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PLENTY Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by dopefiend, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. phried

    phried Well-Known Member

    When I have a 36W heater that outperforms a 110W heater and in the process waste the effects I’m expecting, it just makes me wonder why. I’m just sharing because I think people should be aware of the design limitations - I’m just offering my own insights based on my own experiences.

    Not a fan of wasting time or material, that’s why I can’t settle for less. Two reducers and extra ovens ensure no downtimes with my Plenty. One is always clean or soaking in Iso, while the other is in use.

    Whatever floats your boat I guess? Mine just needs a very specific way of floating. And people really never know until they try it, right.
  2. blackstone

    blackstone Well-Known Member

    I'm enjoying reading all the ways the reducer can be used, and the tips for top screen shape and capsules too.
    Now I want a Plenty just to fool around and find my preferred method!

    I was doing good for vapes, but there's a used Plenty going that I could probably afford and it's itching me to go for it.
    Just had a question or two for operators here!:

    Because it's direct draw convection, does the Plenty sometimes taste even better than the Mighty and Volcano?
    Or as good as, or better than, a Solo1/2, Air 2, or some other new fandangled "next level" shiny portables!?

    I'd probably still aim to buy a Haze Square or maybe Bndls Tera in the new year when they hit our shops,
    but for a flavorful fun toy,
    should I aim for this lightly used Plenty, or instead a new Air 2 or even a titanium GH that I came across?
    Would I be missing out on something with even better flavor somewhere?

    For the money, something's telling me get the Plenty, quick!
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  3. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    a used plenty is a no brainer - u will get pretty much the same money for it a few years later ;)
  4. Friend Man

    Friend Man Well-Known Member


    For my money the taste is better with the Solo, this is the one area where it wins. Its literally just vapor traveling 3 inches through glass. Plenty vapor travels through a lot more stuff and so can taste a bit plastic-y/metallic at first, until a good layer of reclaim has built up. My advice would be to replace the mouthpiece asap as this makes a big difference taste wise. The taste with the Plenty is still great, but it can't compare to a vapor route as short as Solo's.

    BUT Plenty is so much fun to mod and mess around with, and the 0 draw resistance has to be experienced really. The difference in taste is in no way comparable to the difference in vapor amount and quality - Plenty wins hands down... the taste with the Solo is fantastic, but the huge resistance means you have to shallow toke for 10 seconds or so each hit.

    If it's purely taste you are after, I would look for something like the Air/Solo 2 with a route of


    Instead of

    green>metal chamber>plastic funnel>rubber tube>steel coil>plastic mouthpiece>mouth

    Like the Plenty. But Plenty wins in every other area, and I'd far rather sacrifice a little taste for a huge reduction in draw resistance:2c:
  5. phried

    phried Well-Known Member

    This is the reason why i’m looking at the Air II, the Plenty provides tasty hits but yes, a shorter pathway does make for a more flavorful experience. And the primary reason one should be getting a Plenty is for its vapor production and low draw resistance, with results that are clinically precise every single damn time. That, and the ability to use capsules on most of the S&B product family. I run my vapor through tubing, glass, and water - while it provides an endless amount of smooth vapor, purity is sacrificed to an extent.

    Very happy with my Plenty, finally have a plug-in desktop unit that won’t combust my material. EQ’s relegated to blowing bags, with the occasional single- or double-hit extractions (risking combustion).

    And no stirring. Hate stirring, so messy and inefficient.

    @blackstone If its cheap and in good condition I’d go for it. Issues with S&B products arise from their battery-operated units, desktops are rock solid (you know - you have a Volcano). And its totally great for bigger group sessions, less need to refill the oven over time (native oven).

    Options are always good.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  6. blackstone

    blackstone Well-Known Member

    Thank you all very much for your responses, they make a lot of sense.

    I think I could get this Plenty for a bit less than an Air 2, and it seems like a very low use situation from the ad so it probably makes sense to try and get it.
    A full Mighty bowl/capsule already deals me a severe blow, so I have some idea of what velocity power to expect!
    I thought it could taste a little better than the Mighty, think I did read that it's smoother.
    Can also relate about the Arizer great taste with glass tube, I'm back enjoying my Solo now and then.
    I'm going to put an offer on this Plenty and maybe decide on a tasty portable next year.

    It's also a great excuse to order some other S&B parts along with a reduced Plenty chamber!
    I think I could have great fun with the regular chamber too while learning the ropes!
    Thanks for the help deciding.

    Just the black tip piece or the whole coil part?
    I did wonder if the coil part is actually metal inside or lined with tubing of some type?

    With an isolated air path, the Air II should taste even better than early Solo and Air!
    Would surely be a pleasure to live with.
    I had always wanted a plenty but was afraid in case the bowl was too big, I know now what to expect I think and am not afraid of a healthy macrodose here and there now too!
    Imagining I will enjoy that nice convection smell and tastes like from a Volcano.
    This Plenty would be great cheap fun for some christmas vaping, as long as they will accept an offer on it!
    And I enjoy the flavor from whips and bags, so I should enjoy Plenty a lot.
    I think it was meant to be!
    Thanks again everyone for your advice and help!
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  7. Friend Man

    Friend Man Well-Known Member

    Just the plastic tip, who knows how they do it but the coil is amazing in terms of cooling your vapor. I went for an Arizer whip and mouthpiece and haven't looked back:

    If you already own and use capsules then the Plenty is a dream. I set up 8 caps on a Friday night, then I don't touch weed all day Saturday. It's so much cleaner and quicker and easier.

    Personally I use the Plenty mostly on weekends, just because it's a beast! I was getting too groggy on weekdays, it gets me far higher than the Solo. Now that the weather is getting cooler and the whip is naturally cold all the time, I can rinse a whole capsule in about 3 pulls.

    If you get it, have fun, and let us know what you think
  8. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    with taste it s a lot of personal adaptation - for some short path tastes best, to me it s to harsh without some fresh air mixed in likr vapman /vaponic - cooled vapor tastes better to me, but u could use the plenty with a glass stem instead of the coil for direct comparison
    Maybe the coil also fits on arizer stems ? it works with vapcaps...
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  9. Friend Man

    Friend Man Well-Known Member

    Not a bad idea! Though I think the Arizer stem directly on the funnel would not cool the vapor enough...I'm pretty sure the shallow toke of the Solo stem is designed so that you only take a little vapor at a time, and it can be sufficiently cooled despite it's short journey.

    The Plenty coil itself is absolutely fine now that it has some reclaim in there...I'm going to try the stem out of curiosity this weekend though
  10. blackstone

    blackstone Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately the used unit I was aiming for seems to have sold, maybe the new owner was also reading this thread and got the good advice here!

    The whole thing has really revved me up for a Plenty and a new unit isn't that much more cash.
    I'll see what happens in the next few weeks.
    Thanks for the advice on it.

    Another unit that I could buy new a bit cheaper is a herbalAire Elite full package on sale, even though a 'Lite', whip only package would have done.
    I was always intrigued by these HA units too for relaxing and taking hits as needed.

    Interestingly, one little gripe I saw mentioned is that the HA Elite only goes to 200C, and I know early Plenty users had a similar gripe (but maybe Plenty goes to 210c now?)
    Maybe both companies felt that direct draw convection gets a little uncomfortable above 200C!?
    It sounds like something I could live with and enjoy though, good flavors with no scorch tastes!

    Another even cheaper unit is the LSV and it must have lovely tastes but is large enough in use. It also doesn't get mentioned often anymore.

    Of these, I think the Plenty might be the best blend of durability, performance, taste, and neatness/ user friendliness.
    I'll take this as a chance to save up some money and study the other offerings.
    But the thought of a brand new Plenty just for me is quite exciting!
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  11. Friend Man

    Friend Man Well-Known Member

    I got a brand new Plenty and loved 'making it my own'. If you do decide to get one I'm sure you'll be into it. For me it was between the Plenty and the Arizer desktop, I was leaning Arizer but after a while I couldn't get the Plenty pigtail out of my mind. I have absolutely 0 regrets, it's excellent
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  12. helmutshelmet

    helmutshelmet New Member

    I've been having "plenty" of trouble with my Plenty. For one thing, this forum is the first place I'm reading that people had trouble with the liquid pad as I am - only dry herbs are available to me, and very expensive, so I HAVE to use the liquid pad. Go ahead and google it for yourselves, you'll not find a single review outside this forum that says that you need to fill the chamber or that the liquid pad with a partly-filled chamber gives lower results. Every single review and every single other forum claims it all works perfectly and no difference between filling the chamber entirely or using the liquid pad. Hard to believe that hundreds of people are all being paid by S&B to hide this fact, so maybe it's an individual difference. So anyone thinking of getting the Plenty, BEWARE of this!!

    I'm just not finding the Plenty to be consistent at all. My first try with it was the day after I quit smoking spliffs, less than 24 hours between last spliff with tobacco and all and the start of the vaporising. That session went extremely well. However since then, I haven't felt a thing, it's really just wasted my herbs. Same or different temperature and amount of materials and all that, absolutely nothing has made a difference. I know the machine is working correctly because of how the avb looks.

    But yeah no it doesn't conserve materials at all.
  13. Aimless Ryan

    Aimless Ryan Came to read about grinders; fucked combustion

    Central Ohio
    I don't have a Plenty, but I'm pretty sure I read that the owner's manual says to use the liquid pad with small loads. Pretty sure I've seen diagrams from the owner's manual.
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  14. phried

    phried Well-Known Member

    I ran across a study comparing the Volcano/Plenty/Solo/DaVinci(Ascent?) efficiencies and which had the least cannabinoids stuck on the device - guess which vape had the least? The Solo. Its obviously due to its very short and direct vapor pathway.

    This prompted me to examine a better cooling solution or alternative to my current setup that pulls vapor through tubing and water, determined to reduce the vapor pathway while providing a cool and moist hit for all-day comfortable vaping. This resulted in inserting a Ddave 14mm water adapter (or a Solo/Air GonG) secured on the Plenty oven top wedged in tubing which then mates to a 14mm Grizzly glass percolator/bubbler that I got for my Mighty/Crafty (and future AA2). This drastically reduces the distance travelled by the vapor from the oven to my mouth while providing moist vapor - the water is just enough to cool the vapor, even when using the native (~1.0g) bowl. This setup works better with the reducer though, using the modified filling approach (no capsule bottom). Tastes better, a little less easy to use due to water filtration, but this also reduces the amount of maintenance compared to when using the helix coil. Its a great compromise to get the most out of my material, and the AVB is a shade darker from previous setups. Only qualm is water splashing on my lips if draw speed is too strong, and usage is limited to holding the device at a less than 30deg angle to prevent water draining out. I do prefer using the glass over the native coil when in groups, less saliva contact between users.

    I love playing around with this vape! And the option to get massive full gram hits or quarter gram doses is awesome for medical users. Findings are all anecdotal though - I hope my musings inspire people to explore more options for using the Plenty in various ways!
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
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  15. ktmstick

    ktmstick Well-Known Member

    I discovered this last week and it has transformed my hopper. It's probably overkill in the cooling department but you can sink a full chamber from the hopper in 1 hit.

  16. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    well many roads lead to rome - i read that study, if i remember correct it was 0.1g load and 3 min continuus draw with a set pressure difference, alone that leads to different volume flows/speeds bc different resistance between the vapes...
    Imo a short vapor path just moves the condensation inside your mouth and measuring residue in a water tool is pretty impossible, some water evaporates....
    It's really personal preference, but the cooling coil is still one of the best solutions for cooling without water.
    My newest hash solution for the more melty types is a bed of needles poked trough the bottom screen, that prevents it from rebonding to one glob and doesnt clog the bottom screen so fast -btw i don't use the upper screen any more, unnecessary with traditional hash
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  17. Friend Man

    Friend Man Well-Known Member

    What issues are you having with the liquid pad? I used them for months before I got the reducer caps and the only issue was the pads themselves falling apart. In terms of vapor production they worked fine every time. Have you checked your seals and connections?

    Conserve materials? The Plenty is well known for being greedy, but not wasteful
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  18. Metallurgico

    Metallurgico New Member

    I don't have any troubles with the pad. Maybe you mess with something assembling it.
    Have you noticed that between draws you loose some vapor coming off the mouthpiece? That was the cause of me not getting stoned from the Plenty the first couple of times I used it.
  19. youngfart420

    youngfart420 Member

    Hey guys, Just input on the Plenty after about 2 months of use.. For u guys having difficulty getting vapor.. I noticed no one has mentioned this but "coil placement" back into the housing is very important.. IF u stuff the coil to deep into the housing, the plenty may be less intense and feels like " half-ass hit". Watch the Vapecritic demo, he has alot of rubber showing in the housing.. I noticed i dont like to stuff more that " 3 rings" into the housing or your experience will suffer..You guys should keep in mind when u first buy it how they assemble it (which I didnt, of course) How many rings go into the lower silcone rubber into the housing.. IMO i think it will help after you clean and re-assemble (trust me I clean mine every 10 days)

    Btw looking into a vapcap M, Do i need to buy all that crap on the side? Like wax, screens and stash?.. well stash looks useful.. any input would help.. (proud owner of Mighty & Plenty)
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  20. Hey Nineteen

    Hey Nineteen Well-Known Member

    Just vaped some Superman OG in the Plenty, through a water pipe and it has me wrecked. I did not use the cap or the small bowl or the liquid pad. I just ground up a tiny little amount about half a gram, may be less. I completely covered the whole bottom screen. I held my hand steady and vaped away. I will not put up with the cap/ small bowl set up. The spacer/pad method is okay, but just doing the method of covering the screen completely worked perfect for me. I do realize that people with Arthritis or other conditions may not be able to hold the Plenty steady for 2 to 5 minutes.

    I am starting to appreciate and understand Convection vaping. This is my only Convection vape and I love it. I love the ability to comeback to a bowl that doesn't taste spent. I did have a Firefly, but no comment on that. I getting a handheld Convection vape soon. Anyway the Plenty is still doing me right 4 years later.

    Edit [It's actually like a quarter of a gram I vape.]
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  21. Sick Vape

    Sick Vape Solar Dabs

    Now after more than a year i still love the Plenty.
    I am one of the "cycling dead man switch" crew. :D
    But I think it would not bother me if it wasn't cycling.

    After using the normal chamber then the RC, with or without liquid pads or capsules I find I like it. :)

    Nowadays I alternate the big and small chamber even for small loads.
    Most often I do not use liquid pads anymore. I just try to keep the chamber level so the herb stays in place and take easy draws to let everything in place.
    With the RC and small loads i prefer to use a reversed capsule top instead of a liquid pad to keep the herbs in place.
    If vapour gets thinner i screw off the top and check the placement of the herb an sometimes stir it a bit for maximum extraction.

    I find the liquid pads need to be pretty clean or they seem to absorb vapour same for the screens and the coil etc..

    I find a clean plenty gives most vapour.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  22. bobo305

    bobo305 Well-Known Member

    prov r.i.
    a few notes about the plenty....was my very first vape and still my go to vape. 4 years ago purchased it after watching the vape hypocrite's video, this was when he was an honest reviewer. but I digress....it's an awesome vape...strong, dense, cool vapor every time, has never failed me. easy to maintain and works every time like magic. I have 4 vapes now and it's still my fav. only down side is getting by the power drill look, lol, it's no biggie to me. it's a home vape so I don't care about the wonky looks. only thing I don't like is the 90 sec heat shut off, it's too short a time I believe. you get so zoned out, it easy to forget to hit the trigger. 1 other point, I use the liquid pad every time with zero problems so don't understand other dude's problems using the pad. the chamber holds like 1 gram which is too much for me unless friends are over. the pad works the same every time so can't wrap my head around why it wouldn't work as I described.
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  23. youngfart420

    youngfart420 Member

    Yea Have to agree, No probs with my liquid pad.. works just as stated.. Only thing I cAN notice is that depending on the moisture level of ur bud (dryness), If you put a very small layer of material (just enough to cover screen) with liquid pad, The plenty could go through that material very quickly and you may/may not get not as "dense" hit then compared to a pack bowl.. BUT logically that makes sense.. Full/Fuller bowl= denser hits, less material= less dense hits..

    OH my 2 cents on the VC "m"... All i gotta say, ppl love this vapcap?? Intensity/flavor? HA.. I tell them come try the Plenty!!!

    Yep I clean my plenty every week, 2 weeks tops.
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  24. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    fellow 'screen nipplers' and bowl reducer users :brow: (already missing @ChooChooCharlie s pics :(, gone like a bottle of booze...)
    - a real nice additional solution is to use a standard screen for nippeling and then put a second fine screen into the same groove of the black plastic housing. The fine screen will now be hold perfectly even by the nippeled screen below and close perfect with the reduced chamber, nothing will come out no matter what u do :)
    Works really good without capsules but filled to the top, this way it feels closest to a normal full filled bowl, but with only 0.2 :tup: (the weed-hog can survive on diet food now :D)
    btw those fine screens really reduce cleaning imo and the brush hairs don't 'stick' in it
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
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  25. Friend Man

    Friend Man Well-Known Member

    Only issue I had with the fine screens is that they gunked up very easily...but when a screen gets filthy I just drop in into iso anyway.

    Great tip though! I hadn't considered experimenting with two screens.

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