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Prototype Showercap Hydratube by Swagger Glass

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by dirtpie, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. dirtpie

    dirtpie Well-Known Member

    Good evening FC! I am re listing one of the first Showercap HydraTubes (HT) made by SwaggerGlass. This particular prototype was made by the glass blower Trainwreck under the supervision of Dawnk (creator of the showercap) before he left Swagger, and has a straight neck to it. Since this is a prototype they used some tubing that had some air bubbles in it and a scratch. During the creation of this tube the air bubbles and scratch got stretched creating a mark on the tube (I've included a photo of the mark). It is only cosmetic and does not affect the structure or function of the glass in any way. I knowingly received the HT this way.

    Only reason why I'm selling this is to get some extra funds for my upcoming wedding. I want to make the day as special as I can for my soon to be Mrs. The HT takes an insanely small amount of water, fires evenly, preserves taste, and provides maximum diffusion.

    An updated date picture:


    Picture of the Flaw:


    Full Disclosure: Since I first listed this hydratube it has been dropped from it's storage shelve onto the hardwood floor. There is a very small nick towards the bottom of the tube. I was not able to get a pictue of it. You can feel it when you rub your finger around it.

    Price is $200 including Priority Shipping via USPS within the US. International buyers please message me to work out a shipping price. I accept Paypal (fees on buyer), Postal Money Orders, and Certified Checks. I will ship double boxed and bombproof within 24 hours of receiving payment. If paying by Paypal this means when the funds clear into my bank account which takes 3-5 business days after transferring the payment from Paypal.

    I am also willing to consider partial trades and/or trades for quality pen vaporizers that work for concentrates, or herbs if it's a quality product. Willing to also accept a 14mm male to 18mm female adapter as partial payment as well.

    Feel free to message me with any questions.

    Let my special day be your chance to own a special HT!
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