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Shipping used vapes to Canada info

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by lazylathe, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    The THC Nebula
    I thought i would post this up for anyone looking at buying used vapes from members in the States or any other country and having them shipped into Canada.

    My story:
    I bought a used Pinnacle with water tool from a member on FC on the 26th of July.
    It was shipped to me on the 27th of July using USPS.
    It took 3 days to hit the border and on the 1st of August it was delivered into Canada.
    All seemed normal up to this point...

    Checking the tracking number i found that is was "Item has arrived in Canada and was sent for further processing."
    No worries as i had seen this before and it should only take a few days to be released or so i thought.

    I kept checking the tracking and even though it seemed to be moving on the tracking bar, the package had not moved much. It was definitely no closer to being in my hands!
    So i thought to sit tight and wait...
    All this time the seller and myself were communicating about the package and both of us were a bit concerned that it would not arrive.

    I finally managed to get a hold of someone at Canada post to actually help me.
    They gave me the Canadian Border Services Agency number, according to their system the CBSA was holding the package and after numerous telephone numbers i finally was talking to someone that actually knew what was going on.

    The package was labeled as an "Aromatherapy Device".
    When they opened it they thought it was an e-cig.
    All e-cig products get sent to Health Canada for further processing...
    So i got the Health Canada number and called them, managed to get a very helpful lady and this is what she told me:
    If the CBSA have any suspicions about a health related item it is forwarded to Health Canada for review, it is up to them to decide if it is released or not. Any signs of nicotine and the product is held until they decide what to do with it.
    When Health Canada recieve the packages they are placed on a shelf and they get to them when they do, unless you call and elevate the case. (this is what i did)
    Once they come to a decision the product is either:
    a- release the package
    b- destroy the package because it is illegal and they send you a note
    c- send it for further processing at other departments.
    d- return to sender (unlikely)

    This process can take weeks to complete!

    After they are done with the package it is released again to CBSA who approves it and releases it to Canada Post for further shipping.

    The person i spoke to at Health Canada was very friendly and actually returned my call!!
    She said that she had released the package even though it did not look like and e-cig to her!

    So just a heads up on how the process works first hand!
    If anyone needs the contact numbers i will keep them handy!

    My package now says: International item released from Customs for processing by Canada Post
    So it is on it's way through the system!!!
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  2. Dreamerr

    Dreamerr Always in a state of confusion and silliness♀

    What should one write for the future would be helpful for those who don't know like me.
  3. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member

    "Electronic Accessories" is one of my favorite ... rather all encompassing :)
    Dreamerr likes this.
  4. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    I like planetvapes method. Everything ive ever gotten from planetvape is labled as kitchenware. I dont know if its the same Idea going into canada but ive never had any problems or delays receiving from planetvape
  5. Dreamerr

    Dreamerr Always in a state of confusion and silliness♀

    Yep, and I get lots of kitchenware...I wonder if the way you do it jcat might bring up flags sometimes coming from usa to canada...hmmmmm. We may have to ask PV if kitchenware is the best way they should know just from our orders alone.

    I had to send back capsules that didn't fit to PV and of course I sent someone to the post office. They gave her a hell of a time cause she said it was a return or broken...something....that didn't wash well at all. I guess even with returns or exchanges you have to send as new kitchenware or electronic accessories ugh.

    Borders should fall into the water.

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