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Primary Doctor Won't Sign My Medical Marijuana Recommendation

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by Crohnie, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Tickdickler

    Tickdickler Well-Known Member

    North East U.S.

    I live in a crap medical state. Like one where you can only get a card if you are basically dying. I had some serious surgeries and I went through opiate withdrawal that got me involuntary locked up in a mental health care facility for nearly 2 weeks because they thought I had something wrong with me and they saw the THC use in my system. The ER lied to me and said they could get me a medical card just to toss me out of there. I'm now court ordered to take some horrible meds which I'm slowly being taken off of. I've made a lot of progress on taking less meds but the doctors can't just take me off because I could get seizures. I'm on 2 shitty meds. One is a low dose and I'm almost off it and the other is still pretty high. I told my latest doctor I've lived a normal without weed or meds and hes working with me to get off them over the next few weeks. Its been rough. So I'm basically getting tested all the time because of this out patient program I'm forced to partake in. I've missed almost 5 weeks of work and I will probably miss 2 more. I'm applying for temporary disability which is a pain in the ass in this state. I hate this state that I will not mention for privacy reasons. But its in the North East U.S. you can probably guess which one. We have a infamous governor.

    As for the break, even though its forced I'm having a good time, I'm much more productive now. The weird dream phase is finally over and I feel pretty normal again. I stopped daily use around January 15th. I had my surgeries the beginning of February all at once and couldn't vape for 2 weeks after. So I took a couple puffs around the 14-15th of Feb. then the court stuff happened when I got out of in patient.

    In conclusion, be careful what you do and say in a ER or just try to avoid the ER entirely if you are in a crap state and you have THC in your system because they will treat you like a junky.
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  2. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Holy shit how did I miss so much of this thread! I'll be back to fully respond to all of it soon!
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  3. Hashtag46&2

    Hashtag46&2 Trichome Technician

    7th Floor
    Amazing Update!!!!!!
    Hashtag just woke up!

    Soooo, after the 4 weeks of the wean......

    I have been scared to death for the last 6 Months, as I've said I've been in Chronic Pain basically my whole life....

    Turns out, I thought I was so upset because I assumed ..

    Never thought this would happen....

    I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!

    Confusing eh?

    God I was incredibly confused myself.

    I'm still in plenty of pain, but I feel THE BEST I've ever felt in my entire life!

    My mind was blown away, the large majority of the last four weeks, I felt horrible,sick, diarrhea.. I lost I think 20lbs in a month!!

    I barely slept at all for the last 30 ish days, yet for some reason I was feeling happier, and happier, and happier and HAPPIER...
    Still in pain , but astonishingly HAPPY!!!

    I NOW FEEL LIKE A WHOLE NEW Person!! Happier than I have EVER been.

    I will still be updating here....

    Ever since my Hip Surgery I thought I needed the dose I was on ...

    Nope , this is the best thing that has ever happened, and here I was sooooooo scared, confused, very upset about having to see another doc..

    I've never felt so good, and I'm still trying to figure things out .....

    If there is one thing I can think of to share with everyone else that are in my situation....

    If you are scared... See a Doc, and just be honest with yourself!!

    Myself and my Wife are extremely happy again!!

    I feel like I'm old self again!
    When I thought I was "normal " I feel like I'm coming out of the proverbial "Fog"

    Thank you EVERYONE...

    I can't even put into words how grateful I am to havea new doctor.

    Turns out her words...

    "I think you're on a little too high of a dose"

    Those words frightened me like a Horror Story..

    I chose to embrace said words..

    Applied it to everything.
    Now, I once thought I was locked into a "Pharma Prison "

    I don't feel that any longer.

    I almost feel like I can return to work?!?!?


    I'm so confused and happy. Still trying to make sense of it all.

    Thank you FC!

    This once broken man. ... Now has his confidence back, my love for my Wife has never been so strong... What the Hell is going on?!?!?

    I went from hating the "Medical System" to embracing it..
    In 4 weeks!!!!!!

    I gave that new doctor a strong hug, told her I loved her...
    It felt so good!!!

    This is why I think using this as a "journal" is a great idea, hopefully anyone else in this position reads this.

    I know it's scary .... But if you just honest with yourself , you will feel better.

    Turns out my new Doctor I was so fuckin scared of, is AMAZING.
  4. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    If you've been feeling bad for what seems like forever, it does feel strange to get healthy. It happened to me about a month ago, I did some immunotherapy and felt well for a few days. I had no idea what to do.
  5. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Brother I'm so glad to hear of your success! It sounds like it has been great for you :D

    You got the fixings for great medicine at your fingertips my friend and now it sounds like you'll be more capable than ever to bring the best resin that our favorite plant has to offer :D

    Couldn't be happier for you and look forward to hearing of your continued progress!
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  6. weenstoned

    weenstoned Well-Known Member

  7. kushkush

    kushkush Well-Known Member

    This whole thread has been like reading a Novel. Great stuff. With a happy ending. Ending??? But I didn't want it to end. (Sob-Sob)
  8. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    HI guys - I'm a bit shy about sharing much as I just have simple neuropathy in my lumbar from an injury and subsequent surgery 8 years ago and a cervical spine that looks like 20 miles of bad road. Compared to the chemo, epilepsy, crohn's, etc, I'm a very lucky guy. I don't really like feeling good by comparison to others, but I do know that my lot could be much worse.

    Nonetheless, I'm in pain every day. If all I do is lie around, its not too bad. But I insist on living life and I pay a high price for those waterfowl hunting trips and the like. I'm ok with that...its my decision and we only go around once.

    The issue is not really the pain (well, it is but I put up with a lot of it) but the fact that its almost impossible for me to sleep as there are no comfortable positions for my back and I just cat nap Four years ago I took up cannabis again with regularity and smoked it prior to going to sleep. Now I vape, will not smoke. My state is still six months away from the med program being operational so I vape "bags of crap" which is what my friend calls it as no matter what they say it is you don't really know the strain or the contents, or the cleanliness.

    Over the course of the last 8 years, my primary, physiatrist, and neurologist have prescribed me 15 Mg oxycodone (nice addictive drug), Lyrica and Neurontin (the zombie makers), valium/xanax/robaxin, and Ambien (another complete zombie maker). Then when I have an acute attack, its 10 days of Prednisone staring at 60 mg daily (yeah, that's about 3 times the first day doseage in those Medrol packs) tapering down to 20 MG daily. Now that stuff is scorched earth poison.

    They will give me all of this that I want although they now get nervous about narcotics (15-20 years ago the scandal was that patients were under-medicated for pain and that this was negatively impacting outcomes...now our a-hole political class has swung the pendulum back the other way and doc's are running scared...sigh).

    I don't care what they want to give me, I don't take it except when I have an acute attack a couple/few times a year.

    So, four years ago I took up cannabis again with regularity (had my first joint almost 50 years ago) and smoked it prior to going to sleep. Now I vape, will not smoke. My state is still six months away from the med program being operational so I vape "bags of crap" which is what my friend calls it as no matter what they say it is you don't really know the strain or the contents, or the cleanliness.

    In anticipation of the med program opening up, I contacted my primary who I have been with for almost 20 years and asked about getting a cannabis qualification certification. No prescription, just certify that I meet the criteria. She said she wouldn't be participating in the state program.

    Now, this past April, I didn't ask for any refills of the narcs and I have told her that I vape cannabis every night before bed as a healthier alternative. She's fine with it, just doesn't want to be involved. I told her very clearly that there is no logic in her prescribing me oxycodone for the last 8 years and then not be willing to certify that I have chronic pain. I was also very clear, though polite, that I thought this was an abdication of her responsibilities, as a disservice to her patients, and that I was quite willing to go shop for a Doc who would certify me but I terribly resented being forced to go to a cert mill type clinic to get this done.

    I then called the physiatrist's office, this is the guy who did the nerve induction tests, generated a diagnosis of neuropathy, sent me in for the cervical MRI and on the basis of the results prescribed cortisone epidurals. His office said that not only was he not going to participate, he also wouldn't write any prescriptions for pain killers. Just looking out for ole' numero uno.

    My primary came back to me somewhat chasten and said she would give me a referral if I wanted but that she would look into the program some more. I know, and she knows I know, that she rejected me out of hand without even looking into the program, its requirements, and the data on cannabis for pain.

    I'm not particularly enamored of the medical profession who will gladly give me toxins and poisons because they are covered on that but are cowards about participating in a program to provide homeopathic, botanical medication. What a bunch of self-serving a-holes.

    So, I now have all of my MRI films, all of the radiologist reports, all of the Doc's written diagnoses, and I will very soon go shopping for a Doc who will participate and I don't care if they are in it just for the money, just give me the damn cert.

    Gosh...take deep breath. I get so, so very angry about this...I guess writing it out has helped me to get it off my chest as I really don't have anyone to talk to about it.

    Sorry if I bored you with my self-centered story...I just needed to vent badly.

  9. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    I hope you find a Dr that realizes what cannabis is, the world's most versatile medicine , and gives you the needed sign off.
    It is tragic, but this is all too common as most medical professionals know almost nothing about cannabis.

    Your situation is truly bizarre, as they hand out the truly "danger zone" meds like candy but don't dare get involved with med mj.
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  10. OldOyler

    OldOyler Fire it again. I can still find the ground.

    The War Room
    Just replace MY name in your story...

    I live in Maryland, cannot even get a PC in my area who even accepts patients who use it. I was clear I was not asking for a prescription... Um, hello we passed a law...! The three pain mgmt places I have gone to for 20 years, and that is 12 years POST opiates? None are going to participate. When I said cannabis was my current choice?

    "Then there would be no reason for you to need to see us, then."

    Point is, Medical Mafia is scoffing at State Law. And we patients? We are prisoners yet again.

    Peace and mercy, everyone.
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  11. psychonaut

    psychonaut High as fuck

    When I shopped around for a doctor that was open to cannabis, I went to a homeopathic M.D. They exist, and I highly suggest searching them out. These doctors in the clinics that we all have gone to most of our lives are part of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Cannabis is nature, look to a doctor that uses nature for healing. :2c:
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  12. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    Another thing to look for is an integrative (eastern meets western medicine) physician :tup:
  13. Satty

    Satty Member

    St. Marys Ontario
    I feel lucky. I live in Canada where changes are happening. Today I went for a drive to the big city.
    I was resigned again for five grams per day. I decided to use Aurora, they have compassionate pricing also.
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  14. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys - well, I have found the solution which is a clinic nearby that is already starting to certify Maryland Med MJ patients. Now, growers and dispensary licenses are not yet issues (any frakin day now, please) but will be soon. Also, MD and DC are in discussions about DC dispensaries honoring MD patient certifications so people can buy before crops are grown and stores opened.

    So, I am much happier, have complete set of documentation that I collected, and will have an appointment within a week or so to get this process rolling. Thank g_d! LOL

    Finally, someone asked about out of state and:

    The Maryland Medical Cannabis Program allows any out of state residents with a valid U.S. photo ID seeking medical treatment in Maryland to apply for the program and also obtain their medicine at a state operated dispensary.

  15. OldOyler

    OldOyler Fire it again. I can still find the ground.

    The War Room
    Peace everyone,

    Had my final doctor appt for my SSDI review (happens every 7 years or so) - the doctor SS sends me to. Should turn out fine, the re-determination I mean (damaged nerves don't regenerate...).

    The topic of cannabis cert in Maryland has been going SO well that I started and stopped posting twice here, and honestly decided "just because it happened". I would convey some things about discussions about cannabis in Maryland with the doctor who saw me yesterday (yes, on a Sunday!) for my disability review - rarely rainbows and sunshine types as it is.

    I list cannabis as my only medication with both Disability and Medicare, by the way.

    He was sent up from a large teaching hospital in the area, I don't want to be more specific. But one of the larger ones.

    Within five minutes I was asked my medications, he looked down at my chart, oh I see, he said he wished that "there were more patients who chose cannabis given my condition" but immediately (and this is the theme I am trying to convey - the doctors heard something or know something that made them bolt from wanting to be certified) said "but of course, this is Maryland, and the medical community just isn't going to..." and he trailed off shaking his head.

    Later, I brought up how Disability was willing to help me get through the cert process here in Maryland if I needed, I was just waiting to make sure my review went okay. Wow did that get his attention. I think it's because he and I were hitting it off. (I have always believed for disability appts they pick doctors with hardcore b.s. detectors - intense eye contact throughout, and I have wayyyyy too few filters going, the only thing clear ABOUT me is that the truth is a comin'...may not be *accurate* of course, but it'll be the truth)

    "Are you able to obtain it now?" he asked. Yes, like $300 an ounce.

    "You know, your condition gives you protection for possession no matter where you get it from". Yes I know, and I had considered keeping it that way I said.

    He looked at me hard, but his words were extremely calm. "That's a real, real good idea. You don't want the extra attention that list will give you." Okay, I kind of get it I said, like it's official and cops would know if they wanted, but wasn't that part of the actual protection and peace of mind? He shook his head no, and his voice got even quieter and calmer. "I mean *extra* attention. You actually might not even want to mention it to your doctors, like on paperwork at doctors here in Maryland. Just tell SSDI and Medicare." Wowza. I wanted to ask follow-ups, like isn't it all kind of computer connected, etc.?

    He completely changed demeanor, sat up straight, smiled and said "But I can't really talk to you about any of that today, that's off topic, let's continue with your exam...".

    I had no impression that he was a kook, he seemed to genuinely be trying to "help me out" in some way. And honestly? That was probably the tact I was going to take here anyway while I had access to supply.

    Now BIG disclaimer folks, I am a pretty paranoid person in general. Big brother, shadow gov, etc. Two brothers in a field, one is left and one is taken? Frickin' alien harvest! :tinfoil:

    But I got the impression that whatever he was talking about is probably the reason a lot of doctors here have refused to even consider it - maybe a liability issue of some sort, or cops will use it as a free and ready probable cause system, I really don't know. I had searched forums high and low for anything that looked sketchy to people in Maryland when working on certification (I haven't started the process myself), and the only people who I heard say they were feeling something odd were wayyyyy not right in the head on the same said forums...

    So, I hope I don't cause any distress here. Not my intention, and very much not my "thing". But boy, it left an impression on ME, so I wanted to at least share it.

    I suppose to counter *myself* here - if a person finds REGISTRATION = PEACE OF MIND for any reason at all, then THAT is what they should probably do, and simply take my post here with mild interest.


    Peace and good things to all.
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  16. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Hi @OldOyler - I have no idea what your SSID doc was talking about and, I must say, from the oblique and very vague warning he gave I don't think any of us have any idea what he was talking about.

    I would view this differently. SSID and Medicare are Fed programs and cannabis is, and will continue to be for some time, illegal. I would worry more about VA and other Fed agencies than Maryland cops.

    I am pursuing med card in Maryland and my impressions on why Dr are reluctant to participate are:

    1. The state's outreach and physician education is pretty near non-existent and most Dr know nothing about the program or the substance

    2. Part of that outreach and education should be to convey to Dr.s the recent rulings that protect them from Fed law when certifying (NOT prescribing) qualification for cannabis. So, I believe they fear for their licenses, etc

    3. The Fed a-holes are now much more aggressive with physicians on opioid prescriptions further scaring Dr's about any type of pain meds (even though they don't actually prescribe). This is too ridiculous as 15-20 years ago the scandal was that Dr were negatively impacting patient outcomes by under prescribing pain pills. Now the pendulum of our always hysterical and crisis driven policies have swung back in the other direction.

    I don't think MD cops are going to give a flying shit about who's a registered patient for med cannabis. They hardly give a shit about illegal cannabis unless you are a larger operator. This is just an opinion, please take it no more worthy than that.
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  17. OldOyler

    OldOyler Fire it again. I can still find the ground.

    The War Room
    My friend, that was exactly the kind of response in balance that was needed!

    My experience was *bizarre*, way out of the expected for me. It was actually why I finally decided to post it, just so darn odd. I went in with peace and honesty in my heart, it'll be what it'll be kind of thing, and wowza...

    And I SO do NOT want to inject fear into our lives. Your posts, @Baron23 have been encouraging and at least has had my head mildly out of the bunker to look around (also hence following this thread), so keep on encouraging us all!

    I was rid of my fear about cannabis-haters generally years ago - I was (and am) much more afraid of opiates. They wanted for years to put a freaking morphine pump in my body for goodness sake. My terror is of my body being covered in Fentanyl patches AGAIN...so when I *would* have friction with doctors, neighbors, friends - I would just walk away. Nobody is making *me* feel bad about my choice of cannabis anymore.

    I admit the decriminalization part of MML here *has* helped my peace extensively. Sadly I am generally closed-minded to govvie-gov ever doing anything right, or at least without the right reasons being lost - and so honestly seeing your well-earned success and the work that was necessary is the best info folks can be getting.

    Peace and healing to everyone!
  18. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Hi @OldOyler - I have not accomplished anything yet. I have found a Dr who does certs and guides patients through the process as well as educating them on how to use cannabis medically (not really something we need but this is a very valid and needed service for many MMJ patients).

    I was in the hospital last Monday for yet another cardiac cath and am now the owner of a brand new stent. No MI this time, though. So, appt with MJ Doc has been postponed as I have my first follow up with cardiologist tomorrow.

    I will let you know how it goes and if its a great experience, I will be glad to share the clinic name/number with you.

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  19. OldOyler

    OldOyler Fire it again. I can still find the ground.

    The War Room
    Peace everyone,

    I keep forgetting I am actually with "my own people" here in the Medical Discussion threads! The non-beaten among us probably won't laugh...

    @Baron23 , you mean to tell me you are letting your medical issues get in the way of MY getting free information? Sheesh.

    Selfish, selfish...now that you have ALL that extra oxygen, you're just going to use it all on you you you... :shrug:

    I listen to a lot of standup comedy on internet radio, and thought about writing an audio comedy book called "Rules of Mercilessness (Or How to Live Happily With Your Disabled Person)".

    Healing and good things to you!
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  20. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    LOL Reminds me of an old Alcoholic Anonymous A joke: What's an Al-anon slip?.....one moment of compassion! LOL

    (for those who don't know, Al-Anon is the fellowship for family/friends/partners of AA members)
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  21. OldOyler

    OldOyler Fire it again. I can still find the ground.

    The War Room
    Um, it's possible I have heard of them...

    If you ever need to get into their meetings, their secret handshake is a wagging finger...



    (Karma's gonna make me pay for that one I'm pretty sure...)
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  22. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    I got it!! The most beautiful piece of paper I have ever seen. Today I received my certification that I am qualified as a medical patient under Maryland's Medical Cannabis program!

    As some may remember if they read my other post, I was completely deserted by my regular Dr.s. Primary, neurosurgeon, and physiatrist with regard to participating in Maryland's program.

    Well, today I met a wonderful Dr, not a certification mill but just a good Dr who came out of retirement to participate in this program. I like her a lot and:


    Yes, its true that the fucking pyramids were built faster than our over funded crappy Maryland government can stand up a cannabis program. Growers licenses were just issued (phase 1) and by the time final licenses are issued it will be too cold for outdoor growers but the indoor guys already have their greenhouses set up.

    Both me and the Doc think its six to nine months before Maryland dispensaries are open for business.

    However, the DC government passed legislation to remove residency requirements from their medical program and its now with our complete asshole Federal legislators (Congress) for approval. If this comes to pass, then I will be able to purchase from DC dispensaries earlier.

    If anybody lives in the Maryland suburbs of DC and is looking for a good Doc...not a scam...not a money for a cert no questions asked...but a good and compassionate Doc who is totally in favor of this program, then PM me and I will tell you how to contact her.

    Cheers and YEAH!!!!:D
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  23. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada

    Congratulations a thousand times!!
    It certainly is a good feeling when you have that paper/card in your hands!
    Enjoy the freedom and good luck if you decide to grow your own!

    Dr's like that are few and far between unfortunately...
  24. Lemmings

    Lemmings Padawan Glass Cutter Accessory Maker

    To the OP or a couple of posts down the thread my response to 'coming out' to your dr's would be not to, or hold off, or wait till it is more main stream and find a natural specialist so to speak. I have had terrible results with both my MD and at my psych clinic by trying full disclosure hoping to get them on board and better coordinating my care. The worst was attempting to obtain care through the VA where I should be able to go for all my needs. The VA dr in charge told me to go somewhere else altogether, and when I called him out on it, if he was refusing a vet medical care due to MMJ use, he backed off but later refused to prescribe other essential medicines so I left, he won.

    @macbill I was raised by parents who are strict, letter of the law LDS. (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, IE Mormons) and wow can I sympathize with you. Everything about our culture is guilt driven, EVERYthing. After 2 years of amazing, miraculous results with MMJ I still have immediate family members who look and talk down to me as if I am a criminal or a simple drug addict. My parents went to their church leaders to get advice on what to do about me! (its funnier if you realize I am in my late 40's) I still have racing pulse, sweaty palms, and feel guilty walking in to my local dispensary like I'm doing something wrong, but I sure as hell (teehee) won't let it stop me. As long as we all keep not letting it stop us we are doing the right thing and will eventually make a difference and get things turned around in the way society looks at these things.

    I wish I could afford a digital billboard sign with an active counter ticking off the current deaths attributed to alcohol, barbiturates, and MMJ side by side for everyone to see. One more nail in the coffin for the disbelievers.

    I should give props where they are deserved BTW; those church leaders my parents went to? Their official view was if I have a medical need, and a legal medical license for it, I'm doing just fine and should be supported or left alone. I gotta give em big props for having the guts for not taking the easy way out and just spouting verse.
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  25. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member


    If you ask a DR that still believes all the propaganda about MMJ, you may be on their shit list/ receive biased second-rate etc treatment.
    I get extensive physical therapy and chiropractic care for my joint/tendon/lower back ailments and have not (yet) shared my experience, that a little vaping before the session makes them much more effective.
    And a little vape before my daily physical therapy exercises at home only adds to the therapy.

    Someday we'll all hopefully be able to share that info with our health care providers.
    For now, better to be safe than sorry.

    Another option is to "feel them out a little", ask a general question like you see more news on medical mj, what do they think/know about that? Then see if they are open minded or ballastic anti-cannabis.
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