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Phantom Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by VapeLurker, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. VapeLurker

    VapeLurker Well-Known Member

    * I read somewhere here that posts referencing vapes without proper contact info are not welcomed? *
    If true... Seems odd. People buy stuff off the internet. If someone is considering this vape, isn't a disservice to your readers to not allow people to find the info they want? If I've interpreted a previous post incorrectly, that shouldn't surprise ya'll... I'm a bit high.

    YES. I posted the following review on another forum.

    When I first saw the Phantom, I diligently scoured the internet for more info or reviews. There isn't much out there, except for a fake "review" that reads more like a press release... posted over and over again.

    Yes - We all know that the Volcano is an awesome vape.
    Yes - Those of you that own one are lucky.
    Yes - Some Chinese manufacturer copied the hell out of the Volcano.
    Yes - I too have *some* concern regarding materials used in the Phantom Vaporizer.

    I've been vaping, utilizing various assorted devices since the 90s... so I guess I've enough experience to comment.
    My opinion... essentially, different vaporizers are like differing types of coffee makers. They all aim to do the same thing. Take water, make it hot, and then push it through ground coffee beans. Presto! Coffee.
    Take air. Heat it. Pass it through herb. Voila! Herbal Vapor.
    Yes - There are qualitative properties that determine everything from taste to strength and more. But you get my drift.

    I purchased the Phantom for $110 - Around $500 less than the Volcano Digit. Since I'm a tinkerer, I couldn't help but dismantle it... several times. So, I figured I'd take some photos to share with my 420 clan.

    The first thing I noticed, is that overall, it appears to be constructed pretty well. I've never torn apart a Volcano, so I'm not sure how it compares. But, under the hood the Phantom is relatively simple. That's a good thing.
    I'm not sure how well the digital interface module/controller is protected from heat. There is a type of heat shield that looks more like the black PVC used in outdoor, or wasteline plumbing surrounding the heating element. I haven't noticed any degradation of that material from heat after using the unit for a week. So, quite possibly it is made of a material that is indeed heat resistant enough for the purpose.

    Looking at the following pictures, you'll see that the air pump casing is metallic. The intake for the air comes from a "nub" that looks like a second outlet. If one is concerned with the incoming air becoming "tainted" by some perceived toxin within the unit... that would be quite easily rectified by drilling a small hole in the bottom of the unit, near the airpump, attaching a very short air tube and pushing it through the hole. That would insure that ALL the air coming in is fresh and unsullied by contaminants. The air leaving the pump is then carried by what appears to be silicone tubing, to the heating "chamber", which looks to be made from machined aluminum. I am NOT sure exactly what the heating element itself is made from. If you look closely at the end where the wires enter, it looks like ceramic. However, the outside looks like it's encased in some type of metal. Kinda looks like discolored brass to me. I've never seen an element like this one. Maybe it's just a big resistor.
    IN WHAT?
    (Offtopic - I purchased some ceramic element replacements for soldering irons off eBay and used one to replace the unsafe element on a box vape I had. I *might* do that later to my Phantom too, depending on exactly WHAT the original element is.)

    Upon turning the Phantom on with the left red rocker switch, the unit greets you with a set of dashes on the display ( - - - ) The orange arrow shaped buttons turn the unit's settings down/up respectively, from 200 to 400. I didn't see any heat sensor anywhere under the hood, and certainly nowhere near the heating chamber. So, even though the lower digital numbers climb to your set temperature, like it's reading CURRENT temp... it does so with regular timing, raising 10 units on the display about every 5 seconds. This means that the unit SUPPOSEDLY reaches operating temperature in about 3 minutes. However, if you try to vape at that time, you will find that the unit is NOT warm enough yet.
    Does the Phantom get to 400F degrees? Yes. I removed the top screen cover so that I could get a DIRECT laser temp reading on the heating chamber. After about 10mins or so, it read very close to the displayed setting.
    Even though one would think it mandatory on this type of device, it did surprise me that the unit automatically shuts itself off after about 30 mins. To be honest, I didn't time it... but I'm close.
    Upon reaching operating temp, you then use it... Pretty much like a Volcano with EasyValve setup. The right rocker switch displays a blue LED when activating the air pump.

    Another surprise. I think that whoever copied the EasyValve did a fine job. They actually IMPROVED the original manufacturer's. If you look at the following website, you'll see how an original EasyValve bag change is done:
    With the Phantom's easyvalve, the connection to the bag is external... making bag changes a breeze.
    *NOTE* - Changing bags is easier. However, they may pull off the mouthpiece unit more easily than the original EasyValve. Pulling the bag off has happened to me only once, while I was pulling on the bag to reduce interior "sticking". Not a big issue unless you actually PULL on the bag.
    Speaking of bags, the ones that come with the Phantom, are shit. They are contoured to more easily fit during changes, but they quickly leak like a sieve around the heat sealed edges. As a result, I bought large Reynolds oven cooking bags as replacements.
    Anyone else experience those things (Reynolds oven bags) sticking to themselves on the inside, making filling the balloon difficult?

    Ok... Photos.
    http://s982.photobucket.com/albums/ae303/PhotoBucketLurker/Phantom Vaporizer/

  2. Hippie Dickie

    Hippie Dickie The Herbal Cube Manufacturer

    where the Cube rules!
    fascinating ... thank you for posting pictures of the guts ... i didn't think anybody did through-hole circuit boards anymore.
  3. Raf007

    Raf007 Retailer

    Paris, France
    Nice review !

    Yes, reynolds bags do tend to get sticky after a while, like a month or two with a daily use.
    But I don't feel like filling the balloon gets more difficult because of the stickyness. That's with a 'Cano of course and I could be wrong on the appreciation of the difficulty level.
  4. VapeLurker

    VapeLurker Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the response. I don't think that the interior of the Reynolds bags would be any different using the Phantom or Volcano... it's just full of vapor. I'm thinking that maybe it's *me*. When I empty a bag... I EMPTY it. This causes the opposing sides of the bag to fully contact each other. As it sits, it sticks. Then when I attempt to use it, it resists filling a bit. Not a lot. Just enough that I have to pull on the top of the bag as it fills... the warming air encouraging the bag to release from itself. Just like most things, it's a trade off. Cost vs. annoying "feature" in this case.
  5. moodswing

    moodswing low tolerance is underrated

    408 | Bay Area | Cali
    sounds like the fan may be weak? make sure to help support the bag while it is filling with vapor by holding the end up instead of letting it just hang sideways (limp). if the reynolds is not to your liking, i suggest buying volcano brand bags (balloons) that come in a box and are almost 10ft in length. you just cut to size you want. even though they are made for solid valve, they will prob work for the easy valve like set that came with your unit. they sell for around $7/1box to $20/4boxes. look on ebay or one of the many fc-friendly retailers on the retailers discussion thread.

    hope everything works out for you. it would be a great story if it indeed performed like a cano without the toxic contaminants feared to be in chinese knockoffs... while paying only a bill for the unit with valve set!!

    :lol: here's another knockoff...


  6. NineDelta

    NineDelta Vaporize is health

    MTZ, Spain
    I made a similar manual in a spanish forum:

    I didn't know Phantom vaporizer, it's look like very similar

    Another knockoff: Fuji vaporizer

  7. VapeLurker

    VapeLurker Well-Known Member

  8. Skunkypete

    Skunkypete Escape Artist

    Over the rainbow
    Hahaha two products of dubious quality married together in unholy matrimony.
  9. Lo

    Lo Combustion free since '09

    O.M.G Pete! You cracked me up :) Thanks for the chuckle!

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