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Sativa lovers

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by psychonaut, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    There is a curious weed in my stash, it's a cross between an Afgani and a Senegalese Landrace sativa, so it's an hybrid but it's lookk like it is sativa dominant if I judge by the aspect and effects.

    The pure Senegalese strain is very tasty but not very potent and doesn't yield very much, the cross with the Afgani carry a better productivity, a bit more THC and slightly more dense flowers but it taste pretty similar to the Landrace whic h is great!

    Since it's a low thc levels weed, if I grind it fine/medium and load a small amount I get one and unique big and tasty hit and no more vapor after that (except if I crank it higher than reasonnable) but the load stays very green... like unvaped and it's still very tasty and still smell pretty good. Even used in a conduction vaporizer used in a classic 380-410°F range the load stays fuckin tasty and smell pretty good after a 5mn session (but not green anymore here)!

    It's my actual favourite strain for extraction but the final product using rosin tek is so runny there is a lot of losses and since it yields very low... I prefer to toss my flowers in an extraction tube and process it with some butane, got a magnificient pull and snap oïl which smell and taste like Heaven, so much i can't use it in public cause all the area will stinks like if you opened a full kg bag of flowers!

    It seems this strain carry an higher level of terps than THC.... but I don't know if it's possible!
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  2. Martian

    Martian Do you love Life?

    Hey friends,

    I like to share my love with you!!

    Martian Mean Green
    is my all time favorite.

    This weed give me a long lasting high over 2 hours by a good bowl of my extreme q.
    I come in a mood of: cheerfulness, uplifting, action,mind self conversations, activities,

    Also after a month using this medicine it build no tolorance.
    It is a strong medicine :-)

    In my opinion, it is a underestimated favorite.

    4 time Cup winner but nobody
    known it :-(
  3. psychonaut

    psychonaut High as fuck

    Here's a mexican sativa called Eldorado, spicy like a pepper!

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  4. Skunkport

    Skunkport Active Member

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Sativa lovers, I am here my people! It's getting very Indica over here in the UK the last couple years, a couple of dealers have told me that it just sells better to noobs - apparently the sleepy effect is what they're expecting and if they don't get that, it's crap weed to them. :rolleyes:

    Currently have some unidentified cat-piss smelling Haze (possibly Lemon) from Spain but assured some Tangilope (hopefully the pheno that tastes like Terry's Chocolate Orange) hydro is due in a few weeks and I will absolutely kill that, already said I want 6 oz kept back for me.

    I definitely can tell the different effects of different types of weed, my favorite dealer is a guy I've known for 34 years and I've had him solicit reviews from his customer base. Unbiased ones too, because this guy can't remember what anything is called. :bang:
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  5. dynospec

    dynospec Well-Known Member

    Im just rolling in sativas right now its ridiculous haha! Ive got pink candy kush, blue dream, sour diesel, 91 krypt og, and some ghost train haze, and theyre all delicious, absolutely incredible! Ive got a bit of hawaiian haze shatter too that is also just lovely, man I am spoiled especially considering I dont prefer sativa to indica necessarily, it depends on the time, and the day.
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  6. Zow237

    Zow237 Well-Known Member

    Where??? I need to go to this place. They look fire
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  7. psychonaut

    psychonaut High as fuck

    Grown off grid by a friend of a friend, wish I knew :nod:

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