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Question on nails

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by swagpenguin, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. swagpenguin

    swagpenguin New Member

    First let me start off by saying I am not trying to start anything. I am just curious and want your guys perspective on the issue.

    I really like the dab essentials domeless nail. http://www.dabessentials.com/

    But the price tag seems a little steep to merit purchasing one. However, while browsing around I found this one nail called the dabhard nail I believe. I guess it's essentially a knockoff, but for a just cause. (or so it seems) The guy repping them was saying that he believed dabessentials was marking up their product way to much, and at $160 for their 18mm domeless, I can see how that could be true. So they make a nail very similar to the dabessentials nail that is still grade 2 titanium for $60 bucks.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I am all for paying for something if it is worth it, but my question is, is it worth it? And I'm speaking purely on a health, functionality, and risk of breaking my piece perspective, not the "oh you should buy the dabessentials nail because infringing on a patent blah blah blah." Yeah, I agree it's wrong to do that, but competition is what drives the price to a fair value.

    So guys input?

    P.S. The nail I've been dabbing off of was sold with a nice bubbler and dome for 120 bucks if I remember. The bubbler was worth around 60 - 70, so that really makes me question what I'm smoking on now.
  2. NickM

    NickM New Member


    The HE nail is very good, but you'd be better off with the Omni Nail. If anything get the infinity if you don't get the Omni but why would you for this price. MSRP is 165 and you get get it for 110$. Check out my thread if your interested.
  3. kingtut106

    kingtut106 Active Member

    Check out the highly educated flux nails they are my favorite and a good price
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