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Re-Breathing Exhaled Hit Air?

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by smolderson_bud, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. smolderson_bud

    smolderson_bud Active Member

    In the interest of attempting to maximize my resources, I've even started targeting my breath as one of many areas of potential waste. lol It occurred to me that it could make sense to re-breathe exhaled air after taking a hit from a vaporizer.

    I've seen the kind of vaporizers that work together with a balloon as the medium to transfer the 'vapor' from the vaporizer to the patient.

    This present idea though is about using the same kind of balloon, but in a different way. In this scenario, I'm simply taking the hit directly from my Pax. I'm imagining breathing out into the balloon after taking a hit (thus, filling the balloon), and then breathing that 'already-breathed-air' back in again.

    I already know it is an effective strategy for the immediate intent (getting more goodies out of the 'vapor' by putting it back in for another round in my lungs).

    What I'm wondering about is the question of whether it's OK for us. I mean, health-wise....to re-breathe exhaled air which obviously is quite oxygen-poor by now (and all that).

    Is it one of those kinds of things like, no big deal, as long you're not doing it all day long, or is there something more drastically bad for us about it?
  2. Monsoon

    Monsoon Well-Known Member

    I think it's okay as long as you get enough regular breaths in between. It should be safer than doing nitrous hits which are pure nitrogen and I believe that itself is "safe" provided you get enough regular breaths in between.
  3. Melting Pot

    Melting Pot Sick & Twisted

    Rather than fill up a balloon with oxygen depleted carbon dioxide.
    Maybe try breathing technic when exhaling hit. Thers a thread somewhere to high to find. Lol
    Basicly take a hit hold, start exhaling when you see vapor stop and inhale fressh air and continue.
    Thing is trying to get lungs to absorb it all. I do it now and then not sure if im getting higher or just starving brain of oxygen. Lol
    Good luck
  4. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
  5. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    the re-breath technique allows you to absorb quite a bit more in your airways from the same vapor.... take your hit and hold 5 secs then start to slow exhale. when you see vapor start to leave your mouth re-breathe in a deep breath and slowly/ immediately release that re-inhaled breath and once you start seeing vapor again repeat the process... do this a few times per hit and you provide new oxygen to your airways with the same vapor mixed in there too... the act of depleting oxygen or starving oxygen via the hit and hold approach is the opposite approach to effectively absorbing more active compounds from a given amount of vapor..
    blowing your air exhaust into a bag to then re-breath it is not giving you new oxygen to open absorption either. in fact please avoid doing that
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