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Pregnant vaping?

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by m0sh, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. m0sh

    m0sh Singer Song Writer Stoner

    Thoughts guys?
    Lately I've been hearing and reading researches that say that vaping Cannabis will actually make your child smarter and healthier?

    I wonder if the word has been passed all over the world...
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  2. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada
    I would err on the side of caution on this one ... not enough studies in my opinion for something so important. I've read a similar study, quite a few years ago, but haven't really heard anything since; before I (or my wife,should I say) would have put one of our future children at risk, more information would be required.
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  3. Doktor Dub

    Doktor Dub Well-Known Member

    and these researches can be found where?... interesting topic but i think no one should get advice for pregnancy on FC....
  4. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    I know people who have done it. People that I know never vaped within the 3rd trimester. Doctors themselves are mixed on this issue. Some say it's okay to a certain extent and others will look at you like you have a drug addiction.
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  5. m0sh

    m0sh Singer Song Writer Stoner

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  6. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    If one has a good practitioner and have been open about their MJ use then I would advise following their advice. They are the experts that should know the specifics of the pregnancy.
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  7. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada
  8. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Based on what information is out there, I feel a pregnant mother who vapes in moderation is actually helping to insure a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.
    That moderate use of cannabis will help insure that mom's Endocannabinoid Sysytem (ECS) is performing up to snuff, just like cannabis use by everyone helps to make sure your ECS is functioning properly.

    With our diets lacking in Omega 3 intake, critical to the body producing needed endocannabinoids AND most people's lack of exercise AND our stressful/anxiety lifestyle AND the constant barrage of chemicals/pesticides/fertilizers/ hormones/poisons in modern life AND our diets lacking so many other important ingredients---- most of use have endogenous cannabinoid deficiency. Someday there will be a medical test to help diagnose this ECS deficiency :)

    Proper endocannabinoids are critical to becoming pregnant (fertilized egg attaching to uterus wall) etc and mother's breast milk has very elevated levels of 2-AG cannabinoids (our ECS knows what its doing to keep baby healthy).
    Moderate vaping will help mom be in balance and her unborn in balance.

    Moderate cannabis consumption by pregnant moms should have a positive impact, just like moderate cannabis use by almost everyone has a positive impact on your ECS/ body-mind-spirit

    Interesting info on topic:

    With modern lifestyle, I think almost everyone needs moderate phytocannabinoid supplements to feed/energize their ECS.
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  9. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    I don't think there's enough research yet - just a few studies posted. If someone strongly believes in the positive effects of cannabis and don't want to wait for more research they'd probably be safer waiting until after birth. We're born with pretty undeveloped brains. The brain develops over the first 2-3 years.
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  10. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    In the U.S. many in child protective services will see ANY positive test as "neglect" and may start an investigation.

    While an investigation may not result in one's child being removed from the home (Or, not able to be taken home at all.), it is never a good thing to get a government file opened up on you.

    Having it be medical does not remove the problem.

    State statutes on the issue:

    And, for the record, the science is not settled.
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  11. m0sh

    m0sh Singer Song Writer Stoner

    Have you read what I posted?
    Just wondering...
    This study is from the 80s? wow, its not big enough tho, but it certainly correlates with the articles I've posted.

    Keep in mind that I'm not an American, nor do I care if its legal or not, the way that the child protective services is irreverent to this discussion, they are clueless for all I care, and you can pretty much understand that when they think Cannabis as a drug.

    "Having it be medical does not remove the problem." - having Cannabis tagged as a "drug" is the reason for this black and white stance.
    There's nothing medical here.

    Thanks for this!
    Are you saying I should take Omega3 pills daily?

    So from what you're saying, my wife should vape more to get pregnant?

    Also something else that I can verify, I did a sperm count, I'm vaping every day for the last 2.5 years and I was even drunk the night before, and my count is above average.
    At least one myth is a bust.
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  12. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    Not an American? How dare you have an opinion! :)
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  13. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Maybe the most important sentence from the study I posted is:
    "The life of the egg and the beginning of a viable pregnancy, depends on a healthy endocannabinoid system (ECS)."
    The egg and the uterine wall both have CB1 receptors that are there for a reason.

    Since the ECS regulates almost all of our body's systems, it seems natural that it plays an important role in pregnancy too.
    Omega fats are the building blocks of our internal (endogenous) cannabinoid system. The ratio of Omega 3: Omega 6 for optimizing a properly "fed" ECS is likely 1:1. FYI, that's what it was when humans were hunters/gatherers, before agriculture. In the average western diet today , that ratio is 1 part Omega 3 : 10 parts Omega 6 .
    Too much Omega 6 interferes with absorption/use of Omega 3s.

    So, based on diet alone it is very likely that almost everyone has an ECS that is not optimal, a system that benefits from the addition of external phytocannabinoids (cannabis) that supplements our subpar internal production.

    Also, Omega 3 supplements (proper quality with removal of heavy metals) can be a step to move toward a 1:1 or least away from 1:10 ratio.
    Diet of some veg Omega 3s like walnuts. chia/hemp/flax can also help. Good fish and eggs can also boost Omega 3s but it seems very difficult to get enough via diet---especially to balance the huge intake of Omega6s :(

    Wife vape more to get pregnant???
    Too much cannabis can be counter-productive too. It seems a low/moderate supplement dose is the target.
    To enhance my ECS, I microdose every day -- 0.015 to 0.025 gram daily. More when necessary for ailments.

    With cannabis being illegal at the Fed level here in US, it's tragic that it killed almost all research or we'd probably have an "ECS blood test" now which would help everyone assess where their system is at :(

    Good luck
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  14. m0sh

    m0sh Singer Song Writer Stoner

    Just FYI, she usually vape during weekends only and not more than what you wrote :)
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  15. Pimpslapper

    Pimpslapper Well-Known Member

    Don't do it
    9-10 months of abstinence for a perfectly healthy child is worth it.
    Why risk your child's welfare?
    If you can't stop for 9-10 months you shouldn't be having kids period.
  16. m0sh

    m0sh Singer Song Writer Stoner

    We are here to discus with an open mind, maybe try to read the information here before forming a strict opinion.
    Nobody is risking or saying they cannot stop for 9-10 months, like i said, they say the same about sperm count, but it turns out its not correct.
  17. Pimpslapper

    Pimpslapper Well-Known Member

    I am open minded but not fpr pregnant vapers.
    10 months is nothing compared to a lifetime.
    Not abstaining while pregnant (regardless of the amount you vape)
    is narcissistic and egotistical.
    Two traits you will have a hard time raising proper kids with.
    Looking for support here for vaping while pregnant already shows a bad conscience needing justification.
    Sorry just don't do it for ten months it ain't hard.
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  18. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada
    I think you are failing to read the studies and missing the point of others here though ... the point isn't trying to search for justification to keep vaping, the point some members are making is that there is potential benefit. The point other members are making is that the research is not significant enough to provide enough certainty to deem it safe. What one chooses to do with said information is up to them ... people make many choices as to what to do while pregnant knowing that it is potentially not ideal ... for instance, I'm sure no one has a perfect diet and abstains from all unnecessary foods with sugar and preservatives, which I'm sure are not good for a growing fetus ... as well I'm sure many people do what mainstream media and society say is best when pregnant, and then later find out that it's not at all the case ... anyways ... just saying it's not all black and white ... there's a heck of a lot of grey here as there is in many areas of life.

    Anyways ... just my 2 cents.

    Edit: One more quick thing ... (responding to a previous comment)

    What about users who need it to deal with a medical condition where the alternatives are known to be much more harmful and abstinence is simply not an option due to such things as returning seizures or other which would be much worse? Should this individual not be allowed to have a child because their pregnancy will be risky?
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  19. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    In your opinion.
    I stand by my stance, based on hundreds/thousands of studies/research papers on cannabis and the body's Endocannabinoid system.
    You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I strongly believe that 999/1000 people today have "reduced capacity ECS" as with their diet/lifestyle/stress levels of modern society/aging process/genetics it's just not possible to have it be full functioning..... and the ECS is the master internal bio-chemical neuro computer that controls your body's systems .
    Virtually everyone is short on natural endogenous cannabinoids--- so phytocannabinoids /cannabis is vital.

    Proper levels of cannabinoids are needed to get pregnant (have the fert egg attach to the uterine wall etc), cannabinoids are needed to maintain mom's homeostatis/balance of all systems with the extra complications of pregnancy, and proper cannabinoids are needed after birth (like attaining the normally high levels of cannabinoids in mother's milk to enhance suckling by the newborn).

    I would whole-heartedly say with confidence that stopping micro-dosing cannabis during pregnancy is succumbing to the lies/misinformation/ignorance/propaganda and is not in the best interest of mom and "potential" baby to-be.

    Unless you are allergic to cannabis, micro dose levels are beneficial to everyone . Cannabinoids are a supremely important element in maintaining a healthy body so let's stop putting them in the "bad bucket" please.

    The value of cannabis as a wellness supplement is staggering and the link between diseases and the lack of internal cannabinoids is growing every week.
    For example, a study of autism spectrum disorder revealed that there is a "bad gene" linked to autism and what else does that bad gene do......it inhibits the internal production of cannabinoids. That's why cannabis is effective for autism and so many diseases....it supplements the ECS

    And pregnant moms have reported wonderful results for cannabis mitigating PG side-effects like morning sickness.
    And again, we are talking moderate use like a micro dose.

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  20. Poostuff

    Poostuff Please delete

    I’ve never made a baby inside me but I did make a big sandwich the other day.
    Making stuff is rewarding I get it now.
    I stood back, looked at it & thought...if I’ve done one thing right in my life it’s making this sandwich.
    Then I put it inside me & cradled my stomach all afternoon.
    Disclaimer: I had been vaping.
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  21. m0sh

    m0sh Singer Song Writer Stoner

    Thank you friend for those lovely comments.
    I have passed all information to my wife and she will decide what do to with her body.
    I can only tell that I feel much more confident in this subject, than I was before.
    I can understand how difficult is to make more researches in this subject but I am happy with with the up-rise of information.

    We should never fear learning new stuff, its ignorance that causes us be be afraid on something we might have been wrong about.
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  22. 420democrat

    420democrat Well-Known Member

    I've got two healthy smart af kids and we never stopped consuming
    Also consumed throughout breast feeding
    Edit* in moderation lol
    Can't really see much negative behind it
    At first my wife quit and I honestly am who always offered her consumption eventually it helped with her cramping and morning sickness
    And a family friend in the medical field suggested if it was a routine before pregnancy to continue same as her riding on my motorcycle that she was scared about
    I believe there's tons of mis information when it comes to kids in general mix cannabis into the topic and hell breaks loose
    She vaped both pregnancys and still vaped while breast feeding as she was advised it won't harm the baby and I am perfectly ok with it
    I see cannabis as a healthy habit and I have no intentions of hiding it or associating it with negativity
    I am very open with my family about my use and my wife by extension has become the same and our kids are in the top percentile of everything since birth
    SiZe weight and development
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  23. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    Unconventional endocannabinoid signaling governs sperm activation via the sex hormone progesterone.

    I posted @ GC about this a few weeks back... human biology and the women's ability to create a baby will not be swayed by a few active cannabis metabolites! do you understand that when anyone uses cannabis the use activates metabolism in th eendocannabinoid system... with clean grown cannabis there are no toxic residues or any accumulation that is not bio-enhancing in some way... So, by adding signalling metabolites into her biology you cannot force Mothers anatomy to do anything other than what it's made to do= make babies... And no- the thc will not go through mothers milk into the baby... the recepotrs for thc are in the brain mostly and that is where bio-activity is recognized... breast milk is made from 2-ag that activates type 2 receptor and CBD from cannabis is an analogue to that compound....
    And the honest truth... Any mothers smoking on joints, bongs, or blunts need to stop that activity if pregnant...light it- hit it and hold it reduces oxygen to her brain just like the gas masked monkeys from the reefer madness scientific studies LOL... the cannabis wass not the poor monkeys problem it was lack of oxygen... you'd see the healthiest monkeys running around if they did a new test and put a vape mask on the monkeys and provided plenty of oxygen too= for their brains you know... so in moderate cleanly delivered amounts will be safe IMO
    too, there is literally no evidence disproving validity of the endocannabinoid system
    look into theses articles please they will answer scientifically how we have evolved to signal cannabinoids http://themodern.farm/studies/Omega-3 Deficiancy Abolish Endocannabinoid Function.pdf
    Cannabimimetic phytochemicals in the diet – an evolutionary link to food selection and metabolic stress adaptation? http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/bph.13676/full#references
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  24. ChaiLifeOR

    ChaiLifeOR Active Member

  25. m0sh

    m0sh Singer Song Writer Stoner

    I will be prouder when its 100% legal :)

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