped CONUS, plus any PayPal fees:

    1 Onyx Pax by Ploom, with new-model mouthpiece and original and spotless screen
    1 original Pax by Ploom charger
    1 fully constructed 18mm GonG adapter, ready to use
    1 Maxpedition carrying case (somewhat worn but plenty of life left), perfect for the Pax, cleaning materials, and a vial of herbs
    1 small portable vial with dropper for propylene glycol
    1 pint propylene glycol, still almost full after a year's use
    1 cleaning kit (collection of alcohol wipes, bristle pipe cleaners, dental sticks)
    1 XL Pax by Ploom T-shirt, dark gray and red
    5 various colored Pax by Ploom stickers
    3 various colored Pax by Ploom magnets

    PM any questions. Thanks for looking and vape on!





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