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Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by vtac, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Flow

    Flow Member

    Hey hey !
    Just got my SSV tonight ! warming up time here ^^
    It's been stuck a while at custody but it eventually arrived.
    I got a standard glass HC with wand as expected. Color is Rainbow zen with dark green stand.
    I allthougt got the full DDave mod, with a very fast time delivery, well packed, everything fine ! Thank you @DDave !
    My first impression is "wow ! what a taste !!!" ^^
    Now waiting for the 7th floor adds… aroma top, spherical and ground glass, HC, full whip kit…

    Time for learning curves…
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  2. Flow

    Flow Member

    Hi again !
    First, i'd like to thank any of you who did recommand the SSV along this tread… This thing ROCKS !!! Full MEDICATION, Full Flavor ! I started using SSV "at 2 O'Clock", just to be sure it works, now i'm more around 12h15…
    I re-discover my outdoor strain ! Used to be smooth and not that potent as i combusted it…
    now is… wow ! couldn't expect that from it !!! Surprising ! Taste and medication are really clearer.
    I got my last order couple of days ago, Thanks a lot to @7thFloorVapes staff for fast delivery and perfekt condition of the items delivered ! Spherical ground glass is my go-to vape now ! easyer to start with than with standard glass. ABV was same color as my tobacco with standard glass, now it turns a bit browner and i even lowered temp ! but no combustion ! Great !!!
    Vapor is thin compared to my e-cig vape, but still visible for 3 or 4 hits. After is "popcorn" taste… or "morning-roasted-bread" taste...
    Aroma top is althought a usefull item ! No smells at all ! just difusing lavander oil extract full house

    Now time for some questions…
    - A BUBBLER / RECYCLER with the SSV is a real implement for filtration of the very small particles or is it only the "bong" way to Medication ? I never tested that on a vaporizer.
    - A STUCK GROUND GLASS JOINT, how do you deal with that ? On micro-dosing kit from @DDave , i made an error trying to place the whip on assembled micro-dosing kit, and pushing… and now i can't re-open the "micro-dosing" chamber… next time, i'll use and abuse with bees-wax on ground glass joints, but for now, do i have to throw it away and forget it or is there something to do to magicaly unlock/unfreeze that stuck ground glass joint ? Any tips and advices ?
    - Any video tutorial to use @DDave Mod on SSV ? especially for the use of the screen baskets ?
    - LAST POINT ABOUT GRINDING SIZE, i'll try grinding a bit less "fluffy" to make my sessions last more than 3 hits ^^… Am i right about that parameter ?

    Thanks again,
    enjoy your vap' sessions as i enjoy mines for a week or so by now !!! :love:
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2017
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  3. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Sorry to hear about the stuck glass.
    In order to unfreeze the glass, you may need to freeze it... literally.

    First try freezing just the glass pieces. Bottom of the freezer is the coldest. Give it enough time to freeze. I always overdo the time at about 3 hours.... usually ends up being more... then allow the pieces to go back to room temp and see if you can rock the pieces apart... don't twist.

    If that doesn't work, freeze the pieces in a plastic cup with enough water in it to cover the glass. Let it freeze solid. Then remove from freezer and allow to thaw. Again try to rock the pieces apart.

    Hope this works!
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  4. Flow

    Flow Member

    Hi @DDave, no problem, my mistake… "learning curves" ^^
    Kudos for these tips, i'll try this today ! Hope this will work !
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  5. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Been there myself. :ugh: That's how I discovered the freezing technique.
  6. Flow

    Flow Member


    Freezer for 3 hours or so, a bit more i guess…
    I let it warm to room temperature… nothing…
    turn vitro-ceram on, place it onto for a couple of seconds, t'il i could barrely not handle it because of heat, and… POP ! lateral slow and smooth mooves et voilà !!!

    Thanks again @DDave for your good advices ! I've made a step forward in my learning curve today !
    How to unlock ground glass joints !
    well, i guess i've been extremely lucky on this one, time for bee waxing all my male ground glass joints !
    15sec heat on my hob, then cover each with a very small amount of wax and DONE !
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  7. Aimless Ryan

    Aimless Ryan Came to read about grinders; fucked combustion

    Central Ohio
    Whenever I have had stuck glass, all I have needed is friction. Grab one or two pieces of rubber. Like a Thera-band or something. You're done.
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  8. steama

    steama Well-Known Member

    beeswax :nod:
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  9. acolyte

    acolyte Member

    I found heating it up can help, or cooling it down, just changing the temperature of the glass. I find my SSV works very well with both coarse and fine ground herb, but I only have the standard ground glass, no mods.

    Flavor is great huh? Try lowering temp to perhaps 10-11 for the first few hits, really gives you a flavor explosion. Then you can turn it up and wait a min and it should be hot enough to finish the bowl. You can also save your avb and vape it later for sleepytime effects this way, as recommended by ddave.

    I'm waiting for a video tutorial on the ddave mods myself as well.. I'll contribute when I get the cash to buy one.

    Regarding bongs, etc.. I have tried several.

    - 7th floor bubbler, I like this one but it's awkward to place on the table. People new to the vape get really confused about how to hold it, it's just a weird shape, but works well
    - 18" beaker bong, no percs, I also like this one, but it's a bit big to always be moving around
    - 8" straight fab with disc perc, this one probably works the best

    Overall though, I don't like using water with my ssv. It's harder to dial in the taste/temperature, especially at first. When I tried it dry, I never went back to using a water tool except a couple times to test it. I have now used it many many many times dry. It's not too harsh, especially if you try the first hits at 10-11 like I said.

    For now, you can test it with ANY bong with a 14mm downstem by placing the tubing directly into the downstem of the piece. One of the things I really didn't like about using a bong, though, was so much to do with your hands. Pull out the ground glass from the ssv, pull the tube from the bong to clear it like pulling a bowl, making sure you don't tip it, or drop it, etc... just too much for me. Way more complicated than dry or combusting in a bong, ruins the zen experience for me :mental:
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  10. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Glad to help and happy that another piece of glass was successfully saved!!!
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  11. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    Lately I've been opting for smaller quantity bowls in my standard model, putting in a little bit more than a one hitter for smoking if you can imagine. I'll get about 3 very good massive hits without any harshness. For me that's the way to go for personal usage.

    Thanks again for pointing out an obvious oversight regarding keeping the wand in clean condition.
    This was my first vaporizer purchased maybe ten years ago and it's still maybe my favorite as a definite maybe.
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  12. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    My ssv just keeps getting better, even after all these years :tup:

    Another lsv accessory.

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