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Positive Feedback

Discussion in 'Tips and Feedback' started by vtac, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    Buyer: @DrNick420
    Item: CUBOID 150W with SONY VTC5 batteries
    Price: really good!
    Rating: 5 Stars!

    I researched the feedback on Nick and felt comfortable ordering from him. The process reminded me of that Jimmy Johns ad where the old guy calls and says he wants a sammich right as the delivery guy is knocking at the door...Fastest shipping ever and super easy to work with...Thanks Dr.Nick420!
  2. snackmaster

    snackmaster Well-Known Member

    Seller/Buyer: @Ratchett
    Description of item: jhanpixel UFO bubbler
    Cost of item: $ + credit @ http://delta3dstudios.com
    Payment time: Immediate
    Rating out of 5: 5
    Comments: Always a pleasure doing business with Ratchett - really happy to find a good home for one of my favorite pieces and have a chance to pick up some more Delta 3D products
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  3. Ratchett

    Ratchett Vape Accessories Delta3DStudios.com Accessory Maker

    Seller: snackmaster
    Description of item: jhanpixel bubbler
    Cost of item: $+ store credit
    Shipping time: less than 24 hours
    Rating out of 5: 5
    Item as described, including it's imperfections mentioned/pictured before purchase. Piece was bomb-proof packaged (learned from the Chinese method of shipping glass and improved on it!). Very happy with my new purchase

    (PS - thanks for the bubble wrap and foam peanuts - I'll be recycling those for future customer shipments!:rofl: )
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  4. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    Buyer : @DarkSm0ke
    Description: MFLB + Nano Grinder
    Cost of Item: 1 Farthing
    Payment time: Lickity Split.
    Rating: 5/5.
    Comment: Trusted buyer, good communication.
  5. Oogendoogan

    Oogendoogan Well-Known Member

    seller: @Vape Dr.
    Item: firewood 3
    Cost of item: low, great deal!
    Shipping time: fast as hell
    Rating: 5/5
    Comments: awesome member, great seller. Awesome to do buisness with.

    SSVUN~YAH You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...

    # Town
    Seller: @Philreal187

    Item: Mr. Mojo Risin nugg jar and Satchmo

    Cost: $25

    Shipping: I told him to ship at his leisure and he shipped about as soon as you possibly could priority!

    Comments: Phil told me the history of the nugg jar, that was very cool! Saw your artwork on the cork, thanks brother! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with @Philreal187 any day!
  7. Vape Dr.

    Vape Dr. Well-Known Member

    Buyer: @Oogendoogan
    Description of item: FW3
    Cost of item: cheap
    Shipping time: same day
    Rating out of 5: 5 out of 5 all day
    Comments: I love dealing with @Oogendoogan. He is a solid dude, great FC member, and all around great guy. Will be doing much business with him in the future.:tup:
  8. Philreal187

    Philreal187 Well-Known Member

    Buyer: @SSVUN~YAH

    Item: Jim jar and satchmo jyarz

    Price: No heckling on the price of $25 and sent full payment lightening fast!

    Comments: A pleasure to do business with, I would never hesitant to buy or sell anything when dealing with @SSVUN~YAH definitely a good dude! And well known member for a reason at fc! Glad you found the ancient art work probably a decade old!! Thanks for purchase bro!

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  9. Vape Dr.

    Vape Dr. Well-Known Member

    Buyer: @ArthurJ
    Description of item: Davinci Ascent with extras!
    Cost of item: $115 shipped
    Payment time: Super fast!
    Rating out of 5:
    Comments: @ArthurJ was a pleasure to deal with, thank you for the super smooth transaction my friend!
  10. TNT_error

    TNT_error Well-Known Member

    Seller: @stinkytofus
    Item: Firefly 2
    Cost: $280
    Shipping: crazy fast!!
    Rating: 5/5
    Comment: A+ seller. Kept an open dialogue and I got the item extremely quick.
  11. scottg402

    scottg402 Well-Known Member

    Buyer : @Melting Pot
    Description: elev8 ash catcher and sherlock
    Cost of Item: Evidently too low lol. I had four requests within 30 minutes and not one haggled over price. Glad to see it go to a good home.
    Payment time: Super fast!
    Rating: 5/5.
    Comment: Enjoy and thanks for sending PayPal friends and family when we didn't even discuss that!
  12. Melting Pot

    Melting Pot Sick & Twisted

    Seller: @scottg402
    Item ssv18 jhook and ash catcher.
    Price awesome
    Glad I hit you up in 8 min. Lol
    Great communication great member
    Shipping ultra fast bought sunday night inuse before lunch on Wednesday
    Would definitely recommend & do business again.
    As far as freinds & family I think we are all friends and extended family I cant let one bad experience make me think any different.
    Thanks again brother

    SSVUN~YAH You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...

    # Town
    Seller : @NimbusVapor
    Item: Double Mai Tai Klein Incycler
    Cost: $199
    Shipping: Quick and Bombproof!
    Rating: 5 of 5
    Comments : Professional packaging, prompt shipping, and correspondence. I would do business with NimbusVapor any day! Thanks again!
  14. stark1

    stark1 Earth Day Twilight

    Seller: @Choughed
    Description of item: Milaana
    Cost of item: Unbelievable
    Shipping time: Same month
    Rating out of 5: 100% +
    Comments: Not only did Choughed send out her basically new unit for an unheard of price, she footed the mailing cost to boot. Granted it must have crossed the Magellanic Clouds a coupla times on its way back to the Americas, from Australia. BUT, it was worth the wait! Even if I nearly had a coronary when it finally sauntered in. I am Choughed to have met
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2016
  15. Choughed

    Choughed Well-Known Member

    Seller/Buyer: @stark1
    Description of item: Milaana
    Cost of item: $150 shipped
    Payment time: Before I knew what happened!
    Rating out of 5: absolutely 5
    Comments: Thanks for being so understanding about the shipping, and for letting me know the moment she arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from or sell to @stark1 in the future. :)
  16. EVlL 55

    EVlL 55 Well-Known Member

    seller: ROSEDALE
    cost: $130.00 shipped priority
    rating: 5/5
    comments: No issues whatsoever...just a great piece of glass.
    Thank You
  17. djchexxx

    djchexxx Well-Known Member

    Seller: @kimura
    Description of item: Milaana
    Cost of item: $120
    Shipping time: Next day
    Rating out of 5: 5
    Comments: Quick and easy transaction, packed well, wouldn't hesitate to purchase from him again.

  18. stark1

    stark1 Earth Day Twilight

    Seller: @Yoosh
    Description of item: A bunch of yesterday's toys
    Cost of item: Penny on the dollar
    Mailing time: Priority
    Rating out of 5: 5+
    Comments: As usual, Yoosh was low key, and patient. Sent package ASAP! Thanks, Dude! I like playing with vape toys.:tup:
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2016
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  19. stark1

    stark1 Earth Day Twilight

    Seller: @bellas
    Description of item: ED's and Joda stems
    Cost of item: Haggled, no, offer.
    Mailing time: Over the VT border to Ma, so, quick!
    Rating out of 5: 10?
    Comments: Boom! Came so quick, I fell over the included "Kind"goody. Thanks, Dude. Great sense of humor! & kind.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2016
  20. 6079Smith

    6079Smith Well-Known Member

    Seller: @rosedale
    Description of item: Ed's Underdog stems/adapter
    Cost of item: $40
    Shipping time: Following AM, as promised. Provided tracking via pic of usps receipt.
    Rating out of 5: 5
    Comments: Shipped quickly and stayed in contact when there was a shipping faux pas on usps' side of things. Ed's handiwork at a good price, thank you!
  21. stark1

    stark1 Earth Day Twilight

    Seller: @Shit Snacks
    Description of item: proto Ti/woody
    Cost of item: A coupla bux
    Rating out of 5: 5 + 1/0
    Comments: Snacks can be Persuasive, Snacks can be Charming. The outcome is a perfectly polished, spit-shined Woody that could March proudly in a military parade, standing tall in all its 9cm of Glory! What a treat! Thanks!:p
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2016
  22. Yoosh

    Yoosh Well-Known Member

    Seller: @stark1
    Description of item: old vapes!
    Rating out of 5: 5+++
    Comments: Not the first time I sold to Stark and it won't be the last. :p Always a pleasure!
  23. mutten840

    mutten840 Well-Known Member

    Bothell, Washington
    Buyer: @Caelar900
    Description of item: Mobius matrix and case
    Cost of item: Couple bux under asking
    Rating out of 5: 11
    Comments: Nice and smooth. We worked out the shipping and such and it was in the mail the following morning. Very much a pleasure doing business with =)
  24. creationdivine

    creationdivine Well-Known Member

    Seller: @bellas
    Description of item: Supreme V3
    Cost: FC homie special
    Rating out of 5: 5
    Comments: I would do business with @bellas anytime! We worked out a super sweet deal I am really happy with. It's always good to ask, you may receive. Super fast shipping. VAS alleviated...for now.
  25. Caelar900

    Caelar900 Well-Known Member

    Seller: @mutten840
    Item: Mobius Clear Matrix Bubbler
    Cost: Negotiated Reasonably
    Rating: 5
    Comments: Wonderful Seller and very knowledgable FC member. Would LOVE to do business with him again. Thanks so much!

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