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Quanity Vs. Quality

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by Cuthbert J Twillie, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. I'd like to share an ongoing debate between my oldest daughter and I.
    I claim every weed strain has a ceiling (i.e. you can only get as high as weed strain z will take you and quantity ingested is irrelevant past the point of the strain's capacity).

    My daughter contends the experience is more like alcohol, the more you take in the higher you get.
    I say any given strain has a max point of highness and once that point is hit more herb is futile.

    Does anyone know if there is a study on this or any data?

    I'm curious about your experiences, which side do you come down on?
  2. KennyPowers

    KennyPowers Well-Known Member

    Garbage in garbage out.
    Low grade stuff will only take you so far.
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  3. Kenny, you can bet your mullet and gold chain I'm talking all strains.
    Yes Thai-stick will get you higher than $15 dollar/oz Mexican (to use 70's points of reference) but that is not what I'm saying.

    I'm saying x grams of Thai-stick will get you to the ultimate high that strain can deliver and after that point ingesting more will make no difference.

    OG Kush has a ceiling.
    Ghost Train Haze has a ceiling.
    The strain is the issue (imo) not the quanitity.

    That's the point I'm trying to uncover.
    Does that make it any clearer?
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  4. Skyscraper

    Skyscraper Well-Known Member

    I've generally heard that many landrace sativas from different regions have little to no ceiling effect.. To the point where they see shadow people or other hallucinations. Most strains available today have a pretty noticeable ceiling effect where you can maintain a buzz, but won't get much higher.
  5. Chicken Charlie

    Chicken Charlie MicroDose Cognoscente

    Isle of Misfit Toys
    I believe that you are correct in your supposition given the neuroscience particular to the cannabinoid receptor system...(but) in deference to the grown-ups amongst I'll leave it to them to answer in a more definitive manner.
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  6. Still couldn't hallucinations be under the strain's ceiling?
    I'm not disputing your point.
    Is there any source material on this?

    Philosophically my point could explain why there are no attributable cannabis deaths.
  7. I don't know Chuck, that sounds like a mature response.
    May I ask your data source?
  8. KennyPowers

    KennyPowers Well-Known Member

    You can smoke the peace pipe till your dick falls off, but I'm not dancin with any wolves no matter how high I get.

    Cuthbert I understood your OP, I thought my position was clear that a ceiling exists.
  9. bobbylite

    bobbylite Well-Known Member

    I agree with you Cuthbert

    Hence the reason you can't OD

    You only going to get so high
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  10. VapourHaze

    VapourHaze Rexcornish on IG, Vaping since '02

    I remember reading some information from DJ short discussing the ceiling. He believes there are strains with no ceilings. i believe generally the exotic tropical landraces. I also understand he breeds largely for effect and quality of high .. having no ceiling as a desirable quality.
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  11. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I think that you become used to a particular strain after a while. I used to buy whole ounces from my black market friend before dispensary days and when I smoked a pipe and joints. Towards the end of the ounce I felt like I didn't get as stoned. Sometimes I would be disappointed if I ended up with the same strain again. I would never know the names. I would get whatever my friend had, there were never any choices.

    I love knowing the names of what I'm getting. I like having a variety of strains - like several - a few grams each. You save so much money on cannabis using a vaporizer.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2016
  12. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    I agree with the OP. eventually you only get so high and the rest is just a waste.
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  13. Skyscraper

    Skyscraper Well-Known Member

    Right on, gino

    I agree with you and OP.. Somebody posted a picture on here of some insane African bud that would look like "homegrown" to some kids these days but I have a feeling it was actually the good, good shit..

    My point is there are probably several factors to the high we experience.
    @Cuthbert J Twillie identified one: strain.
    I think how you smoke/vape affects the ceiling too. Some guys I know take puffs through out the day. When you do that it seems to let the effect build over time.
    When you have a nice session and your receptors get saturated, I think there may be some kind of receptor downtime.. Obviously this is a guess, not even hypothesis. I suspect that the body uses some minerals+water to process the actives..and a repair needs to happen before getting that strong effect again.

    If this discussion keeps moving, maybe @luchiano would have some ideas on this?
  14. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Sounds like you were from my part of town...

    I completely agree, end of those ounces were disappointing!

    Changing up the strains is the way to go...
  15. Derrrpp

    Derrrpp For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky

    Based on my own experience, I tend to agree with the idea of a ceiling where you won't get any higher. However I'm wondering now if it's not a ceiling so much as a point of diminishing returns. You can keep vaping but at a certain point it's not worth it to consume more and more while getting less and less effects-wise.

  16. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    I was just going to post that I thought for top shelf bud, it is diminishing returns. After a certain point it's not a ceiling but with continued vaping a lot more bud only gets you slightly higher
  17. That's cool Kenny, I honestly missed that.

    Let me put it this way (and I hate sounding like a grab-ass juvenile (I'm over 60)), can you remember a time when you (shall we say) achieved nirvana?

    Reflecting back, was it the quantity ingested or the strain that blew your candle out?

    To put a finer point on it, on the morning after the night before (regarding a session) I've never heard anyone upon waking say," Whoa I had too much last night."
    But that statement may be tangential.
  18. KennyPowers

    KennyPowers Well-Known Member

    One time I blacked out and when I came to the sun was rising and someone was handing me mushrooms.
    I was really drunk before I smoked so it was the combination that did me in.

    Other than that, no. It's never my candle that ends up getting blown.
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  19. BeardedCrow

    BeardedCrow Well-Known Member

    I agree, when I keep dabbing, i eventually sober up and get sleepy.
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  20. Danksta

    Danksta Well-Known Member

    I believe in the ceiling effect. It happens to me no matter how I medicate. Smoke, Vape, Eat, they all have different ceilings. At the end of the day weed will only get you so high. The first high is IMO the most enjoyable and I think most of us try to chase that. I recently decided to wait to medicate until the evenings even during weekends. I can maintain a high for 6hrs, but after that I truly think I dab myself sober. Every strain has a ceiling. Once you realize you can't get higher you will start using less and saving money.
  21. archangelz001

    archangelz001 FIRE!!

    Bay Area
    When you microdose, like I do, the ceiling is very very "high." For me Sativas are stimulating. The more I vape the higher I get. With Indicas, the more I vape the sleepier I get. Keep your tolerance under control and you will only occasionally hit the ceiling. When you ingest large amounts of THC you actually disable CB1 receptors in the brain and paradoxically keep yourself from getting high. With Cannabis less really is more.
  22. tepictoton

    tepictoton Well-Known Member

    a funny place called earth
    I would have agreed on the ceiling thing...

    then dabs came along...

    With dabs the ceiling is reached when one closes his/her eyes and goes for a little sleepy time hihi...?

    Please do not get me wrong, I enjoy very small dabs from time to time, and have had ┬┤hellish potato head red bells twinkling stars┬┤ rides taking dabs that where just a bit to big for me.

    With flowers a ceiling might be reached, but that ceiling in my experience is different with every strain...switching from time to time is what keeps your medicine interesting and effective.
  23. HomeFree

    HomeFree Well-Known Member

    I get that from every strain I have used. The only way I have found to raise the ceiling is hit it hard and fast right off the bat. But I do notice a different ceiling with some strains, even though all of them get like that.

    As you increase your amount, each increase in the same quantity is a lower percentage of what you have used up to that point. It is good to be conservative. So from .1 gr to .2 gr is +100%, .2-.3 = +50%, .3-.4 = +33%, and so on.

    It seems like once I am saturated I am saturated or once I have felt the effect the rest are not going to be as strong for the day. I try to only use it once a night personally, but if I could use it during the day I probably would. When I used to use it all day first thing in the morning is best, and I do that from time to time on weekends - go outside and watch the sun rise with my vape.
  24. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    And then you are Home Free!
    Nice note.
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  25. ilikesnacks

    ilikesnacks Well-Known Member

    interesting thread!

    i believe in ceilings, but i think that while they have to do with the bud they also have to do with you. i find that i build up a tolerance to certain strains or that when trying a new strain i'll get more wrecked off it than i will subsequently. personally i find that if i roll up a 3g joint i'm about as high as i'm going to get half way through and smoking the rest is just for indulgence sake. although i would love to cop some of this dj short ceiling-less weed.

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