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Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by vtac, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. SmokingElectricity

    SmokingElectricity Livin' Astro

    The Lab

    yup. i had a few questions when i ordered my MFLB and all i did was us his AIM feature and within seconds i had my answer. great feature. all websites should do this.
  2. vapormonkey

    vapormonkey Well-Known Member

    Mod note: Post content deleted. We don't allow eBay auction promotions on the forum, and if we did, it wouldn't be this thread.
  3. b.rubble

    b.rubble Well-Known Member

    Just had a good experience with vaporizers.ca, now its up to canada post. Waiting on a herbalaire btw.
  4. Revvy

    Revvy Well-Known Member

    In the middle of a bad experience with Chico Kush. Tried to place an order online on Monday(11/29) afternoon but it kept denying my credit card. I called the number on their site and spoke to a man named Chris. Gave him my CC number and info, he told me to email him my information, and that he'd mail out my order in one or two days and email me shipping confirmation. Immediately after the conversation I sent my shipping information. The next day a transaction from Chico Kush dated 11/29 posts on my bank, nothing wrong here. Yesterday(12/2) morning rolls around and still no invoice so I email Chico Kush inquiring the status of my order. This afternoon (12/3), still no reply so I call, which also goes unanswered. I call again every twenty to forty minutes and continue to get no answer until I call a little after 3pm(PST) on a different phone(just sayin') which is picked up immediately. I explain what's going on and he tells me that my order has shipped, he was sorry about forgetting to send an invoice, and that he'd send one tonight. 9:36 as of right now and still not a single email or call from Chico Kush.

    I'd think an online retailer would be a little more interested in customer service.

    AREVSTA Well-Known Member

    Had great service from vaporlot.com !!! best place to buy a vaporizer in the UK IMO. they also sell on ebay as GoodGets_UK and they offer free UK postage. i ordered my DBV at 3pm and got it at 11am the next morning :)

    I do like everyonedoesit but somtimes they are a little slow and quite often dont have what i want in stock. i emailed GoodGets_UK first, just to ask a few questions about the Euro plug on the vaporizer, and i got a very helpful reply the same day.
    we talked briefly about FC and i offered to try and help get vaporlot.com on the recommended sellers list here. he was very greatful and gave me a free Aromatop with my order :brow:

    After 7 years of smoking im now totaly in love with vapor! until about 10 minutes ago i had been smoke free for 1 week!!! unfortunately while writing this i left my DBV to heat up and forgot to turn it down before puffing a bowl :( ooops!

    anyway, Thanks for reading! :)
  6. ru_frothi

    ru_frothi Portable Vaporist

    Hi All,

    Fairly new user here. Been lurking for a while..... I had 2 easy vapes and vapolution before I found FC. After reading the forums decided to try a MFLB. Bought one from pufitup.com and it did arrive promptly. Unfortunately after playing with it for a few months and doing a lot of reading on the FAQ (Thanks Guys) and experiments I was just not getting much of a buzz at all from the MFLB. Sat in the desk drawer for a while. Bought an ExtremeQ and am now hooked on vaping. So I dusted off the MFLB and figured I would try contact PuffItIUp.com for support. Tried to reach them via there support chat. not online very often and when they were they never responded to chat requests. Didn't not have high expectations that way so I sent them an email using the form on their site. No reply. Called their voicemail # and no reply. Wait a week and send another message via form, nothing again. Figured that wasn't going to work out so I contacted Blissville instead and got a immediate support from them. A few emails back and forth asking for info and to try a test and they indicated they would be sending out a replacement and shipping instructions for returning the original. Great service from Blissville and fast. Finally after I completed my return with Blissville I did get a voice mail from Randy at puffitup.com. It was nice to see that someone finally returned support requests and maybe this is not the norm for them but I won't do business in the future with a company that just ignores requests for customer service and can't seem to return an email or voice mail for over a week.

    Now I am anxiously waiting the new MFLB so I can finally see what all the fuss is about...

    Great community here folks. Much more pleasent place than most of the fourms I visit.

  7. Gregular

    Gregular Member

    Hello, all. I just purchased the Extreme Q from Vape World. The only vaporizer I have owned is the Vapor Genie. While I love it, I chose to get something more practical for regular use at home. Being that this thread is how I discovered this site (and Vape World), I figured it would be a good place to start.

    I will post a followup review of the transaction with Vape World as soon as I receive the vaporizer.

    Very excited! :D

    :peace: Update 1: Free shipping and it already came in today! Damn! Unfortunately, it needed a signature and I was not here to sign for it. Woe is me. In any case, I will update this post when I actually get my hands on the vaporizer.

    :peace: Update 2: I signed a signature release form, so the package was left at my door on Tuesday. I waited all weekend to get this, so the anticipation was killing me. I literally ran to my door after work that day.

    The box was in great condition, as is usually the case with FedEx shipments (in my opinion). Oh, and shipping was free, so I appreciated the fact that they didn't go with the cheapest option, which would probably be USPS or USPS-assisted shipments.

    I opened the box to find that the vaporizer and all of its parts were inside of yet another box that was very well-protected. By this point, I had no doubt that the vaporizer was going to be in perfect condition. They included some stickers and magnets, which was a nice touch. They also included a grinder, which is perfect because my grinder is small and doesn't work well. The grinder even came in a little pouch that I'll undoubtedly make use of.

    I'm tempted to rave about how amazing the Extreme Q is, but I'll leave that for a different thread. I will, however, give Vapor World even more kudos because they gave me version 3 of the Extreme Q, which is the newest version. You can determine this by observing what the maximum temperature is, which is information that I found on this forum.

    To conclude, I give my highest recommendations for Vape World. When I inevitably decide to purchase accessories for the Extreme Q, I will undoubtedly buy them from this retailer. If anyone has any questions about the transaction or the product itself, feel free to contact me.

  8. GeneralGreens

    GeneralGreens Member

    Ordered a DBV from gratefulbuys.com well over a week ago, got shipped on 1/12 and still yet to receive. Talked to customer service, they said they'd send me another one next week. Mildly disappointed, was very eagerly awaiting DBV :(.
  9. ripplemdm

    ripplemdm Member

    I too am a new vape user who has been lurking for a few weeks (Sorry about the slight rant to follow). I was trying to decide between a MFLB or an iOlite (Stealth was #1 factor for me - for the past 20 years, I usually have used a cig looking dugout). Anyway, after reading a bunch here and other sites, I still couldn't decide, so I decided to order both. After comparing different vendors (as well as reviews here), I bought the MFLB from Blisssvile - very fast shipping, came a day earlier than what I was told. Ariel gave me great customer service on a missing part - got it in 2 days. I love the MFLB, except that it isn't stealth enough for driving around.

    Anyway, I decided to buy the iOlite from PuffitUP.com. They seemed to have the best package/accessory deal I could find (I might have ordered MFLB from them also, but it was out of stock, and everyone said use Blisssville for newest model, etc.). I talked to Randy on the phone. Got an answer the 1st try. He was very helpful, and I also bought a Space case grinder, some accesories, and he threw in a free space case storage case I was interested in. I was happy. Very Good service.


    the 2-3 day shipping took 4 days, and when I finally got my order, I was missing several parts. I have called MANY, MANY times each day for the last week - NO ANSWER. I have left 3 or 4 messages in the last 7 days - NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER. Did I just get lucky the 1st time in that I was actually able to contact someone. Based on the above post (#107) this seems to be the case, and my not getting an answer for 7 days is the norm. I'm suprised because Randy really was very nice and helpful the first time. Hopefully someone from PuffituP sees this message and gives me a call back soon because otherwise I am really NOT happy with my iOlite purchase. I don't understand how a company can stay in business if they can't return customer calls for over a week.

    If PuffItUp does finally call me back and resolves the situation, I will be gald to update this post. However, if on the other hand I still don't get a response in a resonable amount off time, I will update about that lack of service as well.
  10. pinoy

    pinoy PACQUIAO!!!

    south bay, ca
    Ripplemdm ,

    try going to puffitup website and do the online chat.
  11. PuffItUp

    PuffItUp Well-Known Member Retailer

    Tahoe Forrest
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2015
  12. Beezleb

    Beezleb Well-Known Member

    I had an order where not everything was sent. They corrected it no problem. I will order again.
  13. Papoose

    Papoose Well-Known Member

    Ordered my Extreme Q from KJ Rockwise on Monday and it arrived yesterday. Free shipping within Canada and the documentation that came with the unit says KJ Rockwise will honour the manufacturer's warranty, so that's cool. The discount coupon on page one does not work but you do get a 10% off coupon code to use on future purchases with the company.

    Very good, no hassle service.

    mod note: There's been a note on the Rockwise listing for some time now about the code not working. Since he hasn't fixed it, the discount code will be removed.
  14. caveman

    caveman Member

    Hi everybody, I wanted to post my experience with Grateful Buys.
    I didn't know where to buy my DBV from, so I did a google search and found this thread. Narrowed it down to Grateful Buys and Vape World, because they both had good prices and a free grinder. Grateful Buys seemed to have the best deal in my eyes, because I was really diggin the black DBV, and with the coupon code it was only $180 + shipping, compared to $190 for a silver one at vape world. Even with the coupon at vape world -- which didn't work btw -- it only would've been $10 more at Grateful Buys for the color I wanted, and a very nice selection of free space case grinders/containers.
    I ordered the black Da Buddha from gratefulbuys.com late on Monday. They shipped it fairly early on Tuesday via USPS first class mail.(?) It arrived on Thursday, packaged beautifully might I add, after a whopping 3 days from the night I ordered. The vaporizer was in the free bag it came with, and everything else was placed in its own separate padded pocket.
    I got the 2pc Space Case grinder, and sort of doubted that it would be as nice as people say, but man was I wrong! This things spikes/blades are sharp as hell, and they really do the job. I doubt they'll ever get dull as long as I only put weed in there. Pictures just don't do this thing justice, it really is a beautiful piece of metal... very shiny and nice to look at. I think I'll probably get a 4pc space case sometime, because I imagine those are much nicer.
    I couldn't be happier with my amazing new DBV and Space Case. Thanks you Grateful Buys! I'll be back for sure. :peace:

    Great deals with freebies. Super fast processing/shipping. Good packaging. Overall very satisfied with my experience. I highly recommend Grateful Buys to all! :D
  15. Hammerzeit

    Hammerzeit Well-Known Member

    Puffitup sent me the wrong item but it was all cleared up in under five minutes. Had some tracking number issues but those got fixed up fast as well.

    I'd def. buy from them again. :)
  16. cbchare

    cbchare Member

  17. ripplemdm

    ripplemdm Member

    Thanks to all who responded. Also, a special thanks to whoever it was that made sure that Randy saw this thread (Randy told me your name, but I can't remember it - but Thanks)

    I want to give an update as I promised.

    I finally spoke to Randy on Sat. afternoon (1/22). As I mentioned before, he was very nice and quite helpful. He apologized for the inconvience, and told me that he had been on vacation for the first time in a few years, and had other employees who should have been answering the phones & returning messages and wasn't sure what had happened, but would look into it.

    Anyway, I told him what parts I was missing, and then he asked me if there were any accessories for either my iOlite or MFLB (which I thought was prety cool since I had purchased my MFLB from Blissville, and not puffitup) that he could give me to make up for the trouble I had experienced.

    So he told me that he would have everything out to me ASAP and that I should be recieveing something by Tuesday.

    Unfortunately, I didn't actually recieve it until Friday. Now, I'm not sure how much of that was related to the major snowstorm that hit my area on Wed. night, because even though I had no power for 2 1/2 days, I still did recieve mail during that time (shipping was via USPS Priority).

    Bottom line - even though shipping both times was longer than expected (disappointing when you are waiting for your new toy and/or parts), I thought Randy was very helpful, and really wanted to do whatever he could to make the situation right, which I really appreciated. Based on his service, I will use PuffitUp again in the future as well as recommend them to friends.
  18. max

    max Out to lunch

    Randy has also just improved puffitup's ability to receive voicemails, emails, etc. when nobody is at headquarters, sitting behind a phone and PC. Everything we've seen from this company here at FC says that customer svc. is a big priority for them, so hopefully this will the last complaint of this kind we'll hear. They remain high on our list of recommended dealers.
  19. PuffItUp

    PuffItUp Well-Known Member Retailer

    Tahoe Forrest
    Thanks everyone who comments about us. If it is good or bad feedback we want to hear it. A huge thank you is owed to max who contacted me to let me know there was a issue that needed to be dealt with.

    We cut the cords to our 800 number, all calls are forwarded directly to our cell phones so we can be reached no matter where we are or what we are doing. We are working on a 24 hour plan but were not 100% there yet, mainly because no one here is a morning person. :)

    We set up an instant message widget on our website as well. At first we set up a highly professional looking chat client but honestly it was boring and we all felt like robots using it....... So we went with AIM. It might sound like a weird choice but AIM gives us the ability to talk to people and sound like we are human, even if we misspell a word once in a while, or even worse if you have to listen to one of our cheesy jokes.

    Keep commenting about us on FuckCombustioin, we are listening. And if anyone knows a way we can improve our service, tell us. I had someone today tell me how we can make our invoices more customer friendly. It was a small change, but if it matters to him then it matters to us, so we did it.

    Also, keep a look out for our new monthly contest starting soon for FC fans only. We have been working with the admins for months on this idea and it is almost ready to go.

  20. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    ^^ And THAT is how it's done. :clap:

    I was one of their very first customers and I will continue to be.
  21. Spacenstein

    Spacenstein Well-Known Member

    :cool: Agreed. ;)

    I've had very good service from puffitup and it's great to see them still improving their standards.
  22. Beezleb

    Beezleb Well-Known Member

    On another note, Perhaps Bruce and Puff it up could have a discussion!

    Are their any security issues using Aim and the like when adding it to a business model? I have no clue just a thought.

    Love the customer dedication and will likely see you guys next time I need some parts.
  23. PuffItUp

    PuffItUp Well-Known Member Retailer

    Tahoe Forrest

    Thats a good question and here's the answer.... I have no idea. With AIM we chat freely, however we never take orders, paste full addresses, or mention anything that can be used maliciously. AIM does promise security, but unless we can see ALL the steps AIM uses to ensure security, then we have to assume it isn't secure. All chats are anonymous and we keep no logs.

    I should mention that before Puff It Up, I was a security engineer for one of the major internet backbone companies. So security and privacy is always considered. We keep no data on site as well, meaning if someone showed up at our door with a warrant demanding we give up our customer info, they would walk away empty handed.

    @ lwien .... Thanks again, you were one of our first real customers, and a good critic, which helped us a lot (:

  24. Beezleb

    Beezleb Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Have a good day!
  25. iksworbeZ

    iksworbeZ Vapour Connoisseur

    Hello FC users,

    As I live in Canada I have been dealing with www.vaporizers.ca and my the results are a bit of a mixed bag...

    I prefer to speak with someone on the telephone as I am a rather gregarious fellow and enjoy talking to people in general over plaing online orders... especially if i have to go through the pain in the ass process of registering blah blah blah

    The first time I dealt with the vaporizers.ca I ordered myself an MFLB and some spare batteries. I asked for the two day shipping ($5) via canada post. This was on a Monday. On Thursday, still no MFLB... I call back and am told that "oops our computers crashed just after I hung up the phone" and they lost all my details... and since I called from work they were hesitant to call back the number on the call display.

    To make up for the blunder they offered me expedited shipping at no additional cost and I ended up receiving the order on the following Monday.

    A few months later after extensive research I came to the decision to retire my heat-gun vape and step up to a DBV. Once again I picked up the phone and placed the order. I spoke with a Gentleman (talked to a girl the first time) that time who was very polite and professional, even gave me a discount on a grinder and the vape as I was a repeat customer. YAY!

    Opting once again for the $5 shipping the package was again late... in fairness this is through no fault of the vaporizers.ca

    This is the fault of the canadian postal service.

    After less than a month of use calamity struck! I broke my wand...

    So I pick up the phone, once again, and dial those magic digits to get myself sorted out with a new wand.
    This time I spoke to the girl again, (who offered me no discount) This was late monday afternoon... so I had no expectations of it making it to the truck that day and figured it would be going out on tuesday. On Friday... still no package! I call back once again... and speak with the gentleman, he tells me my tracking number and it looks like it did not even get shipped until late Thursday! I was hoping to have it by thursday! So all weekend long i am looking at my very expensive paper weight instead of an awesome vaporizer! Hopefully I will be getting this package on tuesday... as per the Canada post tracking number, but i would not be my house on it...

    My last gripe with these guys is that through out all this back and forth, not once did i get the emails i was promised.... I went over my email addy a few times with them in case there was a typo, but still nothing...

    To wrap this up, Vaporizers.ca: great products, always in stock. Friendly service, if not always professional. Shipping sucks ass, but we can split the blame on that one and Canada Post.

    I will be ordering more supplies from them as soon as they start offering more DBV accessories online.

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