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Portable Vaporizer ~150 € recommendations

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by frosty234, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. frosty234

    frosty234 Well-Known Member

    Wow thanks for the amount of information.
    I already own a vaponic - can you tell how the vapcap compares to that one?
    I do not really like the look of the vaponic and the silicon piece also disturbes me. It works kinda ok for me but I haven't figured out how to use it properly yet. Sometimes I just ended up with nearly combusted herbs.
    I like the "click" feature of the vapcap for heat control. Does that work well?
    You say it's perfect for microdosing - what amount are we talking about? In my vaponic I use around 0.1-0.15 but since I've got the storm I haven't touched the vaponic.

    I do like the style of all the vapcaps, especially the wooden ones, but they atm they're just too expensive. Maximum I'd like to spend are around 50 € - so the VapCap M. Do they all perform the same? Or should I better save the money for the more expensive models like VapCap Titanium Woody (S) (95 €) or VapCap OmniVap (180 €)?

    Edit: I'm already addicted to buying vaporizers :ko:
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  2. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

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  3. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    The cap clicks when it is heated to vaping temps. It works perfectly. In two years of owning Vapcaps I have never combusted. The temperature of your herb chamber is regulated by where you apply heat on the cap. There are two bimetal disks encased in the top of the cap. When they are heated, they buckle creating a clicking noise. If you heat the cap near it's base it takes longer for the discs to heat up and buckle and you reach higher vaping temps. Heat closer to the tip and you get lower vaping temps. As long as you respect the click, you will never combust.

    The max the herb chamber can hold is about .07 grams. I go as low as .015 grams every couple of hours. Vapcaps are shockingly efficient with herb and you will find you need less to get where you want to be.

    Vapcaps are my DD now. All my other vapes have been put away. Vapcaps rock!

    All the Vapcap models are fantastic vapes and perform wonderfully. The stainless steel M is the basic model and it will get you where you want to be.

    The titanium tipped Vapcaps have more bells and whistles. The tip heats faster and cools faster. It has grooves in the tip for three screen settings and the channels on the outside of the tip allow for greater air flow.

    The top of the line Omni is an engineering marvel. A piece of art really. It is machined to a very fine tolerance. It is very robust with it's combination threaded condenser/mp and can withstand being run over by an SUV. IT IS A BEAST. The Omni can be set to your desired airflow without needing to put your finger over the carb.

    I have all the models. All of them are fantastic and perform wonderfully. Start with the basic M model and fall in love. You'll be back for more.
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  4. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    Have u read the thread? - http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/vaponic-herbal-vaporizer.6052/
    No worries about that tiny silicone piece, it doesn't get hot and no heated vapor is touching it (eg vapcaps need tiny high temp O-rings for the tips), only a bit fresh air goes trough the 2 tiny bypass channels between the silicone and inner tube direct into the mouthpiece - the airpath is as clean as it gets, and the taste is really top notch when used correct. Although i wouldn't recommend it as a first vape bc newbies tend to overdo it to often, a battery vape with constant results is a good teacher for that.
    My vaponic tipps are:
    - don't overheat at the first heating cycle! If u don't get vapor at the first draw that's good, don't reheat take a 2. and 3. draw before reheating - perfect start for me is to get vapor at the 2. or 3. draw of the first heating cycle
    - long and slow draws or slightly closing the 2 air inlets of the silicone piece by rotating a bit the vaponic between thumb and index finger to increase resistance
    - gentle heating, try to find the minimum heating time for cycles and work upwards - once overheated there's no way back
    - a little basket screen on top of load helps to keep it clean, nothing will fall on the hot outer tube
    - triple in line torches like these allow quick, perfect even heating of the surface (torch addiction is a side syndrome of VAS ;) )

    In comparison to Vapcaps it's pretty similar heating wise, vaponic yields 4-5 draws per heating cycle a vapcap 1-2 draws. Vapcaps are quicker and a bit more fool proof, vaponic wins in the flavour department.
    But both are needed :D - as far as vapcap modells go, it's not that much difference between modells, it's more about the SS tip of the M with a bit more draw restriction than the Ti tips (still much more restricted than vaponic), i'd recommend a M (and a vapman :D)

    As u are living in EU maybe look at the relative new Fenix Mini (a multi branded Vape found here at the Healty Rips Fury thread) at 80€ it's more than reasonable value and super pocket friendly.
    His bigger brother the normal Fenix should be good too, but in that price range there are a lot of possibilities... and btw for many vapes with standard plastic mouthpieces there are glass mouthpieces avaiable
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  5. frosty234

    frosty234 Well-Known Member

    @Used2use Thanks very much for the detailed comparison! I can barely find useful information on the fenix mini though.
    @Squiby So you've convinced me to buy one of those maigcal VapCaps. I'll get the chance to compare it to the vaponic myself then.
    I've just seen that there was a new model presented - the Mx with a sanded finish. Is there already any information when this thing is in the shops? Just by the look I'd prefer that version. On the otherhand I don't want to wait weeks until it's available in some european shops... Buying from DynaVap directly would involve expensive shipping costs and taxes to european countries I guess - I'd prefer to get it as cheap as possible.
  6. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    The Mx is a limited edition model that is available to currant customers today and will be available to the general public on the Dynavap website tomorrow, Oct 13 2017.

    Since it is a limited edition, it may not make to the vape shops. International shipping from Dynavap is reasonable at $13. Customs is a hit and miss, especially if you make a very large purchase, but for just the M is less likely. I'm in Canada and have made several large purchases over the last two years and I have never been hit up for customs fees.

    To mitigate overall cost the shiny stainless steel M is $10 cheaper than the sandblasted Mx so that would almost cover the shipping....

    ....unless you have you're heart set on the Mx. Decisions, decisions.

    One thing is certain; you will love your Vapcap, which ever one you choose. :)
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  7. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    yes, there's not much info about it till now - it's rebranded under 5 different names i believe, that adds to the diversion...
    here's the thread:
    After the first 2 weeks of testing i can't say anything bad about it for that price tag - a nice addition to any vape collection ;) :lol:
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