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question for wax pen users

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by darbarikanada, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. darbarikanada

    darbarikanada Well-Known Member

    I love the idea of wax pens, esp. models that have ceramic or quartz bowls (not exposed coils); they're discreet, look cool, work fast, etc. I've only tried wax 5x, using a vapcap and mighty. the vapcap experience was so-so (too hot), probably would improve with practice. the mighty, using the liquid pad, was great: cool, tasty vapor; the only (very small) issue seemed to be that if I loaded more than .03g, the bowl got pretty dirty.

    from what I can tell from reading + watching reviews, even a quartz bowl pen like the kandy crystal or ceramic bowl pen like the hypnos zero will create noticeably hotter vapor than my mighty, probably due to the short vapor path (I'd be using it out and about, so water isn't an option).

    the question: are wax pens, even with quartz/ceramic bowls, pretty much always going to make hotter vapor than my mighty?

    btw: I know that mod-based devices like the sai are hugely popular, but I want low-temp, tasty vapor, not big dab-like rips - I'd rather take 4 cool 'sips' than a giant lung-buster.

    thanks for any thoughts. ideally I'd like to hear from mighty owners who've used quartz/ceramic bowl pens.

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