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Gear Slug .33 Rosin Forge

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by lazylathe, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    ....rather mostly
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  2. Froggit

    Froggit Member

    How Long does it take for the Deuce to cool off to touch for an new press?
  3. Nattybushdoctor

    Nattybushdoctor Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    15 min give or take, on its own. less than few seconds under cold water.
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  4. MahatmaGanji

    MahatmaGanji Member

    Ok everyone! The wait should be over tomorrow!
    My deuce is going to arrive and I will be picking up my vice after work.
    Very excited to get started. I’ve read the thread and watched a ton of vids the past few days... any last minute advice anyone has to add???
  5. gimmiemore

    gimmiemore Active Member

    One thing that I learned is you want to make sure the rear part of the slug is sitting flush against the plate, this is very important.
    Also if on the first try you maybe don't heat the slug enough and you get just a tiny bit of rosin out, try applying more heat to the slug even after it's pressed all the way through, this is probably not the best in terms of quality but at least you will get some rosin out so that flower won't go to waste, or you can vape the leftover puck too.
    I had my slug for about a week but I got the wrong kind of vise, this is why I know how important it is to have your slug really flush against the plate and not have it in any kind of angle. Waiting to get a good vise so I can give my full impressions of the slug.
  6. Nattybushdoctor

    Nattybushdoctor Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    1. load with exact amount. Under packing will result in lower yields. Over packing will result in flower coming out the sides.
    2. Keep flame size consistent.
    3. once your heat time is up compress SLOWLY. Give the flower time to compress.
    4. One minute is just your starting point. Add time or subtract time depending on what your results are. More heat will give you more yield less heat time will give you less yield but more preservation of terps.
    Success is in the details. Enjoy!
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  7. Doktor Dub

    Doktor Dub Well-Known Member

    and perhaps to ad to avoid frustration @MahatmaGanji

    if you get no rosin out or flower coming out of the sides it could be that your vice is not really parralel or not slick enough - try a backplate.


    Good luck!
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  8. Lithband

    Lithband New Member

    Got the duece about a week ago. Still getting used to it.

    I'm having an issue though. When i have about a quater inch or so left to compress the female slug pushes back and the herb starts coming out the side. I can quickly compress the rest of the way but i will still have some herb pushing out the side.

    Do I need to go faster at the end? Videos show going slow but if I do that then more herb will push out.

    I have tried using 2.2 and 2 and 1.9gs and they all pushed out.
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  9. Nattybushdoctor

    Nattybushdoctor Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    This is normal. If you watch my videos they all do this. The magic happens after that. Just keep going very slow. SLOW is the key SLOW CONSTANT PRESSURE until you bottom out.

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