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qwiso or something like that (am i doing it right?)

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Edward Hyde, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Edward Hyde

    Edward Hyde Well-Known Member

    ok first of all sorry if i make some mistakes my english are not the best you will find arround.and also sorry if i dont understand your answers right away...

    heres what i do...cause i havent figured out everything well from all the threads i've read for qwiso and concentrates in general...

    i put my herbs in a glass jar and i put iso until it covers everything...then i move the jar viciously for 20-25 seconds and then i pour the iso through 2 coffee filter put toghether.then i put the buds in the filter and pres them until all the iso is out and then i et it dry and scrap it out...what exactly is that thing i am making?its very effective when i vape it...am i doing something wrong?
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  2. matthend

    matthend Well-Known Member

    dump your herbs into a first jar through a stainless steel screen first to get them out of the iso as soon as possible after the shake. Then pour the contents of jar one through a coffee filter into jar 2. this is jmho from VERY limited experience
  3. Edward Hyde

    Edward Hyde Well-Known Member

    after the sake i use the coffee filter right away (no steel screen and then i dont put it to another jar i put it in some plate so that i can scrape it off when the iso evaporates...i dont understand completely what u mean by that: dump your herbs into a first jar through a stainless steel screen first to get them out of the iso as soon as possible after the shake. probably u mean i shouldnt squeez the buds at all after i shake them in the iso?also i dont know what jmho is?[/quote]
  4. FrogBoy138

    FrogBoy138 Well-Known Member


    You got it but like you said don't squeeze on the first time (run) only on the 2ed time.
  5. smokum

    smokum I am who I am and your approval isn't needed!

    I agree.... the less contact with the solvent the better. I use a stainless steel kitchen colander for first drain, then move onto the coffee filters into another jar or my purge pyrex. Then I'll take my pyrex and place it over a double boiler, purge off the ISO until near dry/hard (you can smell the point of difference when it starts smelling like hash), and remove it from the heat and let it air purge until dry (usually the amount of time it takes to clean up and put away your double boiler), and scrape away.

    Also of note, I don't shake the shit out of the mix... I prefer to 'swish' it for 20-30 seconds and then dump it. There are better/cleaner results if you put your herb and ISO in the freezer for at least 6 hrs and reduce the swish to max 20 seconds.

    I've graduated to vac purging to ensure all the iso is out (same with bho process), first started with a hand vac (automotive brake bleeder pump) and a mason jar taped up with clear shipping tape (just in case !), and recently moved on to an electric vac pump and a proper vac chamber. The difference in texture, cleanliness of end product, and taste is phenomenal.
  6. Edward Hyde

    Edward Hyde Well-Known Member

    sorry for the newbie question but what is the vac pump and vac chamber?i dont boil or heat it up...i just leave it in a well ventilated room for 24-48 hours until its completely dry...i am not trying to make the best wax or oil or w/e i am trying to make something that i will be able to use in some concentrate vaporizer like the ophos for example without having it clogged everytime i use it because of plant material in my wax/concentrate. my intention is to have some concentrate and a concentrate vaporizer just to be able to use something more like a pen e-cig for some situation during my weekly liabilities... and i read it can produce up to 400 hits with 1 g so it looks like something i definately need now that i quit combustion completely so in some situations i need so vapor fast,undercover + i need something that i will be able to take just 4-5 hits without having to preheat it too long etc...

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