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Quick Chocolate Bites and AVB Caps

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by UnevenPizza, May 18, 2018.

  1. UnevenPizza

    UnevenPizza I dream of Pizza

    Mount Improbable
    Hey FC,

    I'm experimenting with AVB at the moment, and thought I'd post some of my thoughts in the hope it may help inspire or help others.

    I don't (yet) have a slow cooker and couldn't be arsed to find a mason jar and tend to it for several hours, so I just let the AVB simmer in some Coconut oil for about 15 minutes.
    Any longer and I fear it'd burn.
    I made some caps the other day and after a few minutes it stunk, burnt. I made strained the oil but ended up putting both the plant matter and oil into each cap. My thinking was that since they only "infused" the oil for about 6 minutes, anything else would still be "in" the avb/plant matter.

    The light ones, like the one on the bottom left are "infused" oil only, the dark ones have AVB + oil

    I let them cool in the fridge for about an hour before trying 4 of them, 2 with only oil and two with plant matter+oil.

    I definitely noticed an effect, like having a chill vape session at a low temp.

    And it lasted all night, I woke up and was still pretty buzzed! Lasted until I ate lunch and started moving around town.

    Took 5 caps today and about 90 minutes later got a pleasant buzz, with random giggles.

    I also made some "chocolate bites" today in an Ice cube tray.

    "Infused" a few tbsp of coconut oil with about 2g of AVB for 10-15 minutes in a small pan.
    Then strained it and threw out the AVB (with a heavy heart).
    After that, melt just regular chocolate in the pan and mix in the oil from before.
    I added some Soy lecithin, about 1 tbsp at this point, not sure if this was right or I should do this before, when I'm Infusing the oil, but I think as long as it's in the final mix I should be good.

    After everything was melted/mixed, I poured it into some silicone (flexible) ice cub tray and plopped it in the freezer for about an hour.

    Here are the first 2 I tried:


    I may try to make some more tomorrow, this time I want to try adding a Peanut butter center and maybe some coconut as a topping.

    It's been two hours since I ate these, and 2 1/2 hrs since I had the 5 caps, and I'm definitely baked.

    Has anyone else tried this kind of "short" infusion?
  2. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    I prefer longer infusions so that i can extract everything from the ABV and then discard the plant matter and have a pure coconut infused oil.
    You can use it as a balm, eat it raw or cook with it.
    I have also recently started to water cure my ABV to remove the foul taste!
    Fill up a mason jar with ABV and then top off with water. Shake every few hours and change the water when discolored. When the water runs a very light yellow, drain and squeeze all the water from the ABV.

    Instead of buying a crock pot, look into sauce pots. It's like a small crock pot but it only simmers, so it is perfect for out needs. Add the slightly damp ABV to the pot and just barely cover with coconut oil, cover and forget about it for a few hours. Stir every few hours and turn off overnight.
    Do this for a week if you can or at least 2 days, the longer you cook it for the better it is.
    Once done, strain through cheesecloth and squeeze all the oil from the ABV, use gloves for this.
    The oil should be a nice green color and not the nasty dark stuff with uncured ABV.
    It tastes great alone and makes brownies taste amazing!!

    ABV has so many uses!
    Looking forward to your next adventure!

    PS- I have a large protein powder container FULL of ABV...
  3. UnevenPizza

    UnevenPizza I dream of Pizza

    Mount Improbable
    I recently tried some Caps without any oil, it worked reasonably well. Going that route, you'd just need to eat something with a high fat content to help with absorbtion.

    A few times I've used a Food Processer (Like the 'nutribullet') to grind everything up into a manageable consistency.
    I dump 2-3 tbsp AVB in, 1-2 cups chocolate milk, 1tbsp soy lecithin, and if I feel like it 1-2 tbsp of melted butter (coconut oil would be preferred but didn't have any on hand).

    Blend blend blend, and you get yourself a fairly OK tasting drink. There will still be some particles, but they won't make you choke as if they're not ground up at all.

    I still haven't gotten around to tying to water cure or simmer in oil/sauce pots, maybe next time! Thanks for the idea!

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