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Priming silica wick with e-juice for dabbing in MIG sub herb?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Longbones, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Longbones

    Longbones Well-Known Member

    Hey all. The title looks kind of complicated, but it's a fairly simple question.

    The mig vapor device is basically just a ceramic cup with covered coils and a dome on top. There are small holes for airflow around the edge of the bottom of the ceramic cup. To dab in it, you coil a thin silica wick in the bottom of the cup, put dabs on top, and set to work.

    My question is whether I can safely soak this wick lightly in e-juice or vegetable glycerin first, then put the dabs on top. This would help prevent too much dry burning of the wick, and would maybe even open up organic cotton for use (yay!). I know it's possible to make concentrate infused e-juice, but that's a project for another time as far as I'm concerned. Already tinkering plenty!

    I feel like concentrate tends to come off at higher voltages/wattages than ejuice in the same tank, but again, this would be more for peace of mind and ease of vaping process. All input appreciated!

    Cheers, and it's nice to be back on FC!!

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