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Put your Vap one section at a time

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by sanyasboy, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. sanyasboy

    sanyasboy New Member

    Newbe here, after 40 years of joints an past 14 years spliffs. Now I have a vaporizer. I have made costly mistakes because I didn’t know the Items and how to call them out.

    Had the heaviest most gorgeous hand held, I didn’t know It didn’t come apart so they gave me the $75,, back.

    I just got a Gravity sensitive vap $89 kit and a'm getting a Yocan 94f to top it off. I have a few things C atomizers ,Cloud(to small one good puff it's ova.)

    However this Yocan looks much bigger. Got a 18650 an charger that’s why I got the vap.couldent find another 15W unit.

    Where am I? Not far in the hole but learning a new way to smoke.... I feel beta in the AM. Got a vap-pipe , Am In the right direction with the herb cooker 94f haven’t ordered it yet but I haven seen one other like it the Boom Is pricy with my currant investments ,Like it. For my first time ?

  2. Skeena

    Skeena Standing stone faced like a statue.

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