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PRICE DROP! New FakeExhaleCloud

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by mestizo, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. mestizo

    mestizo Well-Known Member

    I was hoping somebody would have snatched this already.
    No need to wait for a 4/20 sale.
    price dropped to $290 SHIPPED, including pay pal fees.

    Up for grabs is one of my two back up ebay clouds.
    I bought two as back ups because the price was right, but since I bought a Sublimator XLR, I see no reason to keep two as back ups since the first one has work flawlessly since day one.
    If you want big, or small clouds full of flavor (depending on your style) then this is the vaporizer for you.
    You'll get everything you see in the firs pic, and here's a list of everything, with an exception, you have to pic between one of the two hydra tubes, both brand new, just like everything you see in the pictures.
    There's also custom pieces I made myself, so there's labor involved, and I guarantee you they all are perfect fits. I have been a machinist for 20 years and what you see was made in a CNC Lathe.

    Here it is:

    1.- FakeExhaleCloud (ebay)
    2.- Dry glass mouthpiece
    3.- 1 ELB (easy Loading Bowl)
    4.- 1 Vapor Blunt Hydra tube (you choose between the Chandelier, and the Double Shower)
    5.- 18 mm whip from ebay
    6.- Custom Delrin adapter for Hydra tube, and mouthpiece
    7.- Custom Delrin adapter for hydra tube, and Silicone whip
    8.- custom made Inconel 718 Hydra foot ( Inconel is denser and heavier than Stainless Steel, will not rust or corrode, and is non magnetic, price is about 10 times more than Stainless, and this one weights about a pound)
    9.- ! new bottle of Rezblock.

    If you live in the Los Angeles, OC area, I'll deliver for free.

    PM me for any questions.



    The pics below are the many ways you can hit this beauty.



    Dry Whip.


    With Hydra tube and water.


    With Hydra tube and mouthpiece.


    With Hydra tube and silicone whip.


    And in case anybody was wondering, the Hydra foot has a 18mm glass male.


    There it is.
    Thank you.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2014
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