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Post stories of your psychedelic experience

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by NotPotRelated, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. NotPotRelated

    NotPotRelated MFLB Pro

    Recently i did an eighth of psylocibe cubensis and had an incredible experience.
    I want to hear some of your stories!
  2. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Wayyyy too many. Wouldn't even know where to begin.
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  3. PB88123

    PB88123 Vaporist

    It was a trippy time.
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  4. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Ok, here's one of many.

    Used to have an annual Easter Party, just for my adult friends. No kids. Lived in Topanga Canyon at the time. 30 to 40 people would show up. I'd bar-b-que chicken, lady made a killer Ceaser Salad. A few hours after lunch, I'd announce that the Easter Egg hunt was on. Now prior to people coming over, we'd get about 2 dozen of those hollow plastic easter eggs that we would insert some window pane (acid) in some, and some mescaline in others and hide them around the house (about a 50 yard radius). Good times had by all. Around 12:00 at night, we'd sometimes hear people howling at the moon in the distance and we'd have to send out a search party. Had these annual Easter parties for about 6 years straight. This was back in the mid to late 70's.
  5. harmudge

    harmudge Active Member

    London U.K
    Many many years ago when I was around 20 I think....me and a couple of buddies went picking magic mushrooms (as we call them in the U.K) one day.
    We gathered hundreds of the little blighters and went back to a friends house to brew some tea with them...so the tea was brewed and we all gathered round and got our little cup full of this dirty horrible tasting tea.
    Once consumed we all went out into the country for a walk and shortly afterwards we could feel the effects coming on and it was getting dark, so we decided to take a short cut back home across a farmers field...so were walking in this field and I heard a kinda thumping noise...no, I'm just imagining these noises I'm thinking...a moment later I heard it again so I look at my 3 buddies and they look at me and we all say at exactly the same time to one another..."Did you here that ?"....what the hell is that, now bearing in mind it's pitch dark, no light anywhere as were in the middle of a field...we can't see 6ft in front of ourselves...this is scary shit I'm thinking, all the while this thumping noise seems to be getting closer....so we all take to our heels and run for our life and then we have to get over this small barbed wire fence at the edge of the field....not so easy when you are tripping off your tree....so we all get safely over this fence and just as that, about 3/4 horses all pull up at this fence....there were bloody horses in this field that we were in and they were bloody stampeding towards us....I dare not think what may have happened that night if we had just dismissed the thumping noise.
  6. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    Substance: LSD (1 tab)
    Age: 18 i think?
    Mindset/Body effects/Afterglow:
    Mindset was similar to highly sativa strain, but even more cerebral and more sober-feel. I felt like I had coffee. So I regret I took it few hours before midnight - I was tired, but "caffeinated-like" at the same time for the whole experience (not very enjoyable) and went asleep at 3 am. Slept for 3 hours and felt totally mentaly and physically refreshed for the whole next day, not what I was expecting at all, nice surprise.
    One bad thing I noticed was poor attention during the trip.
    Textures got "alive" everywher I stared, mostly while focused on stationary objects. Like they were decompositing into their layers showing eachs layer separately fading them smoothly into each other.
    When in motion I could not recognize any visuals at all. They seem to like stationary objects.
    Shadows were dancing everywhere.
    Colorful blurred moving light patters on textures. Even more colorfull and sharp geometric (carpet-repetitive like) patterns filling large black areas (it was midnight). I believe these were CEVs and I would see them if I closed my eyes, but I've never closed my eyes during the trip, another thing I regret.
    People had caricaturistic faces, exaggerating their facial features and gestures.
    Trees looked like oil paintings - the most wondeful visual of the trip imo.
    Waves of sparkly/matte were flowing on every texture - the first visual I noticed.

    Substance: DMT (15 mgs vaped)
    Age: 20
    Mindset/Body effects/Afterglow:
    There is always a little shock and anxienty when it starts to kick as it kicks really fast and really strong. The mindset is as sober as LSD, but doesn't impair my attention as LSD did. At higher doses mind wanders far away from concepts of reality, but still being sober-like. The body effect is somewhat opposite to LSD. Extremely relaxing almost sedative - 50x more powerfull cough-lock than from indicas. At low dose you could move, but you really don't want to. Then it tries (and on higher doses succeeds) to detach the mind from body completely. There is no body anymore, never was. There is no universe anymore, a new one on completely different laws replaces it and absorbs you completely until you're back from breathrough. It is like a dream, in a way that during it you believe it and don't remember the real past. Eyes are moving under eyelids and body is paralysed (like sleep paralysis). But the scenario is completely otherwordly different than a dream. When you get back, it feels like waing up from an intense dream, also it's as hard as dreams to remember after (I have very hard time remembering it, it took many attempts and still I can only tell so little, imo it's mostly because of mj, it seems that mj has the same effects on DMT as on dreams - dulling them and making them even harder to remember). If the afterglow is positive or negative, that depends on positivity of the trip itself. If it was wonderful, I can be ecstatic and enjoy residual visual that last few minutes. Then I just feel spacey for a while until back in complete sobriety.
    Prebreathrough visuals are similar to LSD, but of course different.
    At first colorless (textures decompose, but not color-wise, object boundaries deform/vibrate/tear apart).
    I never had shrooms, but I imagine they are closer than LSD to prebreakthrough DMT visuals.
    I see faces on wood patterns eveywhere.
    At higher doses it becomes incredibly colorful, 4D-like complex, sharp detailed and super-HD.
    All textures are like an infinite fractal windows to whole new universes.
    Alienish pulsating sound is heard increasing on intensity togehter with visuals.
    At one point, the vision destabilizes and falls apart in fractalish manner. At the point where I am curently looking at, there grows a whole new 3D/4D world, and evolves and evolves and evolves. Droste effect everywhere. Feels like a fractal zoom, but also morphs in all axis of 4D space and objects grow out of everything. And then another objects grow from that objects and so on. When I close my eys too soon, it is very colorfull and geometric. When I leave them open for a while, it is extremely photorealistic kaleidoscope of the room I am in. Very cryptic looking. Eventually both types fade in one other alienish world. 3D metrics don't apply here. You couldn't draw that because it even more than 3D i think. It had 3D feel to it, but I knew that I could reprodure anything like than in 3D. Yet it was perfect, everything was brillantly connected. I didn't breathrough yet (well, was quite near as you can read, but still not there), but I think I have some clues what it will be like.
  7. madnezz344

    madnezz344 live free and live elevated :}

    It all started around night time with 4 head caps of shrooms while out in the front yard with my dog. The effect began like a good edible or a nice bong rip. It slowly faded in with an overwhelming feeling of joy. A small breeze began to brew about the atmosphere. Every time I would breathe the breeze would also wave back and forth. I noticed the metal spoked fence would also follow the winds wavy movement as if it would bend back and forth. Following the fence I took my attention to the tree which danced along with the wind as it came in so wonderful was the feeling. My dog came to my side to sit beside me, I called for her and she gave me a smile or grin showing me her teeth. They looked like a row of chainsaw teeth moving and shifting. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

    Another incident I recall with shrooms is splitting about a quads worth with three buddies and took them all at once. We were at a small gathering we looked at the sky and the moon had 3 rainbow rings around it. To our sad disposition none of us had a camera with us but the sober people there also saw this and took pictures of it. I remember I felt a bit woozy and sick for a bit when I was indoors getting some drinks and enjoying the music. I stepped outside to get some air I felt my eyes and face sort of melting or falling when I was inside but now that I was outside it began to restore and feel better. I sat near a bench or small brick wall and just enjoyed the rest of the night looking at the moon, sky, and shifting clouds. The moon and clouds looked like a massive fish at one time just staring at me with its scale like clouds surounding its massive moon eye :D.

    Ahhh shrooms, my wonderful mind, how it misses your lovely damage :D
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  8. Vicki

    Vicki Herbal Alchemist

    I've dropped acid twice in my life, both bad experiences. I've done shrooms around 20 times, and every time was pleasant, except one. I dosed a little too much, tons of CEV's, and had to lay in bed until I was more comfortable with the trip. After a while, I was able to get up and enjoy the rest of the night. BTW, my spirit guide is a female spider, and I loathe spiders!
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  9. happyTrails

    happyTrails phishpanicjam

    I have have had fun indoors, BUT... stepping outside truly feels like an actual weight is lifted off of you and breathing feels as it should.

    On a side note;Roller coasters are the best!

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