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Phantom vaporizer (volcano knockoff?)

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Hammerzeit, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. Hammerzeit

    Hammerzeit Well-Known Member

    Just found this on Ebay. I mean probable quality issues aside, this would be the cheapest bag vaporizer on the market next to the Vapir right?

    I wonder if the temperature display is accurate. :lol:
  2. Hippie Dickie

    Hippie Dickie The Herbal Cube Manufacturer

    where the Cube rules!
    so how much is patent protection worth, eh?
  3. IAmKrazy2

    IAmKrazy2 Darth Vapor

    wow,it looks just like a volcano. I would try it, honestly. someone else want to spend the money to do so?
  4. Samsquanch

    Samsquanch Vapor Astronaut

    Inside my shed with my kitties
    I saw one for the first time in a smoke shop in Michigan last week , I was disgusted , so I checked out the home site for this thing


    So here go my :2c:

    The HEALTHY thing to do is stay away from these things , everything on that site is a china knock off = they don't give a crap what they use to make it (lead) and ONLY CARE ABOUT MAKING MONEY , making like they have concern for your health and well being , ya right.

    If you were to buy a brand new Camaro , from a dealer , and he was only gonna charge you $7000 because the car is made by Gocar instead of Chevrolet, would you still buy it ???? it's your life , your risk . Who knows what could be in these things.
  5. Purple-Days

    Purple-Days Well-Known Member

    Haven't you heard Lead is healthy? :lol: Ask around... :cool:

    I can point you to another mfg who uses HEATHY in his website subtitle and advertises LEAD in his his airpath. Lead has been declared SAFE on this forum!

    Oh and China is OK too... Nobody has any issues with Chinese made vapes.

    And intellectual property (or patents)... forget about it, that's free enterprise. :2c:
  6. max

    max Out to lunch

    Uhh, not by management it hasn't. I know the manufacturer you're referring to, but don't see where he advertises lead in the airpath. I think you're referring to brass releasing lead. And the forum owner's stance on that has been made clear (see below). And since we all post here at his sufferance, I think it's a good idea to adhere to his wishes.

    As for the Phantom, it's a 'cano clone like the Fuji, and we don't allow threads in this section for manufacturers who don't provide contact info, and who don't have a website. Thread closed.
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