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Single, and looking for the perfect mate

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by Vicki, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Herbal Alchemist

    Single and looking for love?


    Are you having a hard time meeting people on OKCupid, Tinder, or in the real world because your love of weed is a deal-breaker? Does he find your extensive bong collection a buzz-kill? Or did she harsh your mellow when she asked, “Cheech who?”

    Fear not, lonely tokers-looking-for-love, you don’t have to smoke alone forever: My420mate.com is a new dating site promising to help you meet the one who won’t be put off by your passion for pot—because they share it. ”Everyone you meet in our community is guaranteed to be accepting of the 420 lifestyle,” promises the website, which is billed as “The #1 Online Dating Community for Cannabis Lovers!” The community is “full of people from all walks of life who seek to live and share a relaxed lifestyle and outlook on life,” says founder Miguel A. Lozano.

    The site’s pot pun-friendly motto is “plant your seed and watch your love grow” and it seems love is blooming already. Testimonials suggest that a few cannabis couples have already been matched through the site. Says Greg L.: “Being a medical marijuana patient, it has been hard to find someone accepting of my lifestyle. Thanks to My420Mate, i have found that special someone.”

    If you’re just a casual cannabis user, the website welcomes you, too. The community is “not just for stoners” and also includes “professionals, laborers, doctors, lawyers and other singles who are all 420 friendly.” Founders say they are optimistic about the future of legal marijuana and they expect more states to follow in the footsteps of Colorado and Washington. But in the meantime, we all know love doesn’t have to be legal to be real.
  2. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Yeah, but what if they love pot but hate Penny Dreadful? :shrug:
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  3. Vicki

    Vicki Herbal Alchemist

    Then that would be a deal breaker. :nod:
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  4. fidget

    fidget Well-Known Member

    Vape curious
  5. EveryDayAmnesiac

    EveryDayAmnesiac Well-Known Member

    That's not a bad idea.

    I for one am getting sick and tired of "the explanation narrative," when I have to go through all the reasons cannabis is good for me, why it should be legal, why it's so interesting, why I need it, etc., etc., etc.

    You know, when you feel as though you're defending yourself when you shouldn't have to?

    Mean no offense to the classy ladies of this forum, but why do so many of your "sisters" look down on us guys who have the cannabis itch? I don't get it.

    Show me a girl cool enough to not only enjoy herb but to enjoy vaporizing them as well, then I'll say... I'll say ... well, I would say something to screw the whole thing up, but it would still be refreshing. :lol:
  6. Vicki

    Vicki Herbal Alchemist

    I honestly have no idea. They probably believe the propaganda that it makes people lazy.
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  7. Seren

    Seren Away with the fairies

    :\ .... I'm not sure how I feel about this. Part of me thinks this is a great way for like-minded singles to meet, without any potential awkwardness related to 'coming-out' so-to-speak. Then again, I also think that it's really very sad that this kind of site is deemed necessary in the first place. :\ :shrug:
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  8. macbill

    macbill Gregarious Misanthrope

    The Evergreen State
    The same propaganda influenced generations of people. Can't blame em. Just need to re-educate them.

    Dear kindly Judge, your Honor,
    My parents treat me rough.
    With all their marijuana,
    They won't give me a puff.
    They didn't wanna have me,
    But somehow I was had.
    Leapin' lizards! That's why I'm so bad!

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