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***Price Drop*** Boundless TERA V3 - almost new

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by vapen00b, Nov 10, 2018.

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  1. vapen00b

    vapen00b various on-demand full convection units

    Hi fellow FCers,

    I'm selling an almost new Tera V3. Being very sensitve when it comes to silicones, I sadly can't tolerate this beast of a vaporizer. I've only done a few burn-offs and then gave it a FC friend to try it.. He's also a taste purist so I just received it back and it has to go. So it has only seen light use - approx. 8-10 bowls in - latest V3 version (Serial on the bottom, screen flippable). The Tera works like a champ and comes with all the stock accessories. Only thing that doesn't feel like new anymore is the manual - one page has stripped off already due to the bad quality of glue or bindings... but that happened to me before with the V1 and V2. So a common thing...

    Sending from the EU, almost worldwide, insured and with tracking.

    $135 shipped
    120€ shipped

    or make an offer. Payment via PayPal. Please cover the fees or via friends&family, if you feel comfortable.

    Please have at least some FC history.

    Thanks for looking! :)


    Pics here:

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