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Pregnant vaping?

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by m0sh, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. olivianewtonjohn

    olivianewtonjohn Well-Known Member

    I took some cancer cells today and poured bleach on them. They died. Therefore bleach cures cancer.

    Just following the logic.

    Cannabinoids "healing" cancer (the studies dont exactly say that but thats the take home message many conclude). A conclusion that people take from the studies but if I had to bet $, I would say even the researchers of the studies would be very reluctant to say it cues cancer. In my opinion the likely hood of something curing "cancer" is very low as many cancers have very little to do with one another.

    For the ones who wants to know what a cancer biology professor and surgical oncologist has to say about the studies read here (he picks apart many of the studies):


    Cool that we jumped so far from "MJ isnt bad for babies" to "MJ is needed for mom's homeostasis" to "Fetus needs MJ for homeostasis" to "MJ cures cancer" (I guess every cancer out there since it killed them in a petri dish).
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  2. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    @OldNewbie we identified cb1 and cb2 with the help of THC ... if we had not known of THC we never would have found cb receptors... I looked into the 300 receptors claim a few months back from a study, cannot remember now who was proclaiming that many... basically because of how so many differing ligands can effect change @ the receptor.

    claiming cannabis cures cancer directly is Folly - your endocannabinoid system and how the system signals for our cellular health is responsible for eliminating cancers via metabolic pathways the cells use to modulate their health and lipid signalling metabolism ( post to pre synaptic cancer elimination signals ) . no other cell receptors use retrograde signals save for cannabinoid receptors... when a cell has a lipid structure creating lipophilic derived signalling feedback loops of intracellular to extracellular ( the matrix) messaging what do you expect the cells to do with those modulating signals ??? if the cell is cancerous what would modulating / fluctuating lipid signals that go post to pre synaptic do for the cells ??

    Edit- you can find mainstream info on cannabinoids via places like @olivianewtonjohn posted where they completely deny their efficacy ETC...

    Pro Resolving Mediators ..... those are cannabinoids basically and there is great research on them via mainstream " no cannabis talk allowed here" type places
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  3. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    here is some info on those EFA pathways and their importance for expecting mothers and children ... Cannabis BTW acts on these pathways in case you have a hard time making the connection

    omega three fatty acids and nutrient deficits in adverse neurodevelopment and childhood behaviors

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