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Questions about using classifieds

Discussion in 'ABV' started by OkTree, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. OkTree

    OkTree Member

    Hi FC,

    I was wondering what the community thinks of people that join the site, get their 50 days/50 post/15 likes and then sell one item and peace out?

    I was recommended the site to use to sell, though I did not know that membership was required.

    While I am ready to contribute to the site for 50 worthwhile posts and stay active for 50 days, I don't want to find myself in a situation where the culture of the forum frowns upon those that do just the bare minimum to sell a piece in the classifieds.

    I guess this is a question more directed towards the culture of the forum overall.

    Regardless, I look forward to your replies!
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  2. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    I think you are looking at it the wrong way. To me, the 50 posts/50days/15likes prevent the people who just come to the forum to sell stuff.

    If you just want to sell and not really contribute to the forum, you can use other websites for such sale.

    The classifieds are for forum members. I frown upon the people who just do the bare minimum since many may just be trying to make easy money. It might not be your case, and i understand you are not too much concerned about that..

    But, to me, i prefer to sell and to buy from people i know well. Being an active member of the forum helps filter the charlatans.

    Besides, many people would just try to achieve the 50 posts with meaningless replys, the 50 days helps with that. But adding the 15 likes is genius, since people won't like unhelpfull posts usually.

    If you like FC, stay, post and eventually sell your pieces. If not, there are other, more seller friendly sites and forums. But if you just want the bare minimum, sell, and leave.. i would rather not allow you to sell at all.
  3. max

    max Out to lunch

    Not surprised. Where else can you sell these types of products on-line, for free? Sure we've had people register for no other reason than to sell something. We've also caught a member or two selling multiple items, on a ongoing basis, for profit (which is against the selling rules). Since the Classified section is a service for contributing members, we're always on the lookout for those who just want to use the forum to sell something. The latest addition to the requirements, 15 likes, was actually the lowest number we considered, and was kept low for those who may have trouble making posts that others feel are worthy of a like. If we think someone is making BS posts, just to get the necessary 15 likes, as some have done with the 50 posts requirement, we reserve the right to change the rules for that person. Some people are always going to go for the shortcuts or loopholes when there's an advantage to be gained.

    We know we can't stop people from selling, then leaving, after meeting the requirements to sell. All we can do is force them to work for the privilege. If your posts are good ones then nobody is going to call you out. If you decide to leave the forum for good after selling your item, well everyone leaves a forum at some point. Forums have, by nature, a fairly transient membership. A certain number of people will adopt the forum as a hang out, if the topic interests them, and the forum is active and has enough good off topic posting. This one has been a success. A lot of forums never really get off the ground.

    Personally I'd rather see someone make good quality posts, meet the selling requirements, and leave after the sale, than have some lazy person register and pump knowledgeable members on and on for info instead of doing the necessary reading in the threads, then leave after they've sucked out all the info they need to make a vape choice. That type of member contributes absolutely nothing and often leaves without even a thanks to those who fed them all the info. We'll also cut off an 'Ask FC' thread where this is happening, and send the person to the threads to finish their research.

    Make your posts and meet the requirements. You're certainly capable of being a contributor instead of a user. No one will judge your motives, just your posts. If you decide to leave early, you'll just be one of many who do so. If you decide to hang around, even intermittantly, you'll be welcome as long as you follow the rules.
  4. OkTree

    OkTree Member

    Fantastic replies, obviously this is a strong community (just from the 2 replies I've seen within 24 hours)

    I understand why there are minimum req's for selling. I personally am in a boat where I am in a way transitioning myself out of the tree community. Not for any reason besides the fact that I have other interests I would like to pursue before one such as this.

    I have also never been one to post that much, my status on forums and other related sites (reddit) have been mostly a "lurker" status, so I suppose my contribution to this online community will be a good way for me to get used to doing so!

    Thanks for the answers, they definitely answered my question. I hope my "bare minimum" will still contribute to the site in a way that you guys won't view as seedy or lackluster!
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