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Selling vapes on eBay

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by OyVape, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. OyVape

    OyVape Well-Known Member

    Is it cool to sell vapes on eBay? What about dealing with PayPal? Anyone here with recent experience?
  2. kuzko

    kuzko Well-Known Member

    eBay officially does not allow vaporizer sales and PayPal does not allow transactions that involve vaporizers, but unofficially a lot of people and companies still do it and get away with it.

    I know if the word “vaporizer” or “vape” is in the title then the listing will not be created. People get around this with clever names like “herbal humidifier” or “vaps”. For some reason e-cig mods seem to run rampant on eBay.

    Personally, I’ve mostly purchased vapes on eBay, only sold one once, and I have never had a problem from eBay or PayPal. I’ve read that if PayPal decides you’ve violated the no-vape policy that they will shut down your account.
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  3. Hackerman

    Hackerman User

    Out there
    I think vapes are permitted on ebay. I just did a search of the word vape and I got 200,000 results.
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  4. wkndwarrior

    wkndwarrior Active Member

    Interesting, I was looking for a launch box a while ago and saw tons of them on ebay which seemed to be valid resellers. I guess the name and how you approach it could let you get through. I just read through some community pages and it does sound like they have fairly loose language about vapes (potentially not being allowed) but also that they don't seem to regularly enforce or take down auctions.
  5. Baked-not-fried

    Baked-not-fried Welcome to the comfort zone, how may I help you?

    I've sold two there. Never had any issues but never looked at the rules either. I just did it. Just my personal experience. Sorry I can't give a definite YES or NO, as I didn't read the fine print. Best of luck on a sale, though! :)
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  6. wkndwarrior

    wkndwarrior Active Member

    I see a couple Dynavaps on ebay also. None of them spell out the word "vaporizer" and are listed as tobacco collectibles for category.

    The auctions have bids on them too!
  7. Skunkport

    Skunkport Well-Known Member

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Is this the US, ebay.com? The UK version, ebay.co.uk, doesn't give a toss, everything is just vaporizer, weed vaporizer, rasta weed herb marijuana smoking pipe ect.

    If you want to be low key, name it 'Aromatherapy Vaporizer'. Everybody knows the score, give them deniability in case someone makes a fuss and they'll probably be fine with it.

    Vaposhop EU actually sent a tub of Peppermint in the box with my Fury 2, I'm going to try it some time.
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  8. Daweed44

    Daweed44 Active Member

    I had my milaana on Ebay and I am very happy because at the time I did not know this forum ..
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  9. rouxdy

    rouxdy Active Member

    I've sold a few. Never had an issue.
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