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Should I get a session or on demand vape?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by NT340, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. NT340

    NT340 New Member

    Hi guys,

    New to the forum, I’m still debating on my first vaporizer to buy. Don’t know if I should go for a session or on demand vaporizer. I’m looking at the Davinci IQ or the Ghost MV1. Which one should I buy for my first vape?

  2. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Collector

    The midst of vapor
    Welcome to FC @NT340 !

    You need to give us more info to help you.
    Here is an idea of questions that may help:
    Is it mostly for home or do you want it to fit in a pocket? Will you be sharing often with others or mostly by yourself? Do you take several hits at once or just a couple and set aside for later?
    Do you use flowers vs. concentrates, etc.
    What are most important features you need? Battery life, flavor, potency, ease of use, ease of maintenance, etc.?
    And what is it about the Ghost and IQ that grabbed your attention?
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  3. Grey hair

    Grey hair Flop shot guru

    Welcome NT340! Just answer Jill NYC's questions and let the forum members weigh in. They'll ( we'll, I guess)have sorted in no time.
    What Country do you reside in? That may play a role as well.
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  4. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    @NT340 Welcome to FC. I agree with @Jill NYC we need more information to give you the best recommendation.

    However, I would like to point out that a person can take an "on demand" vape and use if for a "session" but trying to use a session vape for a hit here and a hit there will likely be less efficient and taste would be worse.
  5. NT340

    NT340 New Member

    I live in Canada so now it’s legal. I’m looking for flavour and most of the time I’ll be using it at home but sometimes bring it to my friend s place to share with one or two friends but mostly I’ll be the only one using it on regular basics. For the hits I’m not sure yet if I’ll do one hit here and there or lots of hit one after the other because it’s my first vape to I need to test it to see what I like.

    Thanks !
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  6. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    You'll probably be better off owning several vapes and learning what you like.

    I only own portables at this point. I'll jump to recommending faves from my collection like we all do:

    For great on demand convection flavor get a Lil Bud.

    For a big bowl, versatility, and great hybrid session vapor get a Fierce from Healthy Rips.

    For a super small portable session vape with a sub par battery and a low price get a Fury 2.

    For toasty mouth pulls and a joint-like experience where you're free to pause between hits get a VapCap (get the omnivap or omni xl if budget allows).
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  7. Grey hair

    Grey hair Flop shot guru

    The crafty was my first real portable vape.( I had used other dry herb pens bit they didn't last) It's on the pricey side but there'll be no regrets. It's not my first choice for a one or two hitter.

    I'd also lump the IQ, and the Mighty in with the crafty. ( actually there are many convection style vapes that operate on the same principle)

    Bossman's mention of the Omni VC is bang on.

    The Firefly 2 is a pretty tasty vape but needs a bit of time to master. Taste is top end. One of the more ' on demand ' ones around.

    Which ever portable you go with, be sure to research the 'after session odor' of the vape. Some are better than others. A case may be warranted.

    Hope this helps.
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  8. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    I’m going to suggest on demand.

    You can session with an on demand vape and pass it around.

    You cannot put down a session vape and come back later without it burning up your material.

    There are other choices beside a Mv1.

    Also, I own 3 vapes to cover my bases. Desktop, on demand and session.
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  9. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    How are you consuming now and are you happy with the method (bongs, pipes, joints, pens, etc) if you are not happy what would you like to change? This will help folks make better suggestions.
  10. Mr.Kite

    Mr.Kite Well-Known Member


    Fast enough to be almost on demand.
    Take the stem out and use the rest later.

    Canadian brand
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  11. blokenoname

    blokenoname DIY Log Maker

    I'd consider a log vape, if you use mostly at home anyway. That dispenses with the constant charging and recharging of batteries, which easily can become a nuisance :rolleyes:
    With sizes of a mere 9x4 cm and smaller, they're rather on the tiny side of plug-in vaporizers so that taking one to a friend's home is a nonissue. They're running from a 12 wall wart and are as on demand, as it gets, being originally meant to run 24/7, so that you just fill your stem, walk over to your log and insert it, whenever need be. Want a session with friends? Just give everyone his/her own stem and hand the log around :cool:
    They're quite heavy hitters, producing fat clouds from tiny amounts and also shine in the taste department, especially when used with glass stems/GonGs.
    Look into the HI, Underdog, Woodscents, E-Nano and Toasty Top threads here in the plug-in forum.
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  12. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    Great suggestions here already.

    The vapcap and logs are great suggestions, and though I’ve never used the solo 2 I’ve yet to read about anyone disappointed.

    My suggestion would be to look at something that will let you hit on demand or jump into a session, and I don’t think anything works better than the tubo evic for that.

    You can use it to take big on demand rips similar to the milaana/Zion/mistvape touch, or if you want to have a relaxing session you can pop it into cruise mode and just take pulls at your leisure without babysitting a button.

    I think the tubo is probably the best device for this purpose. Most session vapes are at least partly (if not mostly) conduction devices so your herb may still be cooking and releasing cannabinoids while you’re chilling between hits. The tubo however is fully convection, you can turn on a 10 minute cruise session and walk away, come back 10 minutes later and empty your stem, you’ll find it completely pristine. Generally I agree with @ginolicious about the downside of session vapes cooking your herb when not actively being used but the tubo is the exception.

    The tubo is also very accommodating. You can load your stem with a very small amount of herb or you can pack the stem with a big fat macro dose and you’re still getting a very even cook.

    The vapor can get pretty warm with shorter stems. It does not bother me but for some people it’s a bit much. However, @funkyjunky has got you covered! He offers some really nice long stems to cool the vapor and also makes a really nice whip that suits the device very well. I love using the whip because I can park the tubo where I like and sip or rip it like a desktop. This makes it super easy to accommodate a few friends without any hiccups. You pack the oven fat, set it into cruise mode and just pass the whip around. There is no worry of someone struggling with technique or accidentally combusting the load, so everyone is a winner.

    And the clouds? Have mercy. The tubo seriously is a fog machine. I have to put my other vapes in drawers so they don’t see what an overachiever the tubo is.

    I sound like a broken record but I mean it with all sincerity when I say that the tubo is like a portable evo.

    Did I mention that this bad boy is under 200 bones? It is priced super competitively.

    Funkyjunky also makes something called the tubo-x if you already have a box mod for other uses. Super slick, you just flash his firmware to the mod and screw the device onto the mod and get your head in the clouds. It’s a little awkward compared to the OG tubo but When I use my tubo x I usually just have the mod parked by my bubbler and use it through water, and it’s perfect for that.

    If you have any questions let me know and I’ll be happy to try and answer! All the suggestions you’ve gotten are solid and I don’t think you’ll go wrong.

    Man do I miss my tubo lol.
  13. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    The tubo is both on demand and session so it covers both and is a great vape. I miss mine because I only have the fury available right now. You might consider that as well. The fury 2 is a session vape but can be used as an on demand one. It isn't instant on though.
  14. AJS

    AJS Calm Consistency

    Just stopped by to say welcome to the forum!

    For my own personal experience, an on demand is a MUST. A session vape is more of a luxury when I have the time and I want to sit back and enjoy a session that resembles smoking a joint. But if I don't have an on demand vape in my life, I'll sure as hell be looking for one.

    Keep in mind, most on demand vapes are GREAT session vapes, as the vape starts to heat up with back to back hits session style, it yields greater results. All of my on demand vapes do better with back to back hits when treated like a session.

    Either way, can't go wrong, vaping is amazing.

    If you get either of those vapes, there's a huge chance you'll be very satisfied. Don't overthink.
  15. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    I only do sessions with my on-demand vapes. I'm the inverse of @AJS. Usually he tries to cash his bowls in one hit or just a few at max, through water. Whereas for the same quantity I get like upwards of 30 hits or more (I don't count as it's not a funny activity...) and exclusively dry.

    So that's the proof these on-demand convection vapes are super versatile. @Shit Snacks am I allowed to quote you on that one mate? :p
  16. Shit Snacks

    Shit Snacks Milaana. Lana. LANA. LAANAAAAAA

    Motion Pictures
    :lol: yes my man, at least effortlessly versatile was all me!
  17. ejackyou

    ejackyou Hamilton

    May I suggest the 'Plenty'
    Probably the best designed vape, bar none.
    If You are really interested in the performance,
    then the 'Plenty' could be the first and last Best vape
    You ever buy, other than a portable.
    Of course if it's a technical, gizmo type Hobby Your
    looking for, or just want to 'Say' You have the Ultimate,
    there's always the 'Flowerpot'?
  18. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    I’ve never tried it myself, I thought it’s known for being a weed hog and kinda finicky and awkward?
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  19. ejackyou

    ejackyou Hamilton

    Not a weed hog if You use a drip pad, better yet the 'filling chamber reducer'.
    The Exact Opposite of 'finicky and awkward?
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  20. Mrb58

    Mrb58 Active Member

    The plenty performs with workhorse consistency and used correctly is extremely economical

    Just hard to use as s demand vape -it takes 4min to heat up and n my experience loads are best finished -so minimum 10 min often longer “sessions”

    But I have gotten away with 0.05-0.075 gm loads
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  21. ejackyou

    ejackyou Hamilton

    Well you can't Win them all!
    The Plenty was designed to 'heat up' Slowly, by today's, standards.
    That's the secret behind why, it's the best Vape on the market period.
    For Some of Us!
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  22. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    I could get a cheap plastic pen and say I had the “Ultimate” vaporizer if I wanted to pretend and try to look cool. I’ve seen some people do that here.

    I use the FlowerPot and promote it as *one of* the best options out there because it’s overall the best one I’ve tried and just about everyone I’ve seen an opinion from who’s used a wide variety of options has placed it at or near the top.

    I believe the Plenty is solid, and for some people it may even be the best option out there, but the way you’re talking about it seems a little like what you’re accusing FlowerPot users of... :myday: :sherlock: :2c: :peace:

    Glad the Plenty is great for you though, and I’d like to try one too at some point. :)
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  23. ejackyou

    ejackyou Hamilton

    You caught Me!
    Yes I am?
  24. Mrb58

    Mrb58 Active Member

    The best session vape undoubtedly

    And I never cease to marvel at the engineering genius of s and b

    Taking simple tech , inexpensive materials and creating a masterpiece
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  25. Little Bill

    Little Bill Oldest stoner on FC

    a shithole country
    @ejackyou why does slower heat up time make it the best session vape? I like session vapes but don't see why slower heat up times are an advantage. Please inform.
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