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Portable Vape for my Wife Plus Flower vs Concentrates Discussion

Discussion in 'ABV' started by millertoms, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. millertoms

    millertoms New Member

    TLDR bullet points
    • Ease of use / cleaning
    • Purse friendly design
    • Effectiveness of hits (the fewer draws/bowls needed to match the effect of a bong rip, the better)

    Price: No limit as long as quality justifies price (would even consider picking up two portable vapes, one for daily home use and one for discrete use out and about more occasionally)

    Can compromise on:
    • Taste
    • Vapor thickness/quality (as long as the hits are effective)
    • Battery life (obviously decent battery life and battery quality are preferred but we're both heavy smart phone users and used to charging our electronics daily, even multiple times a day with heavier use)

    Words & stuff:
    I'd like to get a portable vaporizer for my wife for daily use at home, and out on the go. The number one criteria is ease of use in a convenience sort of way. We currently have an old Arizer Extreme tower vape that I still like quite a bit, but she smokes more than I do (daily vs mostly a weekender) and for her between the bowls, whips, screens, heating time, cleaning, etc. most of the time a bong/pipe is just easier so that's what she goes with. So it doesn't need to be easy to use in a "for dummies" sort of way, but it does need to be easy to use for someone who wants to get medicated quickly and not spend a lot of time on set-up, cleaning and upkeep. Cleaning tools included if needed is a plus.

    The second criteria would be design. Ideally something that's purse friendly, that she can take on the go, use at concerts, out with friends, even travel with. We're both have medical prescriptions and live in a pretty pot friendly area of California so discretion isn't an issue, but something with an attractive design like the PAX, firefly, or a decently designed pen would be a plus.

    The final criteria would the quality of the hits. If ease of use is one of the reasons she prefers a bong over our vape, the need to take 20 draws and/or several bowls to match the perceived effect of a good bong hit is the other. We don't necessarily need something that hits like a tsunami, a happy medium is fine, but anything with a reputation for needing a lot of draws/bowls to be effective isn't ideal for her.

    Finally, living in CA with a medical prescription, access to a wide variety of concentrates is no problem, but I really have zero experience with any concentrates other than basic hash and keif added to a bong. I'd like to know a bit more about the options for portable vaporization of concentrates, and given my criteria if something that does just flowers, just concentrates, or both would make more sense for me? I'm even willing to buy two portable vapes, one for daily home use and one for hiding in a purse and taking on the go if that might make more sense. Big thanks to all who chime in.
  2. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    I have tried a number of different portable vapes and now the only one I use out of the house is my cera EO (I do use omicron carts as a backup though). it is a little heavy but if your wife is like my gf, her purse is so heavy to start with that you wouldn't even notice the little extra. On the go though it is so convenient, I can take small hits or a can take one massive hit that will get me higher than a full bong load ever did. i wouldn't suggest the LL cart for the cera for you though. If using the EQ is too much of a hassle for your wife, she probably wouldn't take the time to learn to use the LL cart which is very dependent on your technique. Don't get me wrong, you can get great results with the LL but it isn't foolproof like the EO is.

    Seeing as you said price isn't a problem for you I would suggest the cera with high quality concentrates for on the go then a good quality desktop for flowers at home.
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  3. millertoms

    millertoms New Member

    The more I'm looking, the Pinnacle Pro is pretty attractive, anyone who owns or has used one think that it would fit the bill? I looked at the cera but for the price I feel like the pinnacle pro is a little better designed and easier to use.
  4. shadyonedeath

    shadyonedeath Well-Known Member

    G-pen. Girls like them and always puffing form purses. Only thing is its wax only.
  5. Caligula

    Caligula HTTP ERROR: 404 - NOT FOUND

    So Cal

    My picks FWIW...


    Arizer Solo
    Pinnicle Pro


    Dr. Dabber

    I dont find that there is a vape that does concentrates and flowers equally well. I say get one designed for each.
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  6. Bouldorado

    Bouldorado Well-Known Member

    Can't beat concentrates for portability. I'd get a vapor bros dabbler or the latest atmos concentrate pen. The vaporbros is made in the US and anecdotally, the atmos has a quality build and good taste.
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    BLAZING OG Vaping is a way of life!

    Sherman Oaks, CA
    Heres some visual's , to give you an idea.
    Thermo Essence Technologies
    "Cera Essential oil vape"
    They also make a loose leaf cartridge

    Mendocino Therapeutics
    "Lotus vapor cap"
    Can be used as a portable as well if you dont mind flame based and the pipe add on.
    I dont heat as much any more and get bigger tastier hits.

    "Pinnacle Pro"



    Health Stone Glass
    Health stone glass slide and glass hand vape pipe, Pipe not in video!

    Last edited: Jan 5, 2014
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