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PSA: ODSP will buy you a new quality vaporizer

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by mikek9, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. mikek9

    mikek9 Vapor Enthusiast

    Hey guys,

    So I recently found out that ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program for any unfamiliar with the abbreviation) has special funding for medical cannabis users to purchase vaporizers to consume their medicine. You don't even have to prove you have legal medical cannabis authorization either. You just need a special form filled out by your doctor where they just write cannabis vaporizer under other and sign and date it. They also get paid to fill that form out so there is no fee from your doctor as the form itself has a medical billing code. Also you need an accompanying note that just says "my patient can only consume cannabis with a vaporizer" and you should be good to go. They don't want to pay for it if you can consume say the oils instead. To my doctor and me, oils are just not consistently accessible enough at the moment and for chronic pain management where edible cannabis is highly recommended, you still will need to vaporize here and there for your breakthrough pain so a vaporizer is still a medical necessity in my eyes.

    I could not find out specifically which models they cover, but we came to an agreed upon assumption that the funding will likely only be applicable to Health Canada approved medical devices which the only two that exist are the Vapormed Volcano Medic and the Vapormed Mighty Medic which are both Storm & Bickel products made in Germany. However, they seemed to have separated their medically approved devices from the rest of their products by using a different name, Vapormed.

    Anyway, I am waiting for approval for my own and will update you guys on how that works. I am going for the Mighty Medic as I need an effective portable option. I might ask though if they will pay for a home use device like the Volcano Medic (which I have already bought and sold almost 2 years ago as I was never quite properly medicated with it using low amounts and so I just sold it). However, if my tax dollars are paying for it, I'll try to get both covered.

    I just posted this quick before getting ready to head out. I got a call from them while in the shower and I have a feeling it is about my request for funding for the vaporizer.

    My biggest point to make out of all this is how come the government run disability program, which already covers the cost of medications (both generic and even brand name when no generic is available yet due to patent reasons) as well as minor coverage for dental care including cleanings and etc to help maintain your oral health, won't pay for my doctor prescribed and federally legal medical cannabis? The only government run facility that pays for cannabis is VAC, better known as Veterans Affairs Canada. However, I don't want to compare my disability to that of a military veteran as I don't feel it would be fair as I never sacrificed my life and now mental health in defence of our country and I sort of feel they deserve a little bit more inclusive disability benefits than the average citizen. Even though they just recently announced a reduction in coverage to 3 grams/day at a max cost of $8.50/gram without further approval. That doesn't mean they won't approve the 10g/day you were using before, but t has to be approved and likely properly justified.

    What I am hoping though is the fact the government run disability program is paying for medical cannabis consumption equipment that they are possibly getting closer to actually paying for the consumable itself, the cannabis. This would be of such a significant help to me.

    Lastly, consider asking your private insurance about vaporizer coverage even if they are not paying for medical cannabis. Which is similarly the case for me.

    EDIT 2:
    So I got in touch with them and it was about needing proof that I have the federal authorization to use medical cannabis and they said they would take my LP card. Also bad news about the coverage, it is just limited to $300 maximum right now. I said well the only ones actually approved for cannabinoid consumption by Health Canada are the Medic line so anything else is technically unproven in their ability to medicate me effectively. However, she said the program is new and possibly might change in the future to include those devices. Anyway, that's the deal with getting a vaporizer through ODSP.
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  2. Fat Freddy

    Fat Freddy FUCK CANCER TOO !

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  3. mikek9

    mikek9 Vapor Enthusiast

    So I went with the Mighty and got my coverage approved which was great. Got the full $300 sent to me so I could make the purchase. They wanted me to buy it first and then send a receipt, but I was not about to go that route and then be denied after it has been bought and used. I was successful in arguing my case for needing the funds prior to purchase and finally received them which I immediate logged into Tweed and bought the Mighty for their discounted price of $375 for registered patients.

    The Mighty is beyond impressive in terms of vapor density and even flavour. The Medic's dosing capsules make use even easier when it comes to loading and unloading, especially mid session or while on the go. They are definitely more flimsy than I hoped and won't last long, thankfully they are pretty cheap in bulk from S & B directly. The filling system is just so well designed and practical I just ooze German engineering envy each time I think about it or use it. I'll post pics when I get around to it uploading them to Imgur.

    I'm not sure if it is the efficiency or the fact it's direct draw and the delivery is so immediate, but it seems to get me to a place of comfort with less material and faster than with my bag full desktop. I suspect this is just the latter and just because it's so immediate you get your rips in quicker. As in a 0.2g in my desktop will take 2 bags to kill and each bag is two big draws. With the portable I can take those 4 draws one after the other with no waiting so I think this seems to spike the concentrations in my bloodstream a little higher or just simply faster than before. Anyway, it has worked so well so far. I packed a 0.6g in three dosing capsules and that was intended for one evening, but so far has lasted 2 only using one cap a night since I got what I needed with only one. I still have a 3rd capsule today and it's ready and waiting to go. Very impressed.

    Things to note:

    the Medic version does have a maximum temp or 410F like the regular version, but it does NOT have a boost mode available as some users speculated it might. The bowl size is a bit small as I can sometimes require 0.8-1.2g single doses and this doesn't accommodate that other than with 6 individual capsules and being used one at a time. This is where my desktop will come into play as there is no vape out there that can hold up to 5-6g like the herbalaire can.

    Also, the taste is no better than the taste through my desktop's bag fill option.

    It feels really solid and well crafted.

    The cooling unit at the top is going to be a pain. Already after 2 uses of 0.2g each at only 365 it is a little gunked up with resin from the condensed vapour. I feel like I might need to have at least 2 tops/cooling units so I always have a nice and dry one ready for use. They are probably not cheap either knowing S & B.

    The unit seems to stand pretty well on its own which is nice for when you are done and want to place it on a surface that could be damaged by excess heat. However a slight bump would change that or even the vibrations it makes here and there might be enough to tip it over. Might look into options here for some 3rd party stands.
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  4. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
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  5. sink ink

    sink ink New Member

    I am on odsp I am also the one who got them to approve medical vaporizers in October of 2016.

    Here is some info that might help you out I was approved for the volcano Vaporizer that cost over $900 with bags and attachment

    The reason I got more than $300 as your worker has quoted you is I was approved for a medical device the $300 is part of their stop-smoking program where anyone on ODSP not just medical marijuana smokers but cigarette smokers included can apply and be given up to $300 for a vaporizer to see smoking but when your doctor prescribes you a vaporizer it is no longer just part of an anti-smoking campaign but it is considered a medical device there are only two vaporizers on the market that have health Canada's din number of approval making them medical devices either the mighty medic handheld vaporizer or the volcano

    Now when your doctor fills out the medical Necessities form for a vaporizer he is letting them know that you need a medical device and since only the two are Health Canada approved your worker legally has to approve one or the other

    If they deny a higher amount simply send a letter stating you on it reviewed and use me as your example stating ODSP is already approved it for other people. And don't forget to State the fact that your doctor said you need a medical device and there are only two that are approved for medical use in Canada for a reason the $300 ones are not as adequate if they still try to deny it compare it to a person needing oxygen mask to sleep at night being told to buy a fish tank pump because it pumps oxygen the same way And tell them you will call the onatrio ombudmen office if they refuse again
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  6. herbalaire

    herbalaire Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    Glad to announce that herbalAire Vaporizer's H3 is now covered under ODSP!!
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  7. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    You may want to try to get the miniVAP approved as only it and the Volcano are tested/approved as safe by Leiden Univ for healthy vaping.
    -- miniVAP is pricey but it can be an awesome portable with longest battery life of any vape AND a great desktop with the optional tiny AC adapter, 3 seconds to switch modes.
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