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Portable Vape "That Can Crush Rocks"

Discussion in 'ABV' started by kompressaur, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. kompressaur

    kompressaur Member

    Hello ive spent the last 3 or 4 hours looking through the site again. I did the same thing this time last year when i was looking for a 'plugin' vape. I didnt get one. No money. Now however ive coe into £100 and i need to get a portable vape machine as the the cigs are killing me.

    Sorry for asking another one of these threads i just find it hard to take in 'concentrates' and 'bubble hash' etc etc. Basically the hash i get is rock hard 'council hash'. It breaks your teeth. Is there any portables that will let me vape rock hard hash? Even half vape it?


    I thinkmy shortlist could be-

    • Vaporbrothers Dabbler
    • Dr Dabber
    • Magic Box

    And that seems to be about it as far as i can see for my budget (£100). I suppose i need a bit of stealth as im hoping to sit in the pub all day vaping ad playing poker on my tablet (and getting orf with the ladies)

    Can anyone recommend one out the 3, or suggest another, that will have no problems vaping away rock hard hash?


    found a place doing free shipping so thats opened up my options a bit. I can add these too the list...
    • Vapir NO2
    • Davici (£122 but poss worth spending the extra?)
    • Sonic (ditto)
    • Iolite Wispr
    • Pinncale (£10 over budget but...)
    • Iolite Vap 2.0

    • Thermovape could be considered too i think
    Actually i should mention another key point for me in that i would like one thats quite easy to use. Maybe have it 'do th temprature' for me etc as ive always been 'a bit shit' at doing things that need to be learnt.

    Sorry for demanding so much etc its just i dont want to mess this up as i always end up buying shit :(

    nah that last list has got £25 postage on it so i think ill have to discount them for now. Or hold on a bit and get another £30 from somewhere soon.

    I suppose i should put my spending power...no...i need to spend £100 or less today or ill end up putting all the money in some slot machine.

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  2. SoulCaptivesAreFree

    SoulCaptivesAreFree Hazemaniac

    mmm soapbar *yummy*

    first: get some better conncetions, those "rocks" have little to do with real hash - best way to ensure quality is to gorw your own ;)

    second: stop combining nicotine + thc, it's a whole different experience from pure cannabinoids, which vaping is (in the beginning you won't really feel satisfied from any vape, because of the nicotine ;) maybe look into e-cigs if you can't quit cold turkey

    third: forget about using a pen like dr.dabber or dabbler, those are for the purest forms of hash (i.e. oil) for import hash you need something else... my first suggestion is the lotus + small waterpipe - by far my favorite device for vaping traditional hash, and should be roughly within your budget - the solo also comes to mind, but is a little more expensive and doesn't vape hash as well...

    hope that helps :)
  3. Patrick Hughes

    Patrick Hughes Stoneman

    New Hampshire
    Launch box is small and stealthy and works ok with hash or kif, and also has available concentrate trays which are great for hash (hash is the original "concentrate). It is also fairly easy to knock or brush the leavings out because og hash will not vape clean, especially if it's not that good (I live in America, but I thought "soapbar" meant "not-great").

    Don't get an oil pen. It will not work well for you, and it will break down very quickly if you but anything but oil in there. If you want one of these setups, consider a cheap BHO extraction kit. You can refine your hash to honey easily.
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  4. Chester001

    Chester001 New Member

    The NO2 won't work for your purposes ... not enough battery life ...
  5. kompressaur

    kompressaur Member

    Thanks Chester. I dont think that that battery is gona be my problem though. I'll be happy with 1/4 of what youd all be happy with.

    Cheers Pat.

    Sorry soul i dot get you but it looks like your enoying travellinging beyond my solar system
  6. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    I don't think any vape, especially a portable will vape chunks of soapbar. vaporizing requires surface area so you should use a razor blade and shave off slivers then any flower vape should work. Off your short list the MFLB is the only one that will work.
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  7. lost nebula

    lost nebula Always Vaping

    Use a coffee grinder to break up your "hash" well, then you may have more luck with it vaping.
  8. max

    max This space available Staff Member

    IMO the "use a razor blade and shave off slivers" idea is better. A coffee grinder will lose you more material 'in the works' than is necessary.
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  9. SoulCaptivesAreFree

    SoulCaptivesAreFree Hazemaniac


    sorry you don't get my post, english is a second language for me and when i'm posting here i'm usually high as a kite - not the best conditions for a succesfull communication ;)

    but if you try a little harder you just might get something usefull out of my post. because regardless of language barrier, i know what i'm talking about when it comes to herb (or hash for that matter) :)
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