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seeking advice for my many routine questions

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by fatfemmestoner, Dec 26, 2017.


Is my ABV too brown

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  1. fatfemmestoner

    fatfemmestoner New Member

    [​IMG] For several years now I have been acquiring product from an official source. I have a Plenty vaporizer that I adore. This is the color of my ABV. Now I didn't think anything of it. I have been using this ABV to make cannaoil to make edibles, and most recently, capsules.

    I had the luxury of trying a retail product recently and this is the color of the ABV from the same Plenty vaporizer. I was shocked it was so much lighter. (excuse the slight contamination) These two were done at the same setting on the vape, with the same length of time, and mostly the same amount. I am a solo vaper so it's all pretty routine.

    Am I somehow overvaping my normal flower? I am more suspicious because I have had such a shit time trying to get my edibles to work. I use the crockpot with lecithin (liquid) and all that.

    However all the sweet treats were making me sick so I wanted to try capsules. Those were a complete disaster and started to melt. I read online that there might be too much water in the oil still. I have using Wake and Bake's Weed Wash suggestion to help curb the taste, but i didn't think too much of it as I have read folx use water in the cooking process. However, I found this site being REALLY against adding water in the cooking process, and it mentions that adding water after only helps a little. So I'm a little lost on which way to go here. Anyone have any thoughts on the water subject?

    I will probably go back to my unofficial source soon because of cost; is it even worth making cannaoil with as brown as the ABV comes out?

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  2. uncanni

    uncanni Well-Known Member

    dirty south
    Hey girl, Just read this. I have a Plenty vaporizer, too!! And love it. I grow my own, and my abv always looks like the color of your top pic, maybe a little lighter. I see some seeds in the bottom pic, and it doesn't look all the way vaped, although I know you said exact same method used for both. Was there any vapor left in the bottom sample when you were done?

    My suggestion if you want edibles is to try tinctures. In my opinion, so much better than edibles. I have an Ardent Nova decarb machine that I love more than my Plenty.

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