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Percs and their effects on drag/resistance

Discussion in 'Glass' started by rotax, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. rotax

    rotax Zaporist

    'burbia CO
    Hope this is the place for a 'question' topic. I don't have much experience with different percs and was wondering if someone could explain the differences? Less on the design and appearance side, more on the actual effect it plays on the vapor?
    I haven't used or been around bongs or high[er] end bubblers for quite a while; since I stopped smoking. But filtration has changed vastly in the last ~10 years. At least affordable diffusion.

    What is actually taking place in the 'diffusion' process?

    Which have higher/lower levels of drag or resistance?

    Does it vary from one glass blower/manufacture to the next? As in, can one persons Showerhead create a different drag or result than the next persons Showerhead piece?

    Thanks, just hoping to learn/understand the process better.
  2. Mud

    Mud Well-Known Member

    I'm not a pro, but I can chime in with a few things, as I've tried a decent number of diffusion types.

    The diffusion process as I understand it, is your smoke being drawn through small holes or slits or a disc, or whatever the perc may be, in order to break the smoke into small bubbles, allowing it to receive maximum filtration from the surrounding water(i.e. the more surface area of smoke exposed to the water, the more filtration would be taking place, similar to the effect of hot air in finely ground herbs :p

    I've noticed that drag can be a good thing when it comes to vaping. Maybe others will disagree and let me be clear that this is only my opinion on it, but for vaping and low temp dabbing, i prefer a piece with a bit of drag/resistance so as to keep the hit going for longer, with not a huge volume that would make it burdensome to clear. Which is why I usually avoid airier pieces, since i primarily vape/dab.
    Also of concern to me when choosing a piece is the amount of water that will be moved, smaller bubblers obviously need less air to displace the small amount of water in the chamber, whereas a massive beaker bottom full size RooR for example you might want to break out the shop vac :p

    Not to say that larger tubes are out, just that I don't like a huge amount of water.

    Another thing to be said about filtration, lots of it will definitely decrease the amount of lip smacking flavor you get out of the earlier vape hits, as well as concentrates, but will provide you with more of a smooth smoking experience, allowing you to perhaps enjoy a few extra rounds instead. It takes some trying to find the perfect balance for you.

    As for manufacturer, it definitely matters. Although you can most definitely get lucky and get some lower priced glass that functions excellently, I've found sticking with a reputable company will usually leave you satisfied with your final product, as they have fairly good QC. Companies like Toro, Mobius, Mothership, Defi, Sovreignty, are all quality companies and you probably will have no problems with any of their percs, joints, or welds.
    Some independent glass blowers or smaller companies will sometimes use lesser quality glass materials or lesser quality joints(especially chinese glass or companies that use chinese glass imported percs and then blow them into tubes)

    Either way, you should try a few different styles if possible and really see what type of pull you enjoy the best. Checking out what other glass people in here use for their vaping will also probably be pretty helpful if you haven't yet.

    sorry about the long winded rant. up late :p
  3. rotax

    rotax Zaporist

    'burbia CO
    Thanks, and for anyone else who happens to fall into this thread, I found some wiki info on it after doing some digging.
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  4. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    Different percs make different patters of bubbling action. Diffusion and drag levels are not dependent on type of perc.
    More drag is obtained by:
    -Higher water level
    -Less/smaller slits on the perc
    -More restrictions somewhere in the glass
    -Aerodynamics inside (this could actually be partially dependent on perc type)
    Diffusion is a complex variable. It can not only be low to high but also even to uneven.
    Uniformity of bubble size is dependent on perc type and quality (trees are very uniform, showerheads not...)
    In general vertical slits make more random sized bubbles and horizontal slits more uniform.
    Gridded trees make smaller bubbles therefore more diffusion (all bubbles were big, so they split)
    Gridded showerheads get uniform. As the low diffusion part of the random diffusion changes to high diffusion (Small bubbles are not changed, bigger are split)
    Level of diffusion is not that much dependent on perc type itself, more of its quality and slit count/dimensions.
    More diffusion is obtained by:
    -More/smaller slits on the perc
    -Higher water level
    -Taller can

    For example:
    A showerhead with some huge slits will have low drag and low random diffusion.
    A grided showerhead with thin slits is going to have high diffusion and drag.
    A grided showerhead with a lot of moderate slits will be high diffuion and low drag.
    A tree with some tiny slits will be low diffusion and high drag.
    A gridded
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2013

    SSVUN~YAH You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...

    # Town
    @Seek I hope you are alright! I was enjoying and agreeing with your info, but it looks as if your not finished, lol search party for Seek!
  6. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    Lol, I had no idead what were you talking about until I saw the end of my post :D Was I THAT high then?
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  7. rotax

    rotax Zaporist

    'burbia CO
    I was just reading this and I was like, man I'm really relating to this person right now. I know exactly what hes talking about.

    This is how I tend to communicate when I'm high too. Enormous random technical data dump........<thought complete>, next subject.

    Which is also why I enjoyed Mad's reply as well.

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  8. Mud

    Mud Well-Known Member


    LOL so true. I never quite put my finger on it like that..

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