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For Sale Selling a few very nice things

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by david8613, Dec 2, 2019 at 8:48 PM.

  1. david8613

    david8613 Well-Known Member

    We know how this goes too many vapes not enough time to use them all, so some have to go.

    SOLD! First thing for sale is a nice splinter z set up, with quite a few cooling glass mouth pieces in clear and smoke, 1 tapered and 1 wooden mouth piece, 2 mods boxes 1 is the voopoo x217 with a pair 21700 batteries very nice mod box with fancy light show and color screen. 2nd mod box is a wesmic dna 75, no batteries never had the chance to set up with custom firmware, it's a good one for z. I used this splinter z only twice, like new no damage box and accessories included. Package 200.00 shipped.

    Next is a like new xmas starry with silicone case a stir tool, no damage works perfect comes with battery box and accessories included 35.00 shipped

    SOLD! Lastly and this one is hard I love this vape so much it is a like new works perfectly, no damage a very nice storz bickel plenty, comes with accessories and as an added bonus chamber reducer. 140.00 shipped.
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