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smoking all day Vs vaping all day.

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Ansel, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Ansel

    Ansel Le Flâneur Extraordinaire

    is it possible to not be able to handle smoking all day but be ok with vaping all day? (in terms of mental health)
  2. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member

    I don't know about that ... why do you ask?

    I found it used to help me when I smoked all day ... then life changed ... and I didn't smoke so much ... many years later I vape all day (it was really needed to go back to this) and I find effects are similar, just my lungs feel better.
  3. Ansel

    Ansel Le Flâneur Extraordinaire

    Well i have had a psychotic episode (psychosis) back when i used to smoke all day every day many years ago but even after i continued to smoke all day every day when i was a student and to be fair, i struggled. But vaping all day (touch wood) mentally i feel better.

    edit: unless of course this is down to psychiatric meds...
  4. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member

    If you're vaping lower temps than that could make a bit of a difference vs high-temp combustion ... and you might get less burnout ... but I don't think it would affect the psychotic episode piece (I'm no expert, but what knowledge I do have and personal experience, ...)

    Different strains then were available when your had issues many years ago?

    (I'm bipolar and use it to medicate this ... so I'm actually relatively well read on the potential of cannabis to trigger a psychotic episode if one is susceptible ... I'm not 100% sold on it though and that it isn't related to something else ... it also is only noted to cause psychotic episode to be triggered sooner when referenced, not as a 100% causal factor ... just an accelerant if its something that's likely to happen anyways ...)

    If you are on psychiatric meds currently, then its likely that that is helping you control it more than the difference between smoking/vaping ... personally ... I use cannabis itself to help mitigate my mood swings ...

    FYI ... take everything I say with a grain of salt as its from experience and is anecdotal and is far from well backed ...
  5. chris 71

    chris 71 Active Member

    i have experienced a bit of psychosis in the past too, even though i have always used pot i dont think it is what triggered it. it was more some stress related events in my life that did the trick.
    but i can say that some times , some of the anxity i have felt after using pot has resembled some of the same unplesant feelings i have felt when i was having an" episode " . the nervous kinda unplesantness that only sometimes is felt after using cannabis not always but sometimes for me yes .

    i have often wonder why this was... i have had a couple grows for my own personnel use and made the mistake of harvesting too early on my first. the resin glands were still mostly clear and a few cloudly when i used these bud it was really a kinda racy effect that i would say i didnt enjoy that much.
    my second grow i perppously let the plants mature much further to the point that one self seeded. needless to say the resin glands on this plant were much more ripe.
    these were much better for me then the racy stuff , this was much more relaxing. now the first one was perhaps more sativa and the second more indica , but i think it was more the fully ripe compared to the under ripe buds that may be the reason this happens.

    also i have noticed that after i strickly vape for a while and if i over due it, it can start to be unpleasnt too. if this happens i switch back to smoking and that seems to do the trick. so maybe this has a lot to do with the ripeness of the plant when harvested. also maybe the curing of the buds. {raitos of thc cbd and other canabinoids and terpenes and ripeness of all these ?} and possibly with vaping we are getting a mix with higher thc ratios because it vapes at lower temps. thc alone is knowen to have unplesant side effects that can resemble psycosis ...

    it is also pretty easy to check this out your self too. you could get a scope for pretty cheap.
    i think i paid like 20 bucks for mine it is 60 too 100 times with a little lite.. i check out all my buds with it and you can clearly see the glands i always look for some amber and if there there i know its more likely to be a nicer effect for me anyways
    keep in mind this is just speculation ;)
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  6. sektr

    sektr Active Member

    Frankly if you have serious mental health issues you should probably avoid cannabis altogether.

    I'm of the opinion that "treating" mental illnesses with marijuana is a myth (note: not all of them). Treating depression and anxiety by smoking is a crutch, not a treatment. I'm speaking from experience on this one (clinical depression and GAD, ranging from quite mild to moderately severe depending on how my life is going at a given time).

    I learned quickly that consuming large amounts of cannabis in a sitting was not the way to go for me as it would cause paranoia and worsen my anxiety, especially on the social side. So I took to microdosing and vaping, which worked GREAT. I'd vape a .1-.2 bowl and feel fantastic, no inhibitions about socializing, happier, etc. So I kept doing it.

    However, a little ways down the road, I started noticing that when I was sober, I was having trouble focusing, much more irritable, generally down, and far more anxious than normal, so I would always be going to smoke and trying to maintain my high.

    THIS IS NOT TREATING A MENTAL ILLNESS! I was smoking because the altered state of mind felt better, but if it makes me worse when I'm sober, than how the fuck am I actually treating it? (Answer: I'm not, I'm hiding from it) I could be stoned all the time, but why would I want to spend a huge portion of my income to do so rather than finding other ways to cope?

    Especially in the case of schizophrenia or psychosis you should REALLLLYYYY avoid weed man. That's getting yourself into dangerous territory when you're consuming with regularity.

    I'd also like to make it clear that I still smoke regularly, but that was AFTER I sat down and addressed my mental health issues and got my life to a point where I was happy, and as soon as I notice my depression worsen I immediately cease consumption nowadays.
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  7. Tweek

    Tweek Well-Known Member

    Probably not what you want to hear, but you need to work out your health issues with a good doc first. If you suspect that herb may be aggravating the issue, even in a small way, stop using it until you can sort everything out.

    Once I got myself sorted and on some proper meds, I slowly started experimenting with herb as a way to help with depression/anxiety. What I have found, is that Sativas tend to trigger not only my anxiety, but general weirdness in my brain...so I stay away. Indicas will definitely flare up my depression as well, so I use a hybrid. The trouble for most, is finding a consistent strain that works for them...I have this problem all the time...one batch/strain works great, the next causes me problems...at least for me and my mental illness, it is going to be a life long experiment. Most tend to feel the same...there are no solid answers or cures that work for everyone. Even the Dr is experimenting when giving you various anti-depressants, etc...an inexact science.
  8. hoptimum

    hoptimum Well-Known Member

    I'm happy to see the kind of research Canadian LPs like Peace Naturals are doing to isolate different strains and characteristics in them, and to reproduce them consistently. Its going to make a huge difference in how we approach the herb, IMO
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  9. chris 71

    chris 71 Active Member

    heres a couple interesting links...
    i guess what im trying to speculate is... maybe this whole, pot causes or triggers psycotic episodes. will one day be found to be directly related to using to much unripe cannabis. as apposed to fully ripe . if there is even a real link to it being a cause and effect type thing ..
    it also seems to be that a high number of people that have illnesses like schizophrenia use cannabis. so there is lots of people looking at the reasons why, self medicating perhaps... like the dopamine anandamide, connection in the one artical or maybe the under active endocanbinoid system mentioned. of coarse maybe they all just made them selfs mad but i dont belive this one i think its a scare tactic
    and there is another study i read , were they used cbd as a replacement to some popular anti psychotic meds . and found that it had even better results then the popular ones. without the nasty side effects. i will try and find a link to that one too ... so yes indeed pot maybe of use in treating psychosis in some people... me personnally i stay away from like i said the less ripe tricombs
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2014
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  10. Ansel

    Ansel Le Flâneur Extraordinaire

    Well, listen the cannabis all those years ago wasn't neccessarily the cause but i think it was a contributory factor.

    I got on very well with the Iolite a few years ago and it would turn strong skunk like cheese into something less potent. But now i have a solo the game has changed! it's more efficient than the Iolite and almost makes vaping stronger or as strong than smoking depending on the bud.

    I guess if i could cut down my use or microdose that may be an option. The addition of drinking yerba mate could help.
  11. Unconnected

    Unconnected Well-Known Member

    I would say it does have a big effect, i find smoking all day every day (bongs, mixed with tobacco) makes me very very depressed after a few weeks and not keen to leave the house or do anything but smoke weed and chill on the internet. my life is rarely rosy, i am like a stoned version of george costanza from seinfeld, so while i normally have my head above water sometimes if i get too deep into smoking i can go to a bit of a bad place and ignore many of the things i need to do in life, like uni and work. Terrible.

    Anyway, with vaping i do not feel this depression even when im going all day every day for weeks on end (during holidays) i dont get depressed and only start to get annoyed that im just sitting around doing nothing, rather than feeling like i cant leave the house, there is a critical difference there.

    I feel like you need to be a bit careful and make sure you vape at all tempretures so as not to just get THC, they say the higher temp cannabanoids can counter balance THC to make you more calm if you feel like thc gets you too racy.
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  12. EveryDayAmnesiac

    EveryDayAmnesiac Some things can't be fixed.

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  13. RUDE BOY

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    Ansel one big difference using the solo over the iolite is using higher temps I think. My iolite won't give me much of a buzz any more as I don't think it ever got much over 182C.

    Just a thought, Not much help I know.
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