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Pre-filled CO2 Carts - Reuse

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by notoriousLrg, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. notoriousLrg

    notoriousLrg sTrange cLouds

    I live in California, a medical cannabis state. Dispensaries are starting to carry pre-filled CO2 cartridges ranging from supercritical extraction to carts with PG and other additives. Some companies offering these are Absolute Xtracts, Pure GOLD, MedWest/BHANG. I've been sticking with the pure cannabis carts. I've been told by a dispensary that these carts are reusable. I've purchased several over the last several months and they all seem to use the same wick type cartridge. They work pretty well with consistent draws and no leaking. The pic below shows some black at the thread but its actually a shadow.

    Just wondering if anyone knows who makes these cartridges, how they work and whether they should be avoided for reuse with CO2 oil for any reason?

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  2. Haywood

    Haywood Onward Thru the Fog

    They look like a variant of the BuddyTech "Budd" Sapphire tanks. I talk about them in the beginning of this (long) thread.

    My experience with the Bud clearos was that they worked well, but the flavor wasn't great (wasn't terrible, just a bit burnt tasting). As far as longevity, I think I only had one (of dozens) that had its coil burn out, but they had a moderately hard draw to begin with, and after a few refills the draw became nearly hernia inducing. So I would throw it out after a few refills. I was using Pure Gold in them, which is pretty pure :brow:; I suspect that oil with waxes or impurities could clog the tiny wick after a tankful, so they might not work well after being refilled.

    However the devil is in the details, and your picture is a different clearo than the Budds I was using...
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  3. notoriousLrg

    notoriousLrg sTrange cLouds

    thanks so much for closing this loop for me. I've been looking for alternatives to w9 for vaping clean c02 oil. I've subscribed to that thread!
  4. Dramma Lamma

    Dramma Lamma Looks like a job for!

    If I gave you a car and said "look this is not really good, but it will get you to your destination and it has just enough gas to get there!"

    Once you successfully made it, would you think it wise to put gas in and invest in that car? That's what reusing a disposable cartridge is like

    Even the best most quality concentrate leaves some residue, and like haywood said it will build up and clog over time.

    Look at the ecig industry (who the concentrate pen market is based on in design) they all either stock up on disposable atomizer or learn to make their own coils in atomizer designed to rebuild.

    The reality is that atomizer costs next to nothing for the manufacturer of the cartridge, and X amount of co2 oil is usually the identical price. So why gamble?

    Just buy a new cart and youll have nice fresh wicks and a new "warranty" since all legit shops will exchange a defective cartridge for a working one or equivalent value proudct of your choosing if unavailable.

    If you do want to make your own stuff to put in a cartridge then just use a new fresh one or a rebuildable.
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  5. MuushuPork

    MuushuPork Well-Known Member

    I started with pre-filled as they are very good for what I do, but I have since moved to buying carts and filling myself with ejmix and shatter. Maybe Im unlucky but roughly half of the pre-filled brand name carts either failed or leaked without any damage. Plus you never really know what you are getting and from what I can tell they were all garbage compared to the one I made myself. Either way like others have said the taste and restriction on those things are so shitty compared to what I got for less than $10. Just do the research and make your own. Might even be cheaper for you in the long run.
  6. GuyLeDuche

    GuyLeDuche ^ "Eat a bag of Dick's!"

    WA State
    The OP's pictured cart is a BUD DEX, repurposed for Bhang I think. Decent cart with maybe slightly better taste than Sapphires IMO
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  7. AnthoFranco

    AnthoFranco AntnyAtomicuS

    ground zero
  8. Vistaman420

    Vistaman420 New Member

    Southern California
    Let's see...6 of 1, half dozen of the other.

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