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Relist New Persei and Persei Bubbler

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by SalamiCity, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. SalamiCity

    SalamiCity Well-Known Member

    Original Thread here: http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/new-persei-and-persei-bubbler-price-reduced.11164/#post-476068

    Hello all,

    I have for sale a few items that I'm hoping I can get rid of before my birthday early next month.

    I want to make a note at the top that all of these items are new or like new.

    I also have some stickers if buyers are interested. If people want stickers otherwise let me know and we can work something out.


    Paypal preferred on all purchases please. I pay shipping and all the extras(DC, Insurance, Priority) you pay fees. Prices are negotiable if you have a BO. I also am willing to combine items.

    The Persei was opened to check for all components and to make sure everything worked. Interestingly enough I found out that this Persei had a European Charger included, so I had to get an extra charger. Both will come with the purchase.

    There are 2 brand new carts
    2 persei tops(single and double)
    1 adjuster
    2 mouth pieces
    3 batteries(1 large 2 small)
    1 Persei unit
    1 fill tool

    I can charge the batteries if buyer wants.

    I am looking to get 135 shipped.
    USA only, unless you pay for part of the shipping.


    Last on the list, but definitely not least is the Persei Nibbler Bubbler.

    This bubbler is really interesting, and I think a really nice addition to a W9/Delta9 Family.

    it comes with 1 bubbler with persei holder
    1 removable 18mm-14mm downstem (18 goes into piece, and then attachments go into the 14).
    and the candy cane glass piece that attaches from the bubbler to the persei.

    Note: I have tried the persei with the bubbler to make sure it fits and it does, but it needs to have a RUBBER mouthpiece, the ones that come with the persei WILL NOT work.

    I have a new rubber one that comes with my ophos, so if possible I might be able to include it if the ophos doesn't sell first.

    I also have to mention there is a slight mark/hairline crack in the persei holder. I spoke to Gary who assured me it was okay, plus it doesn't affect the actual function of the piece at all.

    I am looking to get 200 shipped.
    USA only, unless you pay for part of the shipping.

    Any questions, concerns, comments, or anything else please pm me, thanks,

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